Is Paranoia a New Kind of Virtue


By: Lucille Femine

 Well, maybe a more charitable and useful term would be “constant alertness.” Either way, the emotional climate has changed; ill winds have been blowing in all directions, causing storms of painful speculation about our future, both immediate and distant.

This observation is not, unfortunately, occurring throughout the country; it’s only being experienced by the few of us who dare to look, to question the newscasters and the politicians and to examine patterns from the past. But there is enough of us to start an overflow of warnings and true data which, I feel, is waking people up little by little. It just needs to be hammered away on a daily basis.

For some who are experiencing paranoia – kissing cousin to fear and anxiety – the answer is to hide away in the comfortable world of paying bills, getting the kids to school and praying in church during sermons that their IRA won’t disintegrate or be stolen by the banksters. Has this paranoia become a new way of life, an imbedded aspect of our culture? The major tool used to establish socialism? If it is, it is not one we readily agreed to; it was enforced in such a way that you will come to believe it IS life – to be quietly and systematically frightened out of your wits. Perfectly normal.

This view of things, to try to avoid paranoia,  is not optimism, as they might assert in defense against your “conspiracy theories.” You can’t blame them, though; they are losing everything they cherish, what is so familiar and safe. Truth often has to be administered in small doses.

I understand that very well. I look out the window and wonder sometimes how long I’ll have this house, my car or our savings. Is it really possible we will lose our possessions and our very way of life and be loaded onto a truck to a FEMA camp? Can we save America from dying before our eyes?

It seems like that is the biggest problem…we don’t know for sure what exactly is occurring and from where it is coming. Uncertainty is chaos, isn’t it?

We DO know there’s a worldwide disaster happening, deliberately planned and carried out, but we really don’t know if, when, how or whether a solution is at all feasible.


Well, here’s the bottom line…there has to be a solution. Believe it our not, we are playing a game. We may feel better saying it is all THEIR fault, those evil creeps, but what that accomplishes is simply an admission that they are in power over us, whether you realize that or not.

We are in a game. We chose to be here, in this country and do whatever we are doing.

In a football game, when one team is hopelessly losing, they don’t simply wave their arms in the air and walk off the field, do they? No, they play to the bitter end. And if they have a good coach, he will brighten them up with hope along with a good, strategic plan. He won’t just call them a bunch of pussies. They’ll surely lose then!

So let’s take our cue from a good coach – we need a strategic plan as we play this game. And that’s a vital part of the plan – to keep in mind at all times that this is a game. It’s not checkers but it’s still a game. And they’re meant to be won.

What else do we need? Teammates and an agreed-upon target. To do otherwise is to dissipate our energies which will destroy our hopes, our dreams and our country.

It’s true this is a big planet with people in far off lands with different cultures and languages but that needn’t stop them from being our teammates. Many of them already are through the internet – this blessed world of electronic brotherhood.

When push comes to shove or when the threat becomes so big and so obvious, people do unite under one banner. By the way, The Liberty Beacon project is working very hard to help make this very thing occur.

We can’t simply shake our heads at what’s happening in the Middle East, in Russia, in the Ukraine, in China, etc. They are us. We are them. The globalists and friends work hard to disconnect us from other countries, cities, groups and races; if we are busy fighting with each other and losing (as inevitably we do), they can relax that the attention is not on them.

If anyone owned a patent on paranoia, it would be them. Keep that in mind as you expose them, as the whole darn planet exposes them! Don’t succumb to all that useless fear that saps your life.

Play to win; we are totally worth it, as are the future generations. We don’t want them to inherit all this insanity, death and chaos.

While you’re at it, go ahead and plan a bright, beautiful future; that’s the only one that will truly happen, the one you make yourself, despite all odds.


L. Femine is a Staff Writer and Executive Director of Media for The Liberty Beacon project.



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