In The Wake Of Terrorist Attacks On Disarmed France, U.S. Police Department Asks Citizens To Disarm



 By William N. Grigg

Just hours after 155 people were slaughtered by gun-wielding terrorists in France, residents of Greensboro, North Carolina were asked by that city’s police to “show their commitment to safety” by turning in “as many guns as they want.”

According to Greensboro’s Fox affiliate, residents were invited to visit the Destiny Christian Center to sign a “Pledge of Non-violence” any time between 9:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. The first 1,000 signatories were promised a “small gift.” Participants 18 years or older were encouraged to turn in whatever firearms they could find – no questions asked.

In January of last year, Police Chief Ken Miller boasted that crime had reached “the lowest rate it has seen in decades,” according to the Greensboro News & Record. Although this is an encouraging trend, Greensboro’s crime rate—particularly with respect to violent offenses remains substantially higher than the national average.

Encouraging citizen disarmament – particularly through a method that would reward firearms theft – might bring about a modest enhancement of “officer safety,” but it would do nothing to improve the personal security of the city’s law-abiding residents.

Gun turn-in and “buy-back” programs are examples of what Dr. Edward J. Laurance, an academic who has worked closely with the UN’s Register of Conventional Arms, calls “micro-disarmament” — or, more to the point, civilian disarmament. The expression “buyback” assumes that government has a monopoly on the use of force, and that only duly authorized agents of officially sanctioned violence should be permitted to own guns and other weapons — and thus the State is taking back from commoners a privilege to which they’re not entitled.

There may be little practical value to such initiatives, but they do have some value as propaganda exercises. This is demonstrated by the annual ritual in Rhode Island called the “Toy Gun Bash” in which local children – brow-beaten by teachers, politicians, and parents foolish enough to listen to such people – are asked to line up and feed their toy guns into the maw of the “Bash-O-Matic,” a device described by the Boston Globe as “a large, black, foam creature with churning metal teeth and the shape of a cockroach spliced with a frog.”

The purpose of the event, explains the Globe, is to “raise awareness of the dangers of playing with guns, real or fake…. [It is] a version of the gun buyback program in which adults trade firearms for gift certificates.”

Gun “buyback” and turn-in programs are a common feature of military occupations, both here and abroad. U.S. military personnel in Haiti, Somalia, the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan have employed that tactic. The same approach was used during “Manifest Destiny” to disarm American Indians as they were cattle-penned on reservations: Indians were frequently required to surrender their firearms in order to receive promised rations and annuities.

Over the past decade, UN-aligned activists in several countries have staged events in which guns confiscated from civilians have been destroyed in large public rituals. This is in keeping with UN-promoted disarmament dogma (expressed most forcefully in its 2000 agitprop film Armed to the Teeth) that the only “legal” weapons are those “used by armies and police forces to protect us,” and that civilian ownership of firearms is “illegitimate.”

During the horrifying terrorist siege on November 13, four men armed with AK-47 rifles and grenades stormed into a concert hall and began systematically murdering unarmed and defenseless people. Police arrived on the scene quickly, but waited for two hours before staging a counter-attack. During that time, 115 people were killed in a tragedy that offers a dramatically different object lesson than the one taught at events like the one staged in Greensboro, North Carolina less than a day later.

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  1. All of the FAKE mass shootings will continue and hopefully more people will see how fake these contrived shooting sprees really are! Take a look at the France ISIS shooting videos and LISTEN! What language do you expect to hear from the French people fleeing the scene are saying! If you said they are speaking French then you are dead wrong! If you listen closely you will hear screaming and I guy with an American accent saying “GET OUT”! You will also hear other AMERICANS acting scared and speaking English! Now why is that? What would be the point, because majority of French do not know to speak English, let alone speak like an American!

    This is obviously fake too, just like the Charlie Hebdo attack where the cop they claimed shot in the sidewalk was shot at least 10′ from his head as the air blows dust up. Let’s not forget they ADMITTED to pouring blood on the sidewalk… mark the location! Seriously, when are the sheeple going to wake up? This is faker than a $3 bill! Just like the last 3 years of National MSM stories on mass shootings the past 3 years!

    The Aurora Colorado attorney release pictures of inside the theatre 2 months ago, all without any national news coverage! Why didn’t the media run a story that week to show the blood and gore, so they can push the gun grab agenda! I’ll tell you why! It’s because the pictures speak for themselves! How could they see the Batman movie without a screen? Where is all the blood, because many people allegedly died there!?! Not a drop of blood in the staged pictures! They showed pictures of the theater seats with and without the upholstery, and there is no blood on the foam cushioning! They had pictures of the theatre with and without carpeting, and just like Sandy Hoax they took pictures of before, during and after setting up their fake shooting scene! Those pictures proved that event was a total lie!

    If they lied about 1 mass shootings, why would you believe the other shooting stories the MSM pushed? Only an idiot would! Sandy Hook is a total lie as well, and enough researchers have uncovered that the kids never died, and most were pre-teens with their younger pictures used to claim 6yr olds died! Nobody saw a single body! Police didn’t allow the EMT’s to go help, and anywhere else those first responders would be fighting lawsuits because the didn’t follow their protocols that day!

    Wake up! The sheeple need to call up the liars and their congressman and tell them we don’t buy their fake mass shootings, and to knock off the propaganda! Call up the police asking citizens to turn in their guns and tell them ISIS, the green screen terrorists, are lies fabricated to justify them sending troops to wherever they claim the boogymen are located! These people are throwing it in your face that they can lie and nobody realizes it because they use names like James FOLEY or John CANT-LIE! Seriously! How can anyone not see how poorly these liars can pull it off?

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