Is the Attack on Homeopathy by Simon Singh’s Pressure Group – the Good Thinking Society – a Campaign of Deception?

ER Editor: See also this piece we published a couple of days ago by Angela Dickinson titled Gangster Pharma: Destroy Homeopathy, If You Want The Cash.

For non-UK readers, we again emphasise how highly the public value Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) and how deceptively the UK government has to act to hide its privatisation plans.


Is the Attack on Homeopathy by Simon Singh’s Pressure Group – the Good Thinking Society – a Campaign of Deception?

Big Pharma want their competition shut down ahead of their planned NHS privatization


Honest homoeopaths and the practise of homeopathy have come under attack in the mainstream UK media. Hit-pieces have been pumped out by major newspapers such as The Telegraph and the Daily Mail, part and parcel with the pressure group the Good Thinking Society, a charity founded and chaired by Simon Singh. What Singh and his society preach is ‘good thinking’, but only when viewed from the perspective of pharmaceutical shareholders.

The bigger picture, of course, is that the NHS is about to be privatized, and homoeopaths are a thorn in the side of drug and vaccine sales, making them both an obstacle and a target for the Big Pharma Cartel.

Who is Simon Singh of the Good Thinking Society?

See on Youtube: Simon Singh – The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets …

Singh (pictured) is a former trustee of Sense About Science, and it is telling that during his time at Sense About Science, the charity was taking money from Coca Cola while, in return, writing propaganda to whitewash the safety of Coca Cola’s products. This misled the public into believing that drinking Coca Cola is not at all bad for your health. Source:


He was involved in trying to censor one of the biggest and most popular alternative health magazines, pressuring major UK retailers to remove it from their shelves, in which he achieved some success. According to American lecturer, journalist, author, and publisher Lynne McTaggart, Singh attacked by “misrepresenting the content or headlines” of her and her husband’s magazine to mislead retailers into removing it. She criticized him for his inability to “engage in grown-up debate of the actual issues raised”. Homoeopaths are now his target, and they will likely agree with Lynne about the unscientific, school bully tactics being used against them.


Men like Singh can operate more effectively when the public believe they are independent, yet his history suggests otherwise, that he is there to protect multinational corporate interests along with taking down their competition. It appears that individuals like Singh do not want you to be able to choose between different types of healthcare, but by default to embrace Big Pharma medicine without any debate allowed.

Why Big Pharma doesn’t like homeopathy


1. The pharmaceutical industry favor products which can be patented, as that allows them to drive up their prices and profits.

2. Pharma drugs can be highly profitable if they are addictive (like opioids), as it makes the patients more likely to become long-term customers.

3. The product inserts admit that the drugs can cause secondary issues, which can mean the patient requires more drugs to treat their drug-induced side effects, i.e. increasing sales.

4. Pharma drugs rarely cure the real cause of the symptoms. In fact, Goldman Sachs expressed concern that cures may not be a sustainable business model compared to drugs which only treat symptoms. Lifetime customers appear to be the goal.

Such factors can be used to explain why the current pharma drug system is extremely profitable.


Homeopathy doesn’t tick those boxes – it is neither harmful nor addictive, and cannot be patented. While the mechanism by which homeopathy works is not understood by current science, the worst case scenario would be that it’s a placebo effect, thereby making it easily a worthwhile, safe and affordable medicine.

If a patient goes to a homoeopath, they will often be told the dark side about drugs and vaccines, which is required by law under the Montgomery ruling of 2015 in the UK; but an informed patient is not good for pharma profits – full blind trust is the preference. So it is easy to see why homoeopaths are currently in the cross-hairs, with the trigger being pulled.

The British Royal Family swear by homeopathy


It’s well known that the British Royal Family are fans of homeopathy, and that wealthy and privileged family have access to the best medical advice money can buy and have a reputation for being healthier and living longer than the rest of us. Could they really have got it so badly wrong, as the Good Thinking Society want us to believe, while the rest of us are told that being injected with pharmaceutical products containing aluminium and mercury is good science? Globally, we have growing rates of cancers, autoimmune disease and allergies, and life expectancy in countries like the UK and US is now actually going down, while the use of pharmaceuticals keeps increasing.

  • Report reveals the rising rates of autoimmune conditions


  • CDC Data Show U.S. Life Expectancy Continues to Decline


  • Two million Britons are taking SEVEN different prescription drugs (“with a 50 per cent rise in prescribing levels over 15 years)


Homoeopaths need to organise for themselves and to save the NHS

Homoeopaths should be aware that this battle is not at all about science: it appears it’s the job of people like Singh, who some might say is an assassin of pharmaceutical competition, to remove the other players from the playing field so Big Pharma can pocket every last penny. Homoeopaths now have no choice but to organise and better represent themselves, debunking the arguments put forward by mainstream media and the Good Thinking Society. It is important now for the many to stand up for truth and vigorously counter corporate and media disinformation, thereby making it harder for Big Pharma to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Action is required now in an effort to keep free speech and the freedom of choice in healthcare for all.

NHS sell-off plans already made?

Dr Lucy Reynolds (ER: see Youtube video link below, which we highly recommend) is a research fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine, who has been warning that our NHS is being dismantled for transnational corporations. She has raised awareness of how a former NHS director-general, Mark Britnell (pictured), told foreign investors that the future of the NHS is as a “state insurance provider”. Unbelievably, Britnell also added that the NHS, the pride of Great Britain that so many, including the elderly and very vulnerable, depend upon, “will be shown no mercy and the best time to take advantage of this will be in the next couple of years.”

Source for Dr. Lucy Reynolds:

So it would appear that US investors have already been told about the coming NHS privatization, while the UK public are being kept in the dark. NHS privatization is about profiteering, and since homeopathy will put a dent in those profits, it seems pharma will not tolerate that.

Source: Mark Britnell: “The NHS will be shown no mercy”.



Everyone can do their bit to stop NHS privatization and keep their freedom to choose when it comes to their health


To stop the privatization of the NHS and keep your freedom of choice in healthcare, everyone will need to work together. Even if you’re not someone who believes in homeopathy or alternative medicine for that matter but simply cares about the NHS, it’s the same fight; and homoeopaths are the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

It’s simple: if you want to defend the NHS, then defend the homoeopaths because if they go, your free NHS is next in the firing line.

And sadly (and some say criminally), it will be forever consigned to the history books. That cannot be allowed to happen.


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