Insanity: The New Normal.

truth 06 (2)By: Zine Larbaoui, TLB Staff and Contributor.

“Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Complete inversion of values: Our world has fallen on its head. It praises the enemies of humanity and kills those who dream of peace and justice.

Who are these enemies of humanity, which for me are monsters with a human face? Look at Obama’s smile: At first glance, he looks like a normal individual. Mr. Everybody, or almost, like Kissinger, Rockefeller or Rothschild. Yet these individuals are bombs. Real terrorists. Wherever they intervene, they sow death, desolation, untold suffering. They are predators, psychopaths, insensitive, only moved by the thirst for power, money and fame.

Our world has lost its head. It calls terrorism authentic resistance to established truth 04disorder or imperialism, and awards Nobel Peace Prize to people who are real crooks.

It is time, indeed, to delve into the past of these despicable families of the worst human kind, who hide behind ethical and religious phraseology. There is no war for country or honor, but only for rogue bankers and affluent families, a military-financial mafia which grants the right to enslave us at our own expense and murder people for money and power.

It’s time to see through the face of these blood sucking criminals who are destroying the planet. It is time to identify, to name those who do evil on an imaginable scale for purely selfish ends. It is time to prosecute for crimes against humanity these enemies of our well being.

truth 01Among the worst garbage that the world has ever known, there are notably among others, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Brzezinski, Obama and Kissinger. The last two are ironically, Nobel Peace Prize recipients. That prize represents a mirror of a society that praises villains, and kills justice and freedom loving folks like Kennedy’s, ML King, Gandhi, Allende, Lunumba, Guevara and many others.

And when a civilization sacrifices family values over Ideology and materialism, quality of life over cheap abundance, the real over the virtual, creativity over idleness … we stand before a complete and dangerous reversal of values.

truth 03Regular graphic violence are being gratuitously dispensed on a daily basis via news, movies and games media, so much so we’ve become emotionally desensitized to others suffering which allows us to entertain an artificial tolerance for wars. Pornography is now everywhere, compromising further our moral compass and respect for the sanctity of life. Our education system is turning new docile, obedient and dumb slaves by the second. We’re being drugged like guinea pigs with no accountability whatsoever and “legally” poisoned by our food and water supplies to insure a shorter life span for every one of us.

This so-called civilization borders on barbarism. We are compromising the future and the future of our children. It is time to redress the course of our straying humanity before it is too late.

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  1. This is all about Israel, the Jews, and yea, the banksters. But Iran is getting a little to close to Israel via Syria and Assad. And the US proxy wars for the Jews is losing worldwide support.

    Scary scary stuff. No telling how this will end now. When you get backed in to a corner, anything is possible.Way scarier than the Bay of Pigs. Putin will not blink…..

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