Jade Helm: Military Exercise, or Dawn of America’s Hell?




Internet traffic is buzzing about Jade Helm, a U.S. military exercise scheduled to begin July 15 (but according to latest reports in June) and end on September 15. It is to take place across a number of states, especially in the Southwest, and involves several branches of the military, including the 82nd Airborne, Navy Seals, Green Berets, and other Special Ops.

There is broad concern that the drill will transition into the onset of martial law. Some factors fueling the alarm: (1) No drill this extensive has ever occurred before; (2) it includes nighttime activities, air drops near towns, and attempts to infiltrate and “blend in” with civilian populations; (3) the exercise is unlawful as it violates the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits domestic deployment of federal troops in civilian areas (section 4 of the Constitution allows it in cases of “domestic violence,” but that is clearly not the situation here); (4) the operation’s field map has labeled Texas, Utah, and certain Southern California counties as “hostile” territory – troubling, since these areas also happen to contain populations especially known as constitutionalist, religious, and/or patriotic.


Nor does the caption on the Jade Helm logo, “Master the Human Domain,” inspire confidence.


Unsurprisingly, mainstream media dismisses concerns about Jade Helm as ravings of “conspiracy nuts.” This is unedifying, since mainstream media, owned and controlled by the same oligarchy that constitutes America’s shadow government, also says this of those who critically analyze 9/11, the Federal Reserve, GMOs, chemtrails, and any other blight that serves the global elite’s interests.

However, there is also a split over Jade Helm within alterative media, in particular at Veterans Today. Editor Kevin Barrett, whom I greatly respect as a fellow Truther, and whose radio show I have guested on several times, had this to say in a May 2 post, from which I repeat a few extracts:

Recently I have been seeing a whole lot of fear-addled responses to the Jade Helm exercises. While we should always be suspicious of military drills and exercises, which are sometimes used to launch false flags, suspicion is one thing and rampant delusional paranoia is another. . . .

The whole JADE HELM panic is based on one document describing the exercises. Nothing in that document suggests that exercises involving 1200 people are going to impose martial law on a nation of 300 million. . . .

Here at VT we have seen certain people go completely off the deep end about JADE HELM. They have gone from “sane paranoia” (realistic assessment of actual plots and threats) to “crazy paranoia” (egocentric delusional thinking, minus fact-checking and common sense). . . .

So my sane-paranoid assessment of Jade Helm is as follows: Yes, there may very well be a devious plot at work, but it isn’t what you think. They aren’t going to use 1200 game-playing troops in a handful of southwestern states to impose martial law on the whole country. They aren’t going to lock us up in Wal-Mart. They aren’t going to lock down the borders.

Instead, Jade Helm is being used (and may have been designed) to inject fear into the populace. The tangible benefits of this manufactured fear epidemic include:

*Burning the alternative media. Already VT has been damaged by a schism provoked by fear and attendant ego-bloating. And it isn’t just VT. Average Joe Citizen sees all the JADE HELM hysteria and says, “Jeez, these kooks who imagine they’re going to be interned in Wal-Mart must be the same crazies who think 9/11 was an inside job, Boston and Sandy Hook and Charlie Hebdo were false flags, the Zionist bankster freemasons run everything. . . what a bunch of loons.”. . .

I understand where Kevin is coming from, especially regarding the last paragraph. In late August 2013, I saw several Internet alerts suggesting that, in order to create a pretext for Obama’s desired air strikes against Assad in Syria, a deadly false flag attack on American soil appeared imminent (these posts can still be viewed, here, here, and here – scroll down on the last one).

Concerned by these warnings about a chemical weapons attack and FEMA preparations, I sent a general alert to people on my email list. Of course, nothing came of the predictions, which was good for America, and might have indicated plans were cancelled, but it also left me looking like a gullible alarmist. In future months, more “imminent false flag” predictions appeared on the Web, such as an anonymous “insider” letter claiming a major false flag would be staged at the 2014 Super Bowl. However, I resolved I would no longer go into “alarm mode” on such warnings; we were clearly being played, either by pranksters or intelligence-agency trolls.

