In an Honest World, Le Pen Wouldn’t Have Lost

ER Editor: The first part of this post deals with how many votes were cast to HOW MANY SEATS WERE ALLOCATED as a result for each party. The second part deals with the highly troubling issue of how major polling organizations suddenly reversed their predictions after an entire week of consistency just prior to the close of the polls last Sunday evening.


First, the Breizh Info piece below breaks down the number of votes in the 2nd round of the legislative elections this past Sunday, showing that Le Pen’s party, the Rassemblement National (RN), got 8.7 million itself, and an additional 1.3 million given a newly organized alliance between elements of the centre-right party, Les Republicains. That’s around 10 million. By comparison, the left-far left Front Populaire got 7 million. And 6.3 million for Macron’s party. A reminder that the Left is composed of all sorts of bits and pieces (centre left, Green, communist, etc.) and that it normally wouldn’t have anything to do with Macron’s party in a million years.

We invite readers to examine the visual in Eric Morillot’s tweet below reading ‘French democracy, no comment’. It’s lunacy.


2024 Legislative Elections: The National Rally ahead of the left in the second round in number of votes


In the second round of the 2024 legislative elections, the New Popular Front (NFP – Left coalition) took the lead, surpassing the presidential camp Ensemble and the National Rally (RN – Le Pen) in deputies. Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced his resignation, but indicated that he would remain in office until duty requires it.

Translation: Summary. Record participation. The RN and allies obtained 37.25% of the votes. 10.1 million compared to 7.4 for the NFP and 6.5 for Ensemble. LFI does not win a seat, unlike its allies. The NFP has already exploded. Catastrophic for the Mélenchon team, already marginalized.

ER: look at the dark and lighter blues —

Results and Reactions

The New Popular Front won 178 seats, ahead of Ensemble with about 150 seats and the RN with 143 seats. Turnout was high, reaching 66.63%, the highest for a second round since 1997. The RN, although leading in the first round in many constituencies, suffered defeats due to strategic withdrawals to avoid three-way contests. The duels were often unfavorable to the RN, with significant losses against the NFP, the presidential camp and LR.

Gabriel Attal will hand in his resignation to Emmanuel Macron, but will continue to serve as long as necessary, especially in the run-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in France.

Governing with Humility

The left-wing parties say they are ready to govern, although many discussions are still necessary. Marine Tondelier and other leaders call for collective work to be given priority. The presidential camp, for its part, wants to establish preconditions for any discussion aimed at forming a majority.

Jordan Bardella criticized the electoral arrangements against the RN, saying that his party remains the only real alternative. Marine Le Pen said that the RN victory was only postponed, highlighting the instability of the new assembly.

It should be noted that in reality, in terms of the number of votes, it is the National Rally which has won, including in the second round: 8.7 million voters in its own name (+ 1.3 million by adding the voters of the RN/Ciotti alliance), against 7 million for the union of the left and 6.3 million for the presidential majority.

Translation: French Democracy. No comment.

This is what is called a “democratic” hold-up.

Illustrations: DR
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ER: With this report we find that poll estimations from professional organizations were suddenly changed in tandem at the last minute with no explanation given, with the MSM buying into it.

It’s not the votes that count, it’s who counts the votes

In order to anticipate the results of today’s legislative election, I’m as usual tuned into the websites of La Libre Belgique and Radio-Télévision Suisse.

French law forbids the publication of any polls before 8pm, but of course neither Switzerland nor Belgium are bound by these obligations, which means that I can find out the estimates before they are broadcast on the national networks.

The first estimates were released at around 7 p.m., in line with the polls published over the last two weeks.

At 6.50 p.m., to be precise, on La Libre Belgique and RTS (Radiotélévision Suisse)

• Marie Rigot, 6:50pm site de La Libre Belgique

 “According to the first exit polls from Ipsos, here is what the results of the second round look like:

  • Rassemblement national et alliés 228 seats  (LE PEN)
  • Nouveau Front populaire :161  (LEFT COALITION)
  • Ensemble : 124   (MACRON’S PARTY)
  • LR et divers droite : 50”  (CENTRE RIGHT & OTHERS)

Harris Interactive confirmed this estimation several minutes later (on the site of La Libre Belgique):

• Marie Rigot, 7:12pm site de La Libre Belgique

“According to the Harris Polling Institute, here is what the results of the second round of the French legislative elections could look like:

  • RN et ses alliés : 210-260 seats
  • Nouveau Front populaire et divers gauche : 140 -190 seats
  • Ensemble : 70-120 seats
  • LR, Divers droite 30-50 seats”

AND suddenly, in less than 15 minutes, the results have totally changed and completely different destinations are given by the same institutes.

• Marie Rigot, 19h21 site de La Libre Belgique

“A new “exit poll” (note the quotation marks…) announces a surprise (ER: Le Pen’s party drops while the others increase, especially Macron’s)

  • RN et alliés : 130 to 160 seats*
  • Nouveau Front Populaire 175 to 215
  • Ensemble 150 to 170*
  • LR et Divers Droite  68 to 74

Then IPSOS completely revised its results

• Marie Rigot, site de La Libre Belgique, 7:29pm

  • Nouveau Front populaire : 170 to 190 seats (LEFT)
  • Ensemble : 150 to 170 seats (MACRON)
  • LR/ Divers droite : 57 to 67 seats
  • RN et alliés 135 to 155 seats (LE PEN)

Then at 8pm, the revised results were announced. The journalists said “gosh, what a reversal of trends…”

And then it’s all over, we’ve just been dreaming in fact, the polls of the last two weeks were wrong (all the others were pretty right, but those, just those were wrong…) and IPSOS and HARRIS didn’t change the results 15 minutes before broadcasting them.

And we’re all relieved, the beavers have won – yes, yes, those who put up the roadblocks – and the good King Macron is still at the Élysée with his Prime Minister and his Prime Minister’s ex-boyfriend at the Foreign Office (the one who doesn’t really speak French, you wouldn’t want a Foreign Minister to speak English as well) with the good Lemaire at Finance (the one who’s a great writer, at least the equal of Malraux).

Sleep well, good people of France, I’ve turned off the radio…



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  1. In an Honest World, Le Pen Wouldn’t Have Run!! For there would not have been a globalist crime syndicate corporation masquerading as government. In an honest world, there would not be these Billions of slaves in denial, that seek someone that they don’t know anything about, and that doesn’t know anything about them, to rule over them.

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