Beware of Pro Vaccine Wolves…

By TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

Vaccination is one of the biggest scams in medical history, it is so much of a scam that instead of people knocking down the doors begging for vaccines the establishment has to coerce people into taking their products.

They do this by turning minor illnesses into plagues and using third world statistics to convince people in the first world that their loved ones are going to die of what used to be common childhood illnesses. Prior to the mid 1960’s every child or young adult experienced mumps, measles, and rubella.

Each time a new vaccine was created the propaganda machine would swoop in painting mumps, measles, or whatever as being the end of the world, nevermind that just a few years earlier such things were the subject of children’s books and television shows. A more recent example was what happened with Chickenpox in the 1990s, they took a minor illness and marketed it as being a deadly killer. Nothing of course could be further from the truth!

The pharmaceutical industry has gone out of their way to discredit anyone who questions vaccine safety or the fact that as vaccines fail more and more booster shots are added to the schedule. In the quest to destroy those of us who question vaccines pharma has enlisted the help of people who are paid to disrupt and to confuse the anti vaccine movement.

Anyone familiar with social media sites such as facebook or twitter can see that the anti vaccine movement is filled with pro vaccine liars who falsely identify as anti vaccine.

This may not seem to be a big deal but the pro vaccine liars have duped many parents into shying away from terms like anti vaccine and instead embracing terms like vaccine choice. They also have people following pro vaccine doctors who offer a delayed or alternate vaccine schedule.

Dr Paul Thomas is one such doctor who is promoting and offering vaccines despite claiming to know the harm they do. My question is why are people embracing this man? Dr Thomas makes it clear he is not anti vaccine in his actions by writing a book and offering the Vaccine Friendly Plan!

Take a look at the faq page for Interactive Pediatrics and you will see that there is no concern given for the victim on the receiving end of vaccines, and while he does make good points about eating organic, he is selling the lie that Autism can be cured and that vaccine injury is Autism. Such blatant disregard for the truth not only leaves all other vaccine injury out in the cold, it creates a falsehood that keeps the cycle of harm from vaccines going. If you know vaccines cause harm how can you not take a stand? Why are you fence sitting with the cowardly neutral and pro safe vaccines nonsense? Why is it you keep contradicting yourself and causing harm to innocent children with your actions?

All of this just makes my brain want to explode! Vaccines have cost so many their health and it is up to us to take a stand against them and they harm they are doing. This means we have to call out the liars and it means that we must understand our guilt in causing harm when we jump on a bandwagon or water down the truth. Take a look at the following videos and ask yourself the hard questions such as who you are listening to? What you are doing to fight the vaccine lie? Do your rights as a parent overshadow the rights of your child to live a long healthy life?

We The People NOT They The Elite! (CW)


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  1. I have to agree. History shows that vaccines have destroyed millions of lives. Whether they have actually saved a single one is in doubt. Every vaccine causes damage – why pretend otherwise?

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