Lava Fountains In The Streets Cause Hawaii To Declare State Of Emergency – 6.9 Earthquake! [videos]

Lava Fountains In The Streets Cause Hawaii To Declare State Of Emergency – 6.9 Earthquake!

by Ruby Henley

This is a huge development.  We are looking at catastrophic news, and it is happening now on May 5, 2018.

The following is a livestream of seismic events:

At the same time, lava is flowing in the streets.

Parts of the Big Island of Hawaii are being evacuated after Kilauea Volcano spewed fountains of lava into nearby streets.

Evacuations are taking place.  Civil Defense has been called in.

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The Hawaiian Mount Kilauea volcano triggered the most powerful tremour to hit the US since 1975, a 6.9 earthquake.

A Volcano expert, and owner of Epic Lava Tours, John Tarson told Radio 4 Today: “There is definitely a sense of panic in the community.

“The gas stations have lines around the corner, as do the grocery stores.

“When we got rocked with that big earthquake earlier, it lasted somewhere in the neighbourhood of a minute.

“The ground just shook and shook and a lot of people got scared.”

The Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO) reported a monstrous, bubbling 150m long fissure in the volcano, which stayed active for about two hours.

Kilauea’s eruption came just hours after officials at the HVO reported dropping levels of volcanic activities.

An orange eruption warning is now in effect for Hawaii’s Kilauea and a yellow advisory is in effect for the neighbouring Mauna Loa volcano.

Mr Tarson added: “Those of us who spend a lot of time on the volcano, we believe that the volcano is revving up for something big.”

Residents in Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens subdivisions, home to about 1,700 people, were ordered to evacuate after public works officials reported steam and lava erupting from fissures in the road.

Hawaii’s Governor David Ige sent out military reservists from the national guard to help residents wanting to evacuate the danger zone.

Flights to and from Hawaii may be affected by the natural disaster, with Hawaiian Airlines offering passengers with the opportunity to change their flights.

Hawaii volcano eruption update LIVE: Hawaii hit by 6.9 earthquake – Kilauea TSUNAMI fears

HAWAII’S Kilauea volcano continues to spew red-hot molten lava as residents face the threats of more earthquakes, lava and high levels of gas today. Here is the latest news and live updates on the Kilauea volcano.

Hawaii’s Big Island remains on high alert after the Kilauea volcano spent a day spewing lava into residential areas, forcing hundreds to evacuate, and a series of earthquakes, included a powerful tremor, shook the island.

Scientists and local officials warned residents that seismic and volcanic activity may continue after a 6.9 tremor shook buildings on the island’s southeast corner at little after noon local time.

And more lava fissures were reported in a residential subdivision of the Leilani Estates, where some 1,700 residents have been ordered to evacuate.

“Until we see earthquake activity dying down and the ground stops moving, it’s likely that this activity is going to continue,” said Tina Neal, a scientist in charge at the USGS Hawaii Volcano Observator.

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Volcano Eruptions on Hawaii Described By Scientist:


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