One of the best-known children’s tales is “the little boy who cried wolf.” Cry wolf enough times, no one believes you when the real wolf arrives. In the geopolitical world, there are real wolves: 9/11 was a huge one. Most of us in the truth Movement believe that, sooner or later, the Zionist-Luciferian plotters of 9/11 will try hitting us with another false flag, one big enough to take the police state to the next level and perhaps usher in their ultimate goal of world government. In the meantime, they’ve been trolling is us with “cry wolf” warnings of nonexistent false flags, hoping all the decoys will lull us to sleep until the authentic moment arrives.

The question on the table: is Jade Helm wolf or merely cry wolf? With greatly due respect for my friend Kevin Barrett, I’m calling it wolf. Since trying to predict future geopolitical events is as risky as trying to forecast the stock market, I do this with full acknowledgement and disclaimer that I may be wrong.

Let’s start with what may appear to be Kevin’s strongest argument: How in the world are 1,200 men going to impose martial law on 300 million Americans? Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

I consider this argument flawed. First, it assumes the government is telling the truth about the numbers. But the government often lies about numbers – for example, after years of tweaking the way it figures the Consumer Price Index, it tells us the rate of inflation is 1.5 to 2 percent, whereas the true rate is around 9 percent. It claims we have a rather healthy unemployment rate of 5.5 percent, while the true rate is over 20 percent. It’s reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984, in which the Ministry of Plenty spewed out falsified statistics:

The fabulous statistics continued to pour out of the telescreen. As compared with last year there was more food, more clothes, more houses, more furniture . . . . 1

Would the government also lie about military figures? Yes. In 2012, mainstream media reported that 22 Russian Spetsnaz soldiers were training with the U.S. Air Force. However, I have recently been a guest on Restore the Republic, a blog show hosted by Air Force veteran Kevin Blake, as upright a young Christian patriot as you’ll ever meet. Blake’s contacts reported to him that the actual number of Spetsnaz soldiers inside Fort Carson were between five and six hundred – more than twenty times the figure the government publically admitted.

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that the troops participating in Jade Helm were to be more than twenty times the announced number – i.e, not 1,200, but 30,000. Would the government come clean about that? Probably not, just as it minimizes other numbers to allay public concerns.

But have we evidence that Jade Helm will exceed what the government says? I invite my readers to watch these YouTube clips of massive convoys of military equipment moving through America over the past three years (not bound for the Iraq war, which technically “ended” in 2011).

From 2012:

From 2013 (24 minutes long, but worth watching for the variety of information about what is happening in the military):

From 2015:

More from 2015:

Some comments on the above. I realize some footage may be “unprofessional,” but I prefer the honest American amateur to mercenaries of the corporately controlled media. I also realize that in a couple of clips, photographers might have overreacted to a relatively routine exercise or movement of equipment. But I don’t believe all the clips can be dismissed that way. Clearly, an unprecedented domestic military buildup is occurring.

Two segments referenced nighttime helicopter activity. In that regard, a personal account: I live west of Boston, and was recently awoken during the middle of the night by regular (about hourly) helicopter noise above our home. This is unprecedented where I live. In past years, the only helicopters we’d normally seen had been commercial choppers doing traffic reporting during rush hour (which this was clearly not), and – very rarely – a helicopter used for an emergency medi-evac.

Here’s a recent clip from Texas residents who report the same:

Here are Blackhawk helicopters and Chinooks buzzing Long Island (you can find lots more clips like these on YouTube):

The Army “in Transition”

Those familiar with my book The Shadows of Power know that the Council on Foreign Relations (the American oligarchy’s chief instrument of policy control) has a flagship journal Foreign Affairs, whose articles have, for decades, foretold policy changes. (Some of these articles have been ghost-written.)

