Italygate Part 2: Obama and Renzi Accused of Being Masterminds of US Electoral Fraud

ER Editor: Here is Part 1.
Overnight, Simon Parkes has issued a new update. See here. (start at 8 minutes 30 sec). Has the current Italian PM Giuseppe Conte been arrested? Parkes does not yet have independent confirmation of that. While the Italian govt. seems to be right at the centre of US electoral fraud, strenuous efforts are being made to shift blame away from it.
Reports of darkness in the Vatican were being made yesterday (#vaticanblackout has been trending), and according to Parkes, it seems that Pope Francis’ personal doctor has died ‘of the virus’ (this is also being picked up by the MSM – see here, for example). While it has long been assumed that Francis was no more than a figurehead, who had been moved aside already, Parkes speculates that the path could now be clear for removal of Francis in some way.
Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti, fluent in English, can be found on twitter: @CesareSacchetti.

We highly recommend listening to Maria Zack’s podcast testimony below which, while long, reveals that concrete evidence can now be produced of the mechanics of the fraud. And Obama is key …

Follow this thread for more info: BlueSkyReport 


Italygate, part II: Obama and Renzi accused of being the masterminds of the US electoral fraud


The latest article published on this blog has explained the hacking scheme which involves Italy’s government.

Bradley Johnson, a former CIA agent and chief of one of the intelligence agency stations, revealed how Italy had a crucial role in what could be described as an international coup d’état against Donald Trump.

Basically, the main actor of this attack was Leonardo, who is an Italian government company leader in the defense and aerospace sectors.

There’s another person who has completely confirmed the role of Italy in this fraud and it is Maria Zack.

Mrs. Zack is the chairman of the association “Nations in Action ” and in an audio file leaked two days ago she explains how the fraud would have occurred.

According to Mrs. Zack, the operation center which coordinated the attack was effectively the US embassy in Rome.

This version completely matches Mr. Johnson’s story, but Mrs. Zack gives more important details about it.

The operation would have been coordinated by the Italian General Claudio Graziano on the second floor of the embassy, assisted by an Italian secret service agent, Stefano Serafini.

General Graziano is a very important character in this story. The Italian military leader is the president of the military committee of the European Union.

The General is an ardent supporter of a European army solution, and in one of his recent conferences clearly said that there’s nothing beyond the EU and NATO.

Therefore, Graziano could be considered a deep state operative and a member of the military lobbies that are fiercely opposing President Trump’s foreign policy, which is not based upon military interventionism but on the respect of other countries’ sovereignty.

However, the Italian military would have been the director of this operation, which would have used Leonardo’s technology.

As Mr. Johnson said, the Italian governmental company provided its technology to run the hacking attack.

Maria Zack confirms that a “Leonardo satellite was used to load the software and change the votes from Trump to Biden”.

Originally, the plot to switch votes from Trump to Biden didn’t start in Rome, but in Frankfurt, where a CIA station hosts Dominion’s servers.

Apparently, everything was working fine until the hackers in Frankfurt realized that what they were doing wasn’t enough to finally deliver the “victory” to Biden.

At that moment, the hackers called Rome for help. Then in the US Embassy, the operation was recalibrated by creating new algorithms.

Trump was taking too many votes and it was necessary to reinforce the attack.

The votes were then sent via a military satellite operated by Leonardo to the US into Dominion’s servers.

Apparently, all this plan was confirmed by Arturo D’Elia, a former Leonardo consultant, who in a sworn testimony admitted his role in the hacking scheme.

Mr. D’Elia claims that he acted under the instructions of US embassy personnel in Rome.

However, it seems very unlikely that this plan could have taken place without the US ambassador in Rome, Lewis Eisenberg, knowing what was taking place in his own embassy.

Lewis Eisenberg was appointed by Trump in 2017 and he was a contributor to his campaign. However, at the same time, he’s very close to the Zionist neocon lobbies which oppose Trump’s military disengagement.

The political masterminds of the plan: Renzi and Obama

What was described so far is the military and secret service level of the operation orchestrated by disloyal and subversive members of the US and Italian deep state, but Mrs. Zack’s revelations that follow are even more shocking.

The political level of the plan was basically conceived by Barack Obama, who was allegedly helped by his Italian counterpart, Matteo Renzi, the former Italian Prime Minister.

The Chairman of Nations in Actions claims that what happened was “a really brilliant plan orchestrated by Obama with the help of Renzi.”

The relation between Renzi and Obama is simply fundamental to figuring out both the first coup attempt against Trump, namely Spygate, and the second ongoing coup against the US President, which is the electoral fraud.

The latest declassification of the NSA documents confirmed that in September 2016, Barack Obama was perfectly informed of what was going on against the Republican candidate.

