Vaccine Safety: What do the Experts Have to Say (a Pictorial)

s18599986[1]By: Roger Landry. The Liberty Beacon

Vaccine safety: While the safety of an individual vaccine is considered in the regulatory approval process, studies tend to observe the effects of a vaccine for only a few weeks after the administration of the shot, so long-term effects are unknown. Moreover, no study of the safety of the entire US. vaccine schedule has ever been undertaken. That is, the safety of the combination of vaccines is unknown.

As a matter of fact the unknown far exceeds the known and this does not bode well for the masses. Responsible and educated choices are the province of every parent and recipient of vaccines, but if this information is unavailable or withheld … we stumble blindly in the dark destined to make miss-assumptions and mistakes, some bordering on or being catastrophic.

So lets keep an open mind and have a look at what some of the experts in this vaccine controversy think:

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield




 Consider the unanswered question because therein lies the true danger!

1 Comment on Vaccine Safety: What do the Experts Have to Say (a Pictorial)

  1. So an extremely small number of fringe medical practitioners out of thousands in the world, believe that the risks outweigh the benefits of the vaccinations given over the past 30 to 40 years.

    Well we are (in the first world countries) living far healthier and longer lives as a result of medical intervention against natural outcomes. Because of these interventions against diabetes, influenza, arthritis, appendicitis, polio, cancer, smallpox, epilepsy, parkinson’s disease, you name it, we live in a better, healthier world.

    For those who want to go back and live in a more ‘natural’ environment as in the year, say, 1920, before even chemicals, drugs and toxins like antibiotics, let alone vaccines existed, then I suggest you go to ‘natural’ parts of the third world where people suffer the natural and horrific ‘side effects’ of living naturally with natural diseases and injuries with no intervention from Big Pharma and mainstream Doctors who are only there to kill and maim for huge profits (and/or for fun) as alleged by the conspiracists.

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