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By: Thom Davis & Rene’ Powers, The Cowboy And The Lady (special thanks to David Cain and Cathy Giebel for their pictures of the clean refuge and their comments offered)

This article is dedicated to the political prisoners all across these united States of America who have been kidnapped into a prison system, a system of (un)justice against thousands of Americans for the profit of a few. We are cleaning up the messes made by tyranny.
It doesn’t take much to see the Federal Government is on a tyrannical spree against the American Patriot. The resources being directed to entrap and slander the American Patriot is something we must address and question, “Why”. The people hired by the Feds to work inside groups and to gather information have shown us that the powers that be will stop at nothing to reach the goal of arresting those who are sharing truth and knowledge with others, even if it means lies will be used and scenarios made up. With federal agents, federal prosecutors and federal judges trying these cases it is as if the orchestra is only playing to one audience, the feds.
We know many of the political prisoners. The Cowboy is a local in the burns area, the Lady is friends with many of the whistle blowers now held as political prisoners. She covered the Bunkerville story and watched as the people were slandered and maligned in the media. We see the same type of stories being released about the Whistle Blowers and their Constitutional Posse in Oregon. We have followed this story in Oregon from the beginning and our research has led us to one conclusion, the whistle blowers are innocent and the federal government has made a mess of our judicial system. We see federal agents doing arrests, federal prosecutors prosecuting and federal judges opining and lawyering from the bench as we ask, “where is the justice?”. Our justice system is broken and we must stop contracting with foreign usurpation.
We have personal knowledge of the tyrannical ways of the public servants. Both of us have had theft of land and theft of liberties at the hands of public servants. The nations people have joined together with us, many having experienced the tyranny as well. The experiences of the people, the knowledge that the system is broken and the wisdom to speak out and stand up for ourselves is what is healing America now. The victims of the abuses are outnumbering the employees continuing the mass abuses against the people, we see that we must not stop speaking out and standing with our brethren. We must save our freedoms and liberties. We bring you this information in hopes that we are prayer warriors not prey for the usurpers any longer. It stops now.
Here is the accounting of our research to date.

After decades of abuse by the BLM the Hammond family found themselves in the middle of a mess that would take them back to prison and leave a nation fighting for the American Patriots now known as “political prisoners”
Ammon Bundy and his Constitutional Posse went to Harney County to support the Hammond Family. After decades of battling with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and serving a jail sentence for a back burn, they were being resentenced. Ammon and his team decided to go to Harney County and help the Hammonds. A Safety Committee of locals was formed, grievances were given. The grievances were ignored.
Patriots were called to stand with their brethren.
On January 2, 2016 a show of support was given in the way of a peaceful protest in Harney County for the Hammonds. During the peaceful protest the whistle blowers held a private meeting, one that was infiltrated by federal snitches and one that led to what we saw as the Stand Up at the Malheur Refuge. The men and women involved in the meeting were asked to go with Ammon and set up a base at the Malheur Refuge, a base to create a constitutional school and seek the evidence of the BLM abuses and framing of the Hammonds. As the convoy headed out calls were made to the Narrows RV park by the local sheriffs to give a heads up that the convoy was on the way and for the owners of the park not to worry about them. We know that facts show the employees of the Refuge were told days before that they were to go on vacation and vacate the refuge, the manager of the refuge openly talked about his “extended vacation”.

Open doors, open gates and keys left for tenancy does not equate to Trespass, it equates to TENANCY!
The day of the Stand Up began the start of a media frenzy of misinformation. The local news stories coming out framed the whistle blowers and constitutional posse as “armed militants”, “domestic terrorists”, “trespassers in federal buildings”. The local man who wears every hat in town, Steve Grasty, used a high pitched voice and sweaty fever of slanderous slurs against the men, demanding they be removed from his town. This attitude and the attention being drawn to label the whistle blowers as such left us with a desire to delve deeper into the secrets of Harney County. We realized that such fever was being brought to this so called “virus” of the teaching these people were doing that our guts told us, something is majorly wrong with this story.