In the May/June 2012 Foreign Affairs, Raymond T. Odierno, the new U.S. Army Chief of Staff, published an article entitled “The U.S. Army in a Time of Transition: Building a Flexible Force.” Here are some key selected quotes:

After six months as chief of staff, I can see clearly that the coming decade will be a vital period of transition for the U.S. Army.

The need for U.S. armed forces, and the army in particular, to provide planning, logistical, command-and-control, and equipment support to civil authorities in the event of natural disasters continues to be demonstrated regularly and is unlikely to diminish.

The final major transition the army must manage is that from a force focused on counterinsurgency, counterterrorism, and advising and assisting to one that actively prepares to effectively conduct a fuller range of potential missions.

In the future, it will be increasingly common for the army to operate in environments with both regular military and irregular paramilitary or civilian adversaries, with the potential for terrorism, criminality, and other complications.

In addition to combat of all kinds, possible operations in the next several years will include everything from helping victims of a flood to restoring order in a collapsed state with large-scale criminal activity, violence, and perhaps even unconventional weaponry.2

While most of Odierno’s readers probably understood these remarks as applying to foreign countries, a re-contexting of “civilian adversaries” and “a collapsed state” to America would have significant implications. In 2011, the Iraq War had “ended,” and most American troops came home. Was this to re-focus their mission into a domestic one?

Control of criminal activity has traditionally been a function of local police. There is evidently a plan to supplant police with the military, who answer to the federal government. Allow me to suggest that the recent anti-police rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore, egged on by the mainstream media and to a large extent funded by CFR billionaire George Soros, were designed to produce this change. Local police, excessively portrayed as racist by the MSM, become unpopular in the public mind, and get overwhelmed by the orchestrated riots, necessitating military intervention.

Here is footage of U.S. marines practicing internment of citizens:

There are several other troubling features to Jade Helm.

• A Jade Helm press release stated that “The diverse terrain in these states replicates areas Special Operations Soldiers regularly find themselves operating in overseas.” This explanation seems disingenuous. The U.S. army has been operating in the Middle East continuously for the past 13 years. It has had plenty of experience in foreign desert terrains. Why does it suddenly need the American Southwest’s desert to “replicate” what it already has had at hand in places like Afghanistan?

• The May 21 Houston Chronicle reports:

Among the planned exercises, soldiers will try to operate undetected amongst civilian populations. . . “They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community,” said Roy Boyd, chief deputy with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office. “They’re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.”

There’s a serious issue with this. If Jade Helm is, as advertised, meant to train soldiers for overseas operations, why are they “blending in” with Americans? How will that help them blend in with foreigners? There’s a literal world of difference between Red’s Bar and Grill and a Syrian mosque.

• Further affirming this self-contradiction is the army’s building in Virginia of a $96 million replica of, not a foreign town, but an American town, to conduct martial law exercises. Here is Infowars’ expose:

• According to Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Jim Garrow, Obama has a new litmus test for retaining military commanders: whether or not they will fire on American citizens. This “litmus test” has been confirmed by former Navy Seal Benjamin Smith. Blog show host Kevin Blake told me that while in the Air Force in 2012, he received a Defense Department survey asking if he was willing to fire upon American citizens. Blake says the men in his unit were sickened by the survey question, to which they resoundingly answered “No!” He theorizes that the military may be using the answers to this question to determine the disposition of certain soldiers.

Here another former Navy Seal tells Infowars that he and his comrades were threatened with losing their positions if they refused to sign papers pledging, if so ordered, to disarm American citizens:

• Jade Helm was initially to be confined to the Southwest. Now, Mississisipi and Florida have been officially added. Combined with the heightened convoys and helicopter activity throughout the country, this raises the question if the military is “boiling the frog” (turning the heat up so gradually that the frog doesn’t know he’s being boiled).

Here is a new news report that Colorado will see the state’s largest convoy since World II: more than 4,000 troops and 300 vehicles will be coming out of Fort Carson. (Whatever happened to “it’s only 1,200 men”?)

