It’s raining trees! Or at least it could be

Yet more evidence that lack of bright ideas is not the problem


This is a brilliant idea. It’s not new. It’s as few years old but remains brilliant. It opens the door to reforestation on a massive scale.

So why, several years on, is it not being deployed on a scale necessary to achieve the objective of significant reforestation of our planetary home?

Clearly government, which could have made itself useful and backed up this idea, has more important things to spend the money it extorts from you.

So here’s a wild idea:

  1.  government removes its head from its ass.
  2.  government stops dropping bombs on people.
  3.  as it has proven to be very good at organising, facilitating, financing, equipping and carrying out large-scale bomb-dropping projects, government diverts all those resources and talents to dropping trees instead.

This has many advantages such as:

  • a tree bomb is much cheaper to manufacture than a traditional bomb.
  • a tree bomb is lighter so it costs less in fuel to deliver the payload.
  • the landscape you are dropping your tree seeds on doesn’t shoot back so there is no expensive wastage of planes, personnel etc.
  • no expensive state-of-art warplanes are required and you can use whatever old planes you have lying around.
  • nobody gets killed or maimed.
  • people get helped instead (a revolutionary new idea that, but I highly recommend we try it).
  • the planet gets healthier as opposed to messed up.
  • we make friends instead of enemies.

Need I go on?

The thing one notices time and again is that so far as the resolution of survival problems is concerned, there is no lack of technological know-how and human and other resources. Mankind in NOT short of bright ideas.

What is so often the missing ingredient is the ability to organise and underlying that simply is the unwillingness of the opiotical elite entrusted by default with the broader organisation if human affairs. They have other fish to fry.

Anyhow, so far as our capability for reforestation is concerned, here’s an article to tell you more about it. – Steve

Seed Bombers Can Plant An Entire Forest of 900,000 Trees A Day!

treesSeed bombing or aerial reforestation is a farming technique where trees and other crops are planted by being thrown or dropped from an airplane or flying drone. The “seed bombs” are typically compressed bundles of soil containing live vegetation, which are ready to grow as soon they hit the ground.

This is something that can be done on both an industrial and DIY scale, depending on the property and the situation.

The earliest known record of seed bombing goes back to 1930, when planes were used to reforest certain areas in the mountains of Honolulu.

The Guardian explains:

Equipment installed in the huge C-130 transport aircraft used by the military for laying carpets of landmines across combat zones has been adapted to deposit the trees in remote areas including parts of Scotland.An idea, originally from a former RAF pilot, Jack Walters, of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, has been developed by the US manufacturer Lockheed Martin Aerospace so that 900,000 young trees can be planted in a day.

According to Wikipedia:

Seed bombing is also widely used in Africa; where they are put in barren or simply grassy areas. With technology expanding, the contents of a seed bomb are now placed in a biodegradable container and “bombed” grenade-style onto the land. As the sprout grows, the container biodegrades into the soil. The process is usually done as a large-scale project with hundreds dropped in a single area at any one time. Provided enough water, adequate sunlight, and low competition from existing flora and fauna, seed-bombed barren land could be host to new plants in as little as a month.

In 1987, Lynn Garrison created the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project (HARP) in which tons of seed would be scattered from specially modified aircraft. The seeds would be encapsulated in an absorbent material. This coating would contain fertilizer, insecticide/animal repellent and, perhaps a few vegetable seeds. Haiti has a bimodal rainy season, with precipitation in spring and fall. The seeds are moistened a few days before the drop, to start germination. Tons of seed can be scattered across areas in the mountains, inaccessible to hand-planting projects. Another project idea was to use C-130 aircraft and altering them to drop biodegradable cones filled with fertilizer and saplings over hard-to-access areas.

You can make seed bombs too, check out the guide below:

Guerilla Gardening Seed Bombs Guide

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. 

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