Klayman volunteers as 2nd Special Counsel… [video]


by Rick Wells

Larry Klayman wants to be 2nd special counsel and if it isn’t possible wants Americans to impanel citizen grand juries to prosecute Obama, Soros, Clinton, Comey, Mueller…


larry klayman citizen grand jury special counsel

Following the actions by establishment tool Senator Charles Grassley to facilitate the meaningless endorsement of the DC Swamp’s attack on our President, the “Mueller Coup Protection Act” in being passed out of his Judiciary Committee, Larry Klayman offers what he sees are real solutions. Our situation is dire if not hopeless and serious, real steps must be taken if our nation is to survive.

Klayman points out the reality is that it’s not just the Democrat establishment but the Republican establishment as well that wants “to see President Trump dead politically and in some cases actually.” Klayman says he’s tried to work with Grassley in the past, to make him aware of mass surveillance that was going on. He believes that in addition to his selling out to the establishment “he’s also become senile in his old age.” [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Klayman notes that that is why Sessions is being left alone to do nothing at DOJ, having commented yesterday that he’s not appointing a second special counsel because they take on lives of their own. Sessions sees doing nothing as preferable to fixing things. Klayman agrees that they can take on lives of their own and vows to do exactly that if given an appointment to such a position, to clean out the swamp vermin and lock them up.

He promises, “I would prosecute elite criminals on behalf of the American people – Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama, George Soros, the rest of them. But this establishment doesn’t want to rock the boat.”

Klayman is also advocating for the establishment of citizens’ grand juries, “which are totally legal,” citing a case in which Justice Scalia made that ruling in 1992, “that the grand jury belongs to the American people, not to the other three branches of government.”

He says, “We have the right to impanel a grand jury, to indict, to try and to convict. And also we have the right to sentence and enforce that and I would go to a federal judge, through a citizens’ grand jury, and I would seek to enforce the convictions.”

Klayman points out that he is a member of the Texas Northern District Court and explains how the process would work. He says he has “zero confidence” that the current diversions and side shows, such as the Huber appointment, will have any impact at all. He notes, “We have the example of the last three decades. When has any of the elites in Washington DC been held accountable for anything?”

“What happens,” he says, “is the ‘Justice’ system burns the lower leveland middle hanging fruit, people like Scooter Libby, who was chief of staff to Vice President Cheney in the Valerie Plame scandal, he got indicted – Cheney never got indicted, Karl Rove never got indicted, no one gets indicted.”

Klayman says that is why we need him as a second special counsel and citizen grand juries, “because we need to go after the high-hanging fruit. We need to go after Obama, after Clinton, after Mueller, after Comey. Look, Mueller has been leaking grand jury information. That’s a crime. He should be taken out legally now for that.”

Klayman says he’d “have him indicted for that and convicted, and thrown in prison. This guy is a crook, he’s a criminal, he’s dishonest and the Republican establishment is backing him up because they want to see the President legally dead.”


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