The Wal-Marts

Mainstream media is heaping derision on anyone connecting dots between Jade Helm and the mysterious Wal-Mart closings. I will not belabor this issue, but any critical thinker can see that multiple Wal-Marts should not suddenly and simultaneously close due to “plumbing problems,” which, we are supposed to believe, will take six months to repair. A business is inherently interested in maintaining its profits. It cannot do so by prolonged closure. Clearly Wal-Mart has sufficient funds to hire plumbers to promptly resolve any alleged issues. The closings and “plumbing problems” were a complete surprise to its thousands of laid-off workers. Researchers have stated that the closed Wal-Marts are strategically located close to entrances for the government’s Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS). CNN Money reported in 2004 that Wal-Mart had received about $1 billion in government subsidies, so there is a definite kinship.

I think it logical that, in a martial law state, these Wal-Marts would make ideal army supply depots (the military would need resupply at locations outside the limitations of its current bases). We already linked to a video showing massive numbers of military vehicles parked next to a Wal-Mart. Here’s another relevant clip:

How Citizens May Be Targeted

It has been reported that, in martial law, some citizens would be prioritized for assassination (thus the need for Special Ops to initially infiltrate communities unnoticed), while lower-priority citizens would eventually be rounded up and placed in FEMA camps. On the Alex Jones Show, Steve Quayle talks about the “red, blue and green lists” (and other significant Jade Helm information):

Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show gives a slightly different take on the prioritization of targets: that the “red list” will be veterans with the ability to counter-attack militarily against a takeover. Reinforcing Hodges’s view is the revelation that COUNTER Jade Helm operations are already being organized by patriotic veterans.

What Will Be Used to Justify Martial Law?

Obviously, President Obama cannot simply declare martial law without an excuse. Otherwise, even average, under-informed Americans would resist it. Ideally, he needs a situation where citizens beg for martial law, and thus he can claim he’s only responding to the will of the people. So what will the pretext be? In the above clip, Steve Quayle stressed economic collapse. That will unquestionably be part of it, but I believe two other elements should be watched for.

Scenario No. 1: ISIS

The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the “devil” only in order to drive the “TV watcher” to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US. . . . – Pierre-Henry Bunel, former French military intelligence agent.3

After the alleged “killing” of Osama Bin Laden in 2011 (right after polls had shown the President’s popularity at an all-time low), Americans no longer perceived Al Qaeda as a substantial threat. Then, in March 2013, Rand Paul filibustered against domestic drone strikes, and a Gallup Poll showed Americans overwhelmingly supported him. That same month came outcry over reports that the DHS was planning to purchase 1.6 billion ammunition rounds (enough to kill every American five times over) as well as over 2,700 armored vehicles.

With Americans stubbornly resisting further expansion of police-state powers, the cartel reverted to the threat that had been so successfully utilized to justify initial establishment of those powers: Islamic terrorism. What had worked on 9/11 would work again. Patriotic Americans opposed unconstitutional demolition of their own freedoms, but could be counted on to “rally round the flag” if they believed America was again under foreign attack. And so the following month – April 2013 – came the Boston Marathon bombing.

But with the Obama administration already having played its “kill Osama Bin Laden” card, it needed a new bogeyman to replace him. Certainly, it is not my intention to understate the reality of ISIS, but do not Bunel’s revelations about Al Qaida apply equally to ISIS? Like Al Qaida, ISIS received U.S. financing and military training, allegedly to help overthrow Assad in Syria. Ron Paul made new revelations about this in his May 25 Liberty Report:

The viral beheading videos proved a great button-pusher for public opinion. I invite my listeners to view one minute from the following interview with Robert David Steele – a 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, once the second-ranking civilian in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer. Steele explains that every recent terrorist incident in the U.S. has been a false flag or government-induced, and that “Jihadi John” is most likely a joint Saudi-CIA production and “theater.” Watch from about 15:55 to 16:45.

