LUCA’S WORLD ~ Episode XXXVII ~ To The Rebels Of The World!

LUCA’S WORLD ~ Episode XXXVII ~ To The Rebels Of The World!


Your Host: Luca Majno

Welcome back to LUCA’S WORLD!

It was a hard morning for me, starting out drained, with little energy, and I took a walk in the colder fresh air to ‘walk and talk things through’, and started to feel better, towards the time of the show. Once the show started, all better!

And after my DISCLAIMER, we dive in.

When hard times show their face, PRAYER is always the answer, and it is for me, as instinct told me to switch plans and ‘run with it.’ Yes, a Prayer to all of the strong souls out there, and letting you know YOU ARE APPRECIATED wherever you are… and we CARE for you!

Then, a little Einstein, center stage, as we move along, right to THE SCHOOLBOARD MEETING which reserves a surprise for everyone, of all ages!

The questions asked by the gentleman are ANSWERED quickly, again, I have to replay this clip to really re-enforce my point, coming up after this, where we continue on the ‘war-front’, put up by government, big tech and our tri-letter agencies…

So, by giving all kinds of NEWS*FLASH items, specifically chosen for this show (wasn’t hard to do), I try to convey how much of a ‘matrix’ this is, an illusion that makes no sense.

On the heels of this, we speak of digital currency, children being in the government crosshairs, all of our troubles, they are NOT coming to us from abroad …

It’s not Bejing, it’s not Moscow, … IT’S HERE….” Col. Douglas MacGregor

Then, we jump off of that ship and hop on to the next one: HEADLINE: “Ukraine Officials TRAFFICKING KIDS TO ELITE PEDOS”, just because I had to say it, and a little more, too, just because it is called for.

The Dumbing Down of America takes on a new twist with the ‘Somalifying’ (never knew that word existed) our education system, “making it less challenging”…

And since SCHOOLING is on the block, I have to share priceless memes that speak clear truth, adding more and more hints at what is really happening to our world…

Conscious Development (moving upward) is a strong message that I share next, and what we can do to advance our Spiritual ‘self’ and what will eventually occur if we do not (face reality).

I also want to introduce NEXT WEEK’S menu, a work-out I did for THE WOMEN of the world, and expose how the ‘church’, in the 60s in Canada, think of them, and their role in the family… Not to be missed, and I hint at it today, and let people know what is coming up… and I love comparing this with the stance and attitude the Indian has in this country, not now, but what their Culture was based on, the Strength of the Human Spirit.

Hopi and Mi’gmaq (mic-mac) Treasures are shared next, from my own experience with the latter, in northern New-Brunswick, Canada, where I lived for almost 25 years…

I end the show with a comforting thought, Levels of Awareness that we will or will not reach, it is up to us, each individual, to RISE and to erase FEAR, ALL FEAR instilled by the people who are afraid of us ‘evolving’, rather than ‘encouraging us’…



LUCA’S WORLD ~ “Taking Care” ~ For Lucille

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See you all next week, Creator Willing, and thanks to all for reading and listening!

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