Intro to The Liberty Beacon Rant Show – Topic #1: The Moral Damning of America

US Flag Around the EarthBy: Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

Lets face the facts – We as Americans after more than a decade of armed conflict and propaganda, have become so desensitized to the concept of perpetual war and mass killing as to believe this is the way the world is supposed to be.

Meanwhile an entire region of the world suffers us on a daily basis, spurred on by greed, elitist endeavors, and our governments belief that Americans have the right, indeed the duty, to make the world over in our image. We are now at a point where an entire generation of Americans has been raised to think of this as the norm; they think nothing of it, they ignore it and this is very dangerous!

These wars are not being fought for freedom because, in fact, our freedom has never been in jeopardy from our self proclaimed and derived enemies! These wars are not being fought for ideology or religion, as we see in our very own country the peaceful coexistence of just about every culture on this planet! These wars are being fought for the advancement of an elitist agenda bent on the total domination of the global community! Their motives encompassing money, resources, and just plain old power.

We, as a nation, have in the last sixty years, managed to turn a large portion of the worlds population into haters. Have you even stopped to consider that if we were not in their lands killing them and their children by the millions, they would not be wanting to kill us, THINK!  Before this country took on the imperialistic, self proclaimed role of the “conscience of the world” based on an elite agenda, there was no widespread global terrorist issue and we where admired for our freedom and liberties NOT hated as the constant bombardment of MSM propaganda is trying to convince us solely for the purpose of justifying and perpetuating these actions.

Starting with our imperialistic intervention in Iran in the fifties and moving forward to today, we have tried to force our version of the world “as it should be” down the throats of every country we disagree with on moral or political issues. We, as a great and moral nation (???), have ignored their sovereignty and right for self determination, something we supposedly cherish so much! We have raped entire nations for their national treasure (oil, lithium, opium, etc…) and sought to instill leaders friendly to us but contrary to their national mindset! We are personally responsible for an entire generation of self proclaimed freedom fighters bent on the expulsion of a satanic invader in their lands, and have perpetuated this feeling of hatred and determination to see this goal accomplished.

Please answer one question: What would you do if this was happening in America? And if you say “This can not happen in America” I will reply “You have just made my point”. Please wake up because the alarm clock is screaming and you are going to be late for “The moral damning of America


This is the premier episode of “The Liberty Beacon Rant” Hosted by Roger Landry (TLB) and Co-host Paula Mathers. This show is brought you you each week by Awake Radio



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