Several ISIS false-flag events have been staged around the world to usher in a global police state, including Ottawa, Paris (Charlie Hebdo), Copenhagen, and Garland, Texas. Not one shooter in any of these incidents lived to go on trial; in Garland, the alleged shooters were dead just 15 seconds after the incident began.

Given the huge investment that has been made in conditioning the American public to fear ISIS, it seems likely that ISIS might be used to usher in martial law by staging multiple false-flags attacks, probably simultaneously, across America. It would be claimed that ISIS had gradually infiltrated America from Mexico (which would be credible given our lax border and immigration policies). And believe it or not, the DHS is bussing at least 100,000 Muslims into America annually (I’m not making this up):

Once “ISIS” launched nationwide terror attacks, the country could become a full-scale police state. Many Americans would be persuaded to accept it under the illusion that it was “for their own protection.” But the focus would quickly switch from ISIS to American patriots who resisted martial law. A few of those Jade Helm Specials Ops who “infiltrated” and “blended in” with the locals might even lead militias into deadly traps.

Scenario No. 2: Natural Disasters

There is, however, another possibility. Today, weather events are being geo-engineered. Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 (published in 1996) laid out the military’s plan to weaponize the weather. The following year (1997), William S. Cohen, U.S. Secretary of Defense, stated at a Defense Department briefing:

Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real.4

This had already been foreseen in 1970 by top CFR insider Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book Between Two Ages:

Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storms, thereby weakening a nation’s capacity and forcing it to accept the demands of the competitor.5

Geo-engineering is why we have seen a massive increase in the frequency and ferocity of weather disasters. The Illuminati know if they level a town with a bomb, people will ask “Who dropped the bomb?” But if they level it with a hyper-energized, directed tornado, people will call it “Mother Nature” or “an act of God.”

Tornado damage

Because many of my readers are familiar with geo-engineering, I will not elaborate the subject in general further, but those wanting additional introductory information may employ search engines like http://sigtruth.com/, using the terms “HAARP” and “weather modification.”

How could weather disasters figure in Jade Helm and martial law? First, let’s remember General Odierno’s comments on “the need for U.S. armed forces, and the army in particular, to provide planning, logistical, command-and-control, and equipment support to civil authorities in the event of natural disasters” and “possible operations in the next several years will include everything from helping victims of a flood to restoring order in a collapsed state.”

Weather disasters have increasingly become the federal government’s province. During Hurricane Sandy, I was initially stunned watching a news briefing at which local authorities turned the matter over to a Homeland Security spokesperson. I said, “Homeland Security? I thought their role was fighting terrorists.” But FEMA is now under Homeland Security.

People would not normally abandon their homes due to government orders, but we are increasingly seeing mandatory evacuations under weather-event pretexts. It is not hard to foresee a massive national disaster forcing large-scale transfer of populations into FEMA camps.

Before staging a major false flag, the Black Ops of the Illuminati usually practice. It has become increasingly clear to researchers that the 9/11 planes were electronically hijacked (just like MH370). Career flight attendant Rebekah Roth, in her bestseller Methodical Illusion, has pretty well put the final nails in that one. But was there practice for the electronic hijackings of 9/11? Yes: Egypt Flight 990, which inexplicably crashed into the ocean in 1999, killing all 217 aboard, the incident publicly blamed on “suicide by the copilot,” the exact same claim made about Germanwings 9525.

I personally believe the 2010 HAARP-induced earthquake that devastated Haiti (the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation, and thus “expendable”) was practice for a higher priority target: the independent people of Japan and the 2011 earthquake targeting Fukushima.

We have just seen Nepal ravaged by earthquakes. I believe this may have been a rehearsal for America in the near term. How convenient if HAARP targeted either the San Andreas or New Madrid faults right in the middle of Jade Helm. The public would then be told “how fortuitous” that the military was already deployed throughout the land to assist with “relocation” and “disaster relief.”

