Lab Tests Confirm High Levels of Aluminum Falling From Skies Over Alachua County Florida

24_04_2013__09_02_56956669a7c39fc5f93a917f63a613c4a390fbf_640x480[1]BeforeItsNews, By Harold Saive. On December 23, 2010 I made a brief presentation to the Alachua County Commission with concerns about the Geoengineering and “Chemtrails” in the skies over Gainesville and Alachua County. The Commission responded immediately with a suggestion that I present the full issue to the County’s Environmental Protection Advisory Committee (EPAC), chaired by Dr.Bob Palmer.

The “Chemtrail” item was placed on the EPAC agenda for February 8, 2011 where I was joined by Coalition Against Geoengineering activists, radio Show host, Bob Tuskin and Ed Sanders.  The committee had already received a packet of backup information that contained highlights from the documentary, “What In The World Are They Spraying” and publications by Cliff Carnicom and the Belfort Group Symposium from 2010.  Click Here

Committee members very helpful and encouraged several different investigative approaches to validate the theory that geonegineering activities and associated disbursement of aluminum aerosols were taking place over the skies of Alachua County as they had known to be elsewhere.

Thanks to suggestions from Dr. Palmer and EPAC members I was encouraged to pursue a rainwater sample study to measure the amount of aluminum that might be washed out of the atmosphere by ordinary precipitation.

The six rainwater samples displayed above were analyzed by Basic Laboratories, an EPA registed laboratory located in Redding, Ca.

The method of rainwater collection is the following video:

The Method of collection wasalso published in an online article in  BEFORE IT’S NEWS

Six rainwater samples were collected in 2011.  Each samples was shipped to Basic labs in Redding, California and  tested for aluminum, a heavy metal that should not register any detectable amount in normal rainwater.

The Method of collection was also published in an online article in  BEFORE IT’S NEWS

Where normal precipitation should contain no aluminum (0 ug/L) each of the 6 lab results collected were found to be significantly contaminated with aluminum up to 182.0 ug/L. Results for Alachua County roughly replicate similar analyses from California, Arizona and even Australia and follow a global trend.

Mount Shasta News:

Citizens seeking answers to aluminum contamination concerns   Read This

Deminished Solar Capacity due to Geoengineering aerosols (Persistent Contrails)  Read This

Skeptics who deny that Jet aircraft are spraying aluminized aerosols into the atmosphere are left to explain from where this heavy metal pollution originates.

Dane Wigington responds to Alachua County tests results:

Thank you for your efforts to expose the most dire issue of geoengineering. In my years of taking such samples, and communication with those in the know about what should and should not be, all your numbers are far, far above anything

that should be detected in precipitation. Though we have had astronomically high results here in Shasta County at times, (as high as 3450 ug/l in a single rain event, ) there should be no aluminum in rain, period.

When I first began to test, I tracked down and spoke to a “hydrogeologist”. He was very clear about the aluminum issue. “There should be no aluminum in your rain unless you live next to an Alcoa factory”. That is pretty clear.

We can tell when they are spraying here simply by a PH test with some accuracy. If the PH is in the 5.6 range, little to no spraying. When it raises , sometimes as high as 6.8, spraying is occurring.

There is now so much aluminum in the stratosphere that all tests will probably show something. This situation is so horribly wrong. All that lives and breaths is being poisoned by the spraying, period. Dane Wigington – Investigator and Solar expert, Mt. Shasta, Ca.

Francis Mengals Says:

“You definitey have some spraying going on…”  Dr. Francis Mengals, Soil Scientist, Mount shasta, Ca.

How will the Alachua County Environmental Protection Department respond to these test results?

Stay Tuned…

Update: 8/9/2011 – Harold Saive presented the aluminum aerosol data to the Alachua County Commission. Later, the head of the County’s Environmental protection department, Chris Bird said his department could take no action without “federal standards” for aluminum in rainwater. During our conversation, Mr. Bird suggested that the aluminum results seen in my rainwater samples could be coming fron the power station at the Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) generator at Deerhaven. When I asked Bird for access to this data, Bird responded that the “aluminum” results are measured and kept by GRU.


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