Leader of armed Oregon militia rejects county sheriff offer to end standoff

TBL comment: We have once again relied on RT.com to give a neutral report of the on going stand off in Burns Oregon.  Being RT does not have ‘a dog in this fight,’ we can be relatively assured of less bias and control, as opposed to the reporting from the U.S. media. ~ Ralph Ely (TLB) 

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The Harney County Sheriff met with the leader of the armed militia to ask them to leave the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon it has occupied since Saturday. Reuters reported that Ammon Bundy rejected the Sheriff’s offer.

The sheriff, David Wade, met with Bundy on Thursday to offer them passage on the condition that they vacate Oregon. Bundy declined the offer, telling reporters, “we always consider what people say.”

This meeting was an attempt on the Sheriff’s Office behalf to end the situation peacefully. According to Oregon Live, the sheriff told Bundy that he was, “here to offer safe escort out.” The meeting follows Wednesday’s town hall meeting that drew roughly 400 people. The county has announced plans to meet with the group on Friday.

Meanwhile, Oregon Governor Kate Brown released a statement on Thursday decrying the activities of Bundy’s militia and ordering the group to “decamp immediately and be held accountable.” She called the occupation a part of “tactics we Oregonians don’t agree with.”

The camp was created in an effort to protest the sentencing of two Oregonian farmers, Dwight and Steve Hammond. The two men were found guilty of arson when they started a fire to clear their property that spread to federal lands.

Dwight, 73, originally received a sentence of three months in prison while Steve spent one year and a day in prison. However, federal prosecutors appealed their sentences and requested that they receive the minimum of five years. The Hammonds turned themselves in on Monday.

Bundy and an estimated 20 militants took over the Malheur headquarters on Saturday. Since then, additional protesters have joined the group and the militia members have been allowed to come and go as they please.

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