On May 29, Hollywood – ever reliable for programming public opinion – will release the new movie San Andreas, about a massive earthquake on that fault. Watch the trailer, and note the 9/11-like building collapses and special emphasis on heroics of helicopter pilots.

When disasters of this magnitude strike, it is usual to see international relief efforts. Is that why we now have United Nations vehicles being hauled down our roads?

UN vehicles

The Obama administration has an agreement with Russia to use their troops to assist FEMA during disasters. Some have speculated that the reason for using foreign troops in martial law is that they can be counted on to be far more ruthless toward Americans than our own troops would be.

Let’s remember that when President George H. W. Bush announced “the new world order,” he said it would be “ushered in” by the United Nations:

Bush’s mention of the “UN’s founders” is a reference to the elitist Council on Foreign Relations, whose goal since its 1921 inception has been a single world government controlling the planet.

Scenario X

Other Jade Helm scenarios have been proposed, of course, such as a World War III “Red Dawn” invasion by foreign armies, an orchestrated Ebola outbreak, or invasion (or faked invasion) by “aliens.” But I believe the pattern of recent events most likely point to ISIS false flags, geo-engineered catastrophes, or both.

The collapse of the dollar and economy, which has been threatening for years, will probably occur after one of these other events. That way, the bankers and their media whores can blame the economic collapse entirely on the “war” or “terror attack” or “earthquake,” rather than the decades of debt and Federal Reserve-induced inflation that have brought America’s economy to the precipice. You would probably even see Janet Yellen and Alan Greenspan on CNN as “experts,” telling us how to fix the whole thing (hint: they’ll say we need a single global currency).

Fear-mongering or Reality?

Perhaps the concerns expressed in this article are, as my friend Kevin Barrett might phrase it, “rampant delusional paranoia.” As I acknowledged from the top, I may be wrong. Some believe Jade Helm is simply an incremental step toward martial law, designed to probe how the nation will respond.

But the massive convoys of equipment are concrete evidence of concrete intentions. Information about these convoys, helicopter deployments, etc., is coming from concerned patriotic citizens. If the oligarchy was simply trying to gauge public reaction, they should be publicly reporting these activities via mainstream media.

I believe America is on the Illuminati “hit list” because it has more Truthers and constitutional activists than anywhere else in the world. And the Illuminati are getting nervous, because through the Internet and social media, more people than ever are awakening to their plan for the world. The oligarchy fears the awakened masses, and knows its time may be short. The solution? As Zbigniew Brzezinski told the Royal Institute of International Affairs (the CFR’s British counterpart): “In earlier times it was easier to control a million people, literally, than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people”:

Remember, it was Brzezinski who wrote of weather weaponization more than 40 years ago.

What Should We Do?

First, I think we should be sounding alarms. Contacting legislative representatives and local MSM broadcasters – as unresponsive as they may be – could at least force a more public discussion of Jade Helm’s risks.

I also believe families who have loved ones in the military should share their concerns with them. Let me be clear: Nothing in this article should be construed as antipathy toward the rank-and-file men and women serving in our armed forces. It is the planners at the top who want martial law, and it is conceivable that heightened public awareness and protests may make them think twice about their plans.

Second, I believe we should err on the side of caution and be prepared for the worst. I am not a survivalist expert, but I think everyone would be prudent to try to be ready for: shortages of food and fuel; a government-engineered EMP (falsely blamed on ISIS, or perhaps even on Iran or North Korea), with its attendant crises: the electrical grid down; loss of cell phone and Internet access; ATMs not working, etc. If you haven’t already done so, please do some research and be prepared for an emergency scenario. And if catastrophe strikes, that includes our spiritual outlook and relationship with God.

Continuous updates on Jade Helm developments can currently be found at: http://chemtrailsplanet.net/2015/05/01/decoded-jade-helm-aarpunebolachina-predictive-programming/.

Thank you.


  1. George Orwell, 1984 (1949; reprint, New York: Harcourt Brace, 1983), 52.
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