The former CIA director, John Brennan, had informed President Obama that Hillary Clinton was fabricating a false scandal to depict Trump as a “Russian stooge”.

The US institutions, such as the FBI and the US intelligence community, had a major role in this plot because they gave a green light to the illegal espionage against Trump.

Therefore, it is not far-fetched to say that President Obama was the mastermind behind the plan to sabotage Donald Trump.

At the same, Spygate couldn’t take place without the decisive assistance of Italy. When Obama had chosen to authorize the illegal espionage operation, he would have asked for the help of the former Italian Prime Minister, Renzi.

The timing is very important in this matter. A month after the Obama-Brennan meeting, the then former Italian PM paid a visit to the White House.

If Mrs. Zack’s version is right, it was on that occasion that Obama ordered Renzi to take part in the plan.

Renzi would have agreed by involving the Italian secret services in the espionage.

The Italian secret services would have conceived a plan to set up Giulio Occhionero, an Italian nuclear engineer, who had been used as a way to falsely associate Trump to the Kremlin.

Basically, the Italian intelligence would have tried to plant Hillary Clinton’s emails on Occhionero’s US company, Westlands Inc.

Occhionero was chosen as a patsy because he’s quite close to the American conservative circles that endorsed the Trump campaign.

However, the most surprising thing that ties this scandal to the electoral fraud is the relation between Obama and Renzi.

Even after both of them left their offices, they kept working to orchestrate a sort of permanent coup d’état against Donald Trump.

Italy is the red thread that connect Spygate and the US electoral fraud

There’s a red thread that connects Spygate and this red thread is the axis between the Italian and the US deep state, represented in this case by Obama and Renzi.

This subversive plan would have never stopped and would have continued until November 2020 when both sides, the US and the Italian operatives, conspired to overthrow Trump.

In other words, globalism has certainly used members of the Democratic party, like Obama, to coordinate the coup, but even more crucially, it would have been the subversive power of the Italian deep state deeply rooted in Italy’s public institutions.

Italy’s incumbent PM, Giuseppe Conte, would have been fully informed of this operation as “he is very engaged and involved,” claims Zack.

And frankly, if this version is proven right, it is hard to think the contrary.

Leonardo is a government company that has 30.2% of its shares in the hands of the Italian Ministry of Economy; the minister there is Mr. Roberto Gualtieri, an EU loyalist.

The present CEO of Leonardo, Mr. Profumo, was appointed to his role in April 2020 by Conte who basically confirmed the choice of his predecessor, Paolo Gentiloni, former Italian PM in 2017 and also apparently involved in Spygate.

The black funds to finance this plot would have been provided by Iran, which would have financed Obama with 400 million dollars to direct the operation.

This version partially confirms the role played by Obama from 2017 onwards. The former US president ran an organization outside Washington DC, which could be considered a sort of shadow government to thwart Trump’s presidency.

According to other sources, Obama’s financers would have been Soros ONGs.

However, the former Democratic President had been simply essential to coordinate the whole scheme, and Italy has provided its technology and its government operatives to carry out this plot.

The story of the US election fraud has basically been an international coup d’état conceived by the Washington deep state and acted through the participation of several countries and globalist governments, such as Canada, Germany, China, Spain, and Italy.

In other words, the globalist power has used the governments to serve the New World Order agenda to overthrow Trump.

The Italian opposition is not exposing the scandal: the axis between Renzi and Salvini

Meanwhile, in Italy, the media are silent both on Spygate and Conte’s involvement in this scandal.

The leader of the Italian opposition, Salvini, is not denouncing them either.

Apparently, after the fall of his government, Salvini formed a sort of axis with Renzi to pave the way for another technocratic government, most probably led by Mario Draghi.

The system in Italy has been silencing those scandals because they see the participation in them of both the majority and the opposition.

However, as was explained in the previous article, Italy is essential for solving the crime of the US election fraud.

If someone wants to really understand what happened in this elaborate international coup, they must look at Rome.



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  1. IF this information is true and can be backed up with irrefutable proof
    why isn’t something being done?Can’t the retired general get someone to listen to him. This story should be blown up on as many news platforms as possible. This fake election needs to be reversed immediatly.

  2. Note: Simon Parkes name is mentioned, did you know he believes he fathered an alien child? Not kidding. This Maria Zack is losing us very, very fast. She needs to write and post soon, like within 24 hours, the whole story that she knows. She says she knows a lot more…but needs Trump and money. Zack: you don’t need Trump or money to write down all you know and post it to the web. Add in the evidence later when you get more.

  3. Nobody ever talks Ambassador Lewis Eisenberg in Rome who was major player in election fraud conspiracy! Has he been arrested?

  4. Given that there is truth in the reports of voter fraud, what is being done to disclose to the American public and to reverse the fraud?

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