Introducing ‘TRUTH’ (Weekly Health/Vaccine Series) with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Introducing ‘TRUTH’ (Weekly Health/Vaccine Series) with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  Includes Initial Episodes 1 – 4

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

I have probably used this same opening argument on several of my related articles over the years … How many times must something be said before it is realized to be truth? That is what this, and the attached video series are hoping to find out … or to spark …

We live in a reality today were applied (programmed) ignorance and blind trust are two of the prime movers for the crumbling of the most prosperous, healthy, and powerful society this planet had ever witnessed … the good old USA.

By far the worst of these depressing scenarios is the fact that this society has fallen from the healthiest and most vibrant nation globally, to the sickest and most chronically ill nation in modern history … in just three short generations.

If you stop to consider that we as a nation spend approximately ten times the amount of money as any other nation (on average) on our healthcare, and brag the highest level of medical technology … the only possible answer for this catastrophic fall is … it is INTENTIONAL via either greed or agenda! If you have another explanation … Please share it with us

We as a society are conditioned from birth to place total confidence and trust in certain individuals within said society. This is Readily apparent for those that would lead us, and those that tend to our health. Modern Doctors and healthcare providers are afforded unquestioned faith in their abilities and counsel, with an admiration that transcends logic … especially when considering my opening comments concerning the rapidly failing health of America.

Please consider just how blatantly the deck is stacked against we Americans. The modern mechanisms of health ruination are focused heavily on this society with Americans being the most exposed to:

  • GMOs
  • Bio-toxins
  • Environmental toxins
  • Harmful and addictive pharmaceutical drugs
  • Geoengineering fallout
  • Fluoridated water
  • Vaccines
  • Harmful (know cancer causing) food additives

… and that is the short list.

Each and every one of these mechanisms are by themselves a blight on our health … but the synergistic combination of many, or all of them simultaneously leads to catastrophic results … the results we are seeing today!

Yet even with the resulting massive rise in health disasters such as Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer disease, Diabetes, Autoimmune dysfunctions, Food Allergies, Cancer, infertility, etc… all of which we suffer at a higher rate (or soon to be) than any other industrialized nation on this planet … we see no massive push by our supposed leaders or health agencies to get to the root of this catastrophic trend. WHY?


By far the most concerning of these destructive mechanisms, due to its continuously conditioned (programmed) acceptance by this society, its erroneously fabled accomplishments, and promise of lifesaving capability, is Vaccines. Yet for anyone who has done any research into their lack of proven efficacy, their massive side effects, or their rising incidences of harm up to and including death, trying to understand why this society blindly allows their rapidly increasing proliferation is a huge red flag!

One example is the blatant statement from the CDC whereby they state that vaccines never have, never could and never will cause autism … except:

The most painful aspect of the massive damage caused by over a century of increased vaccine proliferation, is the fact that by far the most prolific and blatant anti-vaccine activists are … those who have lost a child, a loved one, or witnessed their vulnerable child triggered into a life of autism, or other life wrecking maladies, as a result of vaccines. And this accounts for MANY (and growing daily) anti-vaccine activists! The massive guilt and lasting pain a parent or loved one will suffer is the knowledge that …

If they had only done just a little research … this catastrophe could have been prevented”.

So is there information available, information that can be accessed easily to mitigate these painful scenarios? Most will tell you when queried to “ask your doctor”, but the truth of the matter is these blindly trusted individuals are compromised by lack of knowledge, the greed of profit (kickbacks on vaccines), the lack of accountability, and the unwillingness to afford the time with each patient to cover all the possibilities or ramifications of vaccines (even if they were aware themselves).

An example of the blatant un-truths and intentionally applied ignorance you will receive from said doctors is … When asked by concerned parents prior to their infants being vaccinated “What are the chances of my child being harmed by these vaccines?” … The canned answer is “Less than one in a Million.” This is by far the most popular answer as if it comes straight from a med school text-book, and this is a blatant lie!

So …

  • Who can/do we trust to tell us what others wont … the “TRUTH”?

  • Who can/do we trust to provide us with the information we need to protect ourselves and our much more vulnerable children?

  • Who can/do we turn to when no one else will enlighten us as to the reality of Big Pharma’s near death grip on humanity?

  • Who can/do we trust when we are blatantly aware that our government (tasked with our good health) cannot be trusted, and in fact is complicit in most that harms us?

TLB has been partnered with Children’s Health Defense since before that was their name (used to be World Mercury Project) and we are proud to share their great work and information. This project is run by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and is a premier site for vaccine (and other topics like 5G) related information … factual information … that can be trusted and used to build a safe and responsible plan for protecting your health and that of your loved ones. RFK  Jr. has taken this one step further by stepping forward to provide a weekly show that goes to great lengths to make sure you have the TRUTH!

Below are the premier and first three shows in this series. We strongly suggest you watch them and make the time weekly to watch future episodes … because knowing the TRUTH can in fact be a … Life Saver !!!


‘Truth’ (Weekly Video Series) with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – Episodes 1 – 4


In this first episode of our new weekly “TRUTH” series, Polly Tommey and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. kicked off the new CHD Channel on Peeps TV with a lively discussion on a wide range of relevant topics in the health freedom movement. RFK, Jr. shed light on conflict of interest in the development of vaccines, early red flags in the Moderna coronavirus vaccine trials, the new “Vaccine Czar”, pathogenic priming and much more.


In this episode of our weekly “TRUTH” series, RFK, Jr. spoke with Polly Tommey about the health epidemics of children, delving even deeper into the specific injuries caused by vaccinations, including those listed on the product inserts. Discussion surrounded the fact that there is essentially no safety testing for vaccines; and, once citizens know this information and do their research, they become steadfast advocates who can’t turn away. The episode closed with a discussion of rights to refuse vaccinations and that parents shouldn’t be bullied!


In this episode of our weekly “TRUTH” series, RFK, Jr. spoke with Polly Tommey about the health epidemics of children, flu vaccines, mRNA vaccines, media censorship and took questions from the viewers. (All episodes can also be found on the CHD Channel on Peeps TV, a network on Roku. Roku is accessible from any Smart TV and can be purchased separately for older TVs.)


In this episode of our weekly “TRUTH” series, RFK, Jr. spoke with Polly Tommey about the suffering of children and families in Africa and India caused by unsafe vaccines backed, distributed and promoted by Bill Gates. They also discuss the power Dr. Anthony Fauci has in steering the direction of research funded by taxpayers. (All episodes can be found on CHD’s website and social media, and on the CHD Channel found on Peeps TV, a network on Roku. Roku is accessible from any Smart TV and can be purchased separately for older TVs.)


The above 4 videos and their preface originated on Children’s Health Defense and is re-published here by contribution with attribution to


Parting Shot …


TLB Editors Note: This is World Mercury Project on steroids! TLB highly recommends you click on the image below, visit this great website, and do whatever you can to help see this vital forum succeed … for the sake of our children !!!

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