Lauren Southern: ‘Far-right’ Canadian activist detained in Calais and banned from entering UK

Lauren Southern: Far-right Canadian activist detained in Calais and banned from entering UK

‘Officially banned from UK for ‘racism’,’ says Ms Southern


Canadian far-right activist Lauren Southern has been detained in Calais and banned from entering the UK.

Ms Southern, who worked for far right Canadian site The Rebel Media, was held by Border Force in Coquelles on Monday.

A Home Office spokesperson told The Independent: “Border Force has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.”

Ms Southern, who supported a seaborne mission seeking to hamper the rescue of refugees, claimed British authorities had told her she was “officially banned from UK for racism” after being detained.

“They just locked me out and said ‘au revoir’… Officially banned from UK for ‘racism’.. Doing fine though, all the cool people are being banned anyway,” the ultra-conservative provocateur said on Twitter.



Writing in a Facebook post on Saturday, Generation Identity, a British white supremacist group, said Austrian activist Martin Sellner and his American girlfriend Britanny Pettibone, who is a YouTuber and author, were detained by the British government.

The far-right couple were refused entry at Luton Airport on Friday, also on grounds their presence was not conducive to the public good. Mr Sellner and Ms Pettibone were detained and subsequently removed from Britain on Sunday.

According to reports, Ms Southern was intending to meet Mr Sellner of the Generation Identity group and Ms Pettibone while in Britain.


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