The Israeli Minister of Agriculture (MOA) wants to STOP the NOBIVAC rabies vaccine for animals. Researchers have found a higher than normal number of unwanted side effects in pets, including fever, pain, allergies and shock symptoms. Three pets are reported to have been admitted to the animal hospital after the vaccination. So far, no animal deaths have been reported. The agency has verified ten adverse reactions per 100,000 vaccinations and plans to investigate both the importer and manufacturer for errors related to shipping, contamination and product defect.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to ignore hundreds of thousands of civilians injured or killed by COVID vaccines, Lance D Johnson writes.

Israeli government takes injuries from animal vaccines seriously, but ignores hundreds of thousands of injured people

Israel’s MOA released a statement calling for greater vaccine safety for animals:

“The Ministry of Agriculture continues to monitor reports and is in contact with the importer and global manufacturer. At the same time, the veterinary services of the Ministry of Agriculture are in contact with the competent veterinarians and veterinary clinics.”

“We know of three cases requiring hospitalization and several dozen reports of localized symptoms that were treated immediately with antihistamines,” Dr. Hilik Marom.

The Israeli government’s sudden interest in the safety of vaccines for animals comes at a time when hundreds of thousands of people are reporting injuries and deaths as a result of the COVID jab. The Israeli government is currently ignoring all pharmacovigilance data for the disastrous COVID vaccine, pretending that hundreds of thousands of medical problems are just imaginary conspiracy theories. But when it comes to the rabies vaccine, a few vaccinated animals are a serious matter.

A shocking study from Israel recorded a 25 percent increase in cardiac events in young Israeli men (aged 16-39) after vaccination. The study, which was peer-reviewed by MIT researchers, found that the increase in cardiac events “appears to be closely related to the administration of 2nd dose vaccines.” The cardiac events were also unrelated to Covid-19 infection. The percentage of heart events was compared to the percentage of heart events in 2019 and 2020. The year 2020 was the year when young people were branded as “super spreaders” and they were told to stay at home lest they die en masse from COVID. It turns out that the excess mortality among young people was much higher after they were forced to vaccinate. It turns out that labeling young people as “super-spreaders” and placing them in lockdown is an evil false-blame tactic to isolate them, drive them to depression, drug use and suicide, all the while forcing them to participate in deadly, heartbreaking experiments.

The MOA ignored the report, deriding it as “false information.” This is the sordid trend of most governments, which continue in a state of denial and delusion, making fun of the people injured or killed by the COVID vaccine and all the related abuses propelled by governments. Israel has expressly colluded with Pfizer to oppress the Israeli population with vaccine passports, lockdowns, isolation and segregation, and force inoculations on people as if they were beagles trapped in Fauci’s unethical experiments.

Independent committee notes a 15% increase in deaths from COVID vaccine, dwarfing pandemic death rates

As early as May 2021, the Israel People’s Committee compiled a report of side effects of the covid vaccine. This independent group consists of doctors, lawyers, scientists and researchers from a wide range of academic disciplines. This group is not afraid to speak out about what they see.

After Israel rolled out its COVID vaccine program, excess mortality data from January through March 2021 (14,398 deaths) dwarfed all of 2020 (12,575 deaths). The year 2020 was the year in which the population would have to die en masse as a result of a pandemic. Instead, there was a 15 percent increase in excess mortality after the COVID vaccines were unleashed!

After the early roll-out of the vaccines, the committee looked at 2,346 reports of vaccine damage, including 330 deaths. Most deaths were related to “sudden adult death syndrome”, heart attacks, strokes and other sudden cardiac events. Numerous other problems were also reported, ranging from Bell’s palsy, autoimmune flare-ups, blood clots, eye disorders, pneumonia, skin rashes, neurological disorders, miscarriages and other serious inflammatory and organ problems.