Joe Biden’s Family Is A Criminal Enterprise As Defined In The RICO Act

The Biden family is a criminal enterprise as defined in the RICO Act

By: Ron Wright

Although the 1970 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) was initially targeted at gangsters, it equally applies to corrupt government practices involving low-level crooks led by the top players, linked together with a common purpose. No organized crime or criminal enterprise, in or out of government, can exist for long without corrupt law enforcement.

Because of its corrosive impact on government, organized crime must be destroyed by prosecuting influence-peddling related crimes and those who aid or abet by concealing these crimes under the RICO Act. The founding principle of our criminal justice system is equal justice for all and no one is above the law.

When organized crime occurs at the national level, billions of dollars are sucked away from the public treasury for fraudulent pay-to-play schemes, special legislative favors, and other influence-peddling. As a result, policy decisions are made contrary to the country’s best interest. Through co-optation/blackmail, our national strategic and security interests are compromised when foreign agents target politicians to influence foreign policy. This is also espionage (China/the CCP and Russia/Putin). The Biden family and the Clinton family are complicit in overt acts with foreign agents.

The Biden crime family is just a continuation of the DC swamp’s business as usual of interconnected organized crime activity. The current chapter of the family’s long, shady history began when Hunter dropped off three laptops at a computer repair shop during one of his cocaine and sex binges. Hunter never returned to pick them up. After seeing some concerning information on these computers, the shop owner later called the FBI. At first, the FBI wasn’t interested. The FBI eventually picked up the hard drives but then they were deep-sixed. Finally, the FBI opened an investigation. The US Attorney impaneled a grand jury. That issued a few subpoenas in May of 2020 but has gone silent. Perhaps the change in administrations?

The shop owner wisely made copies, and the information made its way to the New York Post’s investigative reporter Miranda Devine. The NY Post first broke the story on 10-14-20 (video and docs and more) just before the election. The intelligence community played a Fauci to discredit this information. More than 50 “former senior intelligence officials have signed . . . the letter [claiming this information] has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” Twitter and Facebook memory-holed the NY Post’s story. The NYT called the story unsubstantiated but later quietly retracted (and more). Social media outlets censored or removed any related posts.

For some sicko reason, Hunter videoed his drunken and cocaine-smoking sex orgies, which he stored on his laptops. But more consequentially under the terms of RICO, there is evidence of many overt acts that fall under the terms of the law. Hunter kept very damning and incriminating notes, emails, voice files, photos, and financial records on his laptops. A smoking gun email from Burisma to Hunter seeking his intervention during the period of Joe Biden’s widely reported forcing the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma (NY Post 10-14-20) is particularly incriminating.

The NY Post article of 10-15-20 has copies of emails and a video showing detailed breakdowns of these illegal money transactions.

The Daily Mail’s broadside of 10-31-20 detailed the information on the drives that posed a genuine national security threat and with classic blackmail material [File photos here].

The NY Post article of 05-26-21 documents with quotes from emails Hunter’s pay from Burisma cut in half two months after Joe Biden leaves office. Also, Joe Biden met with Burisma exec and later in the year strong-arming the Ukrainian prosecutor under the threat of withholding $1 billion in US aid.

The NY Post article of 07-04-21 about Hunter paying Joe Biden’s personal bills is documented with quotes from Hunter’s emails.

The NY Post article of 11-28-21 Hunter received a 3-caret diamond and an offer of a $30 million deal from a Chinese titan with more emails.

This hard drive story was memory-holed by most media as Russian disinformation except for a few investigative reporters. That is until just recently, with the drop of explosive books by Miranda Devine, Peter Schweizer, and the just-released devastating four-part series by FOX Nation, “Pirro explores ‘Who is Hunter Biden?’. . .”

Judge Jeanine Pirro narrates a riveting expose on the Biden family with interviews with Devine and Schweizer. Included are Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley who did a lengthy investigation into Hunter Biden, Burisma and Corruption . . . (87 pages). The media largely discredited the Johnson/Grassley report as Russian disinformation. Schweitzer used this the report’s public source documents to corroborate and correlate with Hunter’s hard drive the documents.

These interviews and the documents are woven together with Hunter’s voice from his memoir (Audible book). The evidence is damning and presented compellingly to the viewer that the Biden family illegally received millions of dollars from profiting from the influence of Joe Biden – as Senator, Vice President, and as President.

The FOX Nation piece is a must-watch (Behind paywall – free temp use). Also, the 01-24-22 edition of Mark Levin’s interview with Peter Schweizer (Rumble excerpt of 3.5 mins) and this FOX Business News interview with Schweizer where he implies Nancy Pelosi is co-opted too by Chinese intelligence. According to the interview with Devine on the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, Hunter Biden was making deals worth millions of dollars with the inner sanctums of Putin and President Xi of China. The Biden family was doing exactly what the Trump family was accused of doing.

Devine meticulously constructs a timeline from the emails and documents – then corroborates with other sources in her new book, the Laptop from Hell.

Peter Schweizer writes in the NY Post 01-27-22 about his book which includes a FOX News video interview with Sen. Ron Johnson on the Secret Service stalling on FOIA requests for Secret Service travel records.

Were the Biden Administration’s well-known policy failures the result of the utter stupidity, or were they intentional because of Joe Biden being compromised?

We must clean our house first before anything else by legitimate and thorough criminal investigations of the Clinton and Biden families using the tools of RICO. The corrupt elements of our government will be flushed out.

There must be accountability for these crimes.

Lastly, the real power brokers will emerge like a Russian nesting doll, but that’s for another time. The FBI has the resources and tools to take down these criminal enterprises. Still, it needs a DOJ unbiased and willing to prosecute and a judiciary that will rule on the law and not succumb to political pressure. Unfortunately, the FBI is politically corrupt – a dog that will not hunt impartially.

The Biden crime family is more blatant about its old school influence-peddling than Hillary Clinton. Poor Uncle Joe’s princeling Hunter Biden, the family bag man, can’t control his vices. The CCP has infiltrated our government and business at many levels with honey pots and other tradecraft Hunter Biden, Eric Swalwell. The CCP targeted and groomed Hunter Biden because of his twisted personal life, alcohol and cocaine addiction of many years to get access to its prize, Joe Biden.

From Schweizer’s NY Post article:

For those wondering why Joe Biden is soft on China, consider this never-before-reported revelation: The Biden family has done five deals in China totaling some $31 million arranged by individuals with direct ties to Chinese intelligence — some reaching the very top of China’s spy agency.

Yes, why is Uncle Joe going soft on China and Russia?

Based on my review of this reporting and evidence, in my opinion there is overwhelming probable cause, if not reasonable cause to begin a criminal investigation of the Biden family using the tools of RICO. This is a target-rich environment.


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About the Author: Ron Wright is a retired detective from Riverside, CA PD. has a BA in political science CSUF, M. Adm. University of Cal, Riverside. Facebook at Ron T. Cop.

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