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Which one would you associate yourself with?

By TLB Media Technical Director,  Author & TLBTV Show Host (LEARN 2 UNLEARN): Luca Majno

This is what we are fighting against… This is the war’s ‘theater’… Not men against women, but a patriarchal society vs the matriarchal society, and this is precisely why church-and-state, in both countries north and south in ‘america’, are fighting against one of their biggest threats: Elders who are living and teaching the Ancient Traditions of the Original People here.

And I will always spell ‘america’ this way, and I have, ever since I found out just what this word means (which most people would not even stop to question) … In Spanish, ‘AME’ means ‘love, the love of’ and ‘RICA’ means ‘riches’… “The love of riches?” Not in my life, thank you.

And so, in this ‘LOVE OF RICHES’, everything is backwards (as you probably have heard it said before) … and with reason! Mostly everyone today is arguing about ‘the color of the paint and the furniture that goes in the living room’, but hardly any of us are paying attention to the FOUNDATION of this house… What this country and the one north of it were built on… Only then can we start to understand what AGENDA means, and why this push for the police state, world hegemony and our loss of freedoms.

Hell, just ask those who were murdered for speaking out about it… Michael Jackson is a prime example, with his song “THEY DON’T really CARE about us”, from which I now have my favorite saying that many of you will see popping up again, here and there: “THEY DON’T CARE”…

And they REALLY don’t. The fact is, that they never did, either. The building of these two countries were designed to invent racism, since it never existed here (Turtle Island) prior to 1492, to push off these so-called ‘savages’, ‘vermin’, ‘untamable creatures’ or ‘uncivilized wretches’, whichever label you prefer, and to TAKE by force, something that is no different today, as we attack and invade “Seven countries in five years” for the same evil ‘wretches’ ~ great name for the Rothschild Zionists, who have been at their game since before the ‘american’ revolution (1776).

This is all they do… and this is all they have ever done. Interestingly, Dr. Roland Chrisjohn, PhD. Speaks of these invaders, saying that, at the time, in 1492, when they invaded, and realized that there WERE INDEED ‘people’ here (for over ten thousand years), …

“It would be better for the invading ‘race’, if they could actually convince themselves that the people that they are killing are NOT REALLY ‘people’, but the ‘savage beasts of the forest”… Remember ol’ George’s quote?

Time and time again, we can prove to ourselves that these ‘powers that be’ do not care about ‘we, the people’, and never have. And those of good conscience, like JFK, in one example of many in which he insulted, fired and wrote off those in power at the time, more and more credence is given to the theory that indeed, the CIA and the Bush Crime Family were behind the assassination, because of, according to one meme on social media, Executive Order 1110 ~ He was not to make it out of Dealey Plaza alive.

THEY DON’T CARE’ ~ and such is what happens when you get in their way ~ Carefully orchestrated FALSE FLAGS, inventing the boogieman responsible for the crimes that they set up, this is how they do things.

Each one of us today, especially in the ‘investigative journalism’ field, understands these things, and as I often say, each one of us is a ‘color’… That’s right. We each have our own ‘spin’ on the issues, we each shine in our own light of research, trying to make this a better world. Some are experts at 9/11, and some exclusively focus on HAARP or CERN.

For me, my ‘spin’ is the difference between how we are living today and how we are SUPPOSED to be living, according to something much bigger than kings and queens: NATURAL LAW. My focus is on the polar opposites between the patriarchal and the matriarchal worlds, one bent on destroying all Life on Earth and profiting from others’ sickness and death, and the other, ‘thinking of the next Seven Generations to come’ and treating the Earth, our Mother, with respect, thanks and the attitude that we are not ‘living ON’ this Earth, we are ‘FROM’ this Earth.

All ‘colors’ of people involved, it is my hope, will soon join together and make the Giant Rainbow of Knowledge, of Peace and understanding and of acceptance of all faiths, regardless of backgrounds or skin color.


Luca Majno is the TLB Project Media Technical Director, TLB Staff Writer, Host of TLBTV’s Learn 2 Unlearn, an investigative journalist, researcher and passionate advocate of Indigenous People (The Original People), of their ‘Turtle Island’ which is now North America. Born in Boston, Ma. and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, he has lived for the last 25 years in Canada, where his activism started, and has since lived in Tennessee and Keokuk, Iowa, where he now resides. Exposing past and present crimes of any nature is a sure way to change the course of humanity towards a brighter future.

Luca Majno is available for speaking engagements here in the United States and can be contacted directly or by clicking the email link on this page:

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