By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

This is the time of year when they are pushing the flu shot and I am begging you to share these videos with every person you can. Most people fail to understand that the flu vaccine damages the immune system and can lead to flu like illnesses, physical disability, and even death. Pregnant women, babies, and the elderly are some of the largest groups they target with this vaccine along with doctors and nurses. Most doctors ands nurses don’t know enough to question the flu shot until they become victims of vaccine injury and the elderly are the most vulnerable to the propaganda that says you mush have a flu shot each year or you will die so a special effort needs to be made to educate and protect them from this dangerous vaccine. This vaccine does nothing to promote health and has a long history of harm. PLEASE WARN OTHERS!!! (CW)

CREDIT: extremehealthradio

CREDIT: Russell Blaylock M.D

CREDIT: GerryDoc3699


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