A question he never answered verbally, but his actions spoke louder than any words. Aiding and offering permission to Federal Agents to assassinate Lavoy Finicum?
The team of whistle blowers were asked to go out to meetings in the community of Harney and Burns to share with the locals about the information they had about the Land thefts, the rights of the people to protect their lands and the way our country is suppose to operate within the Constitution. They went out and were met my hundreds at a time, asked to come again to speak to more people that would come. We were witness to the locals visited the Harney Resource Center and bringing food, firewood and treats to the people there, seeing for themselves that the propaganda calling them armed militants was a lie. Read these articles that were written through the experience of a local ranchers daughter, Gloria Keys, and the story written by a local student, Monte Kingen, whose parents took him out to meet the men as a school project. (oh those bad, bad men!! Good Grief Grasty, get a grip)

Monte shakes hands with Ryan Bundy

Monte’s words
MONTE MEETS THE WHISTLE BLOWERS: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/…

The town of Harney was invaded by Federal Agents. Blockades were put around the sheriff station and the local court. The FBI took over the local airport, they were witnessed following cars, stopping out of state cars and harassing locals as they were seen as armed militants in truth. The FBI was the group people feared, not the constitutional posse that was out teaching the locals and visiting with people at the Resource Center.
GO HOME FBI CHANTED BY PEACEFUL PROTESTERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65Q…
The Refuge was renamed “the Harney County Resource Center”. It became a constitutional school and office to work from. The buildings were cleaned, the artifacts that were horrifically stored in rat feces and urine filled boxes were cleaned around as Lavoy Finicum put out a request for the Paiute Tribal leaders to send out representatives to assess them and take control of them. Transparency was given each day through news releases as the team welcomed all to still come to the refuge and volunteer or just visit. No one was blocked from the site and all were shown the terrible conditions that the site was in prior to their coming.
LAVOY ASKS PIEUTE TRIBE TO COMMUNICATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOs…
PIEUTE TRIBAL LEADER, 40 MILLION WAYS TO TELL A TALE FOR THE FEDS: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-…
LAVOY TALKS ABOUT UPCOMING MEETING IN JOHN DAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHj…
As we continued to watch the work being done out at the Resource Center people were reaching out with testimony. Witnesses contacted the Lady of the team with information on things that were not so secret to the town, such as a sheriff with a nickname that mirrors Monica Lewinski fame. It was told that if one were to be stopped by this sheriff you could “get off” by doing certain deeds he demanded, or you would be ticketed and possibly jailed in lieu of performing. Ole Sheriff BJ is just one of many lewd stories we have been given. Then there are the stories of dark secrets, involving the jail, drug seizures that lead to more drugs on the street of Harney and mysterious deaths in Harney that also surround sheriff deputies. Stories that left us with questions more than answers. It was shaping up to be a cross story of “The Stepford Wives” meet “The Dark Shadows”.
We have to ask what is hiding in those dark caverns of Harney County that is causing such a show of force and intimidation to be sent into the town of Harney? Why is it an Appointed Governor and an Appointed Sheriff take the lead of a local man, Steve Grasty? The information that we began to find led to this story about the Malheur Cave and just what was really hidden in that “Pandora’s box”.

As the cartoon like behavior continued so did the correlation to how ridiculous the accusations of Grasty were.
WARD AND G(N)RASTY WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE?: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rene…

After LaVoys assassination Briels was also removed from Search and Rescue
The days began to find the FBI doing a rattling of their sabers, as Finicum stated in his last interview before his assassination. He spoke of how they were no longer friendly or receptive to communication, that their tone had changed. The FBI had their fingers on triggers rather than a smile on their faces. This was a concern of the Constitutional Posse and it was known that Lavoy was actually leaving to go home and the team was leaving Harney County to go to a neighboring County. The team was asked to participate in a meeting in John Day and on January 26, 2016 the team set out to give a presentation. As over 300 people waiting in John Day for the presentation, the team was ambushed and Lavoy Finicum was murdered, the team would not deliver the presentation that evening.
THEY ARE RATTLING THE SABERS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kma…
As the news spread that Finicum was dead, others in the convoy were shot and all alive were taken into custody we watched in horror as the stories put out by the Feds unfolded. We heard conflicting information and later would find that the eyewitness testimony of one man was manipulated to give a narrative supporting the agents who fired the fateful rounds, but two other eyewitness accounts were given that gave us reason to call Lavoys death an assassination.

DENNIS MICHAEL INTERVIEWS SHAWNA COX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mfv…
VICTORIA SHARP GIVES HER EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGk…
SHAWNA COX’s CELLPHONE FOOTAGE AND FBI FOOTAGE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBY…
The conflicting information surrounded the possible arrest warrants too. What was found was that no arrest warrants had been issued prior to the ambush on Highway 395. The facts also show that officers involved had belief that there were arrest warrants outstanding as they participated in this staged set up to murder. Undercover agents were used to set up scenarios and build a case that was anything but honest. The indictment read as further folly with what appears to be backdating of documents and the use of “possible” crimes being the foundation for the entire mess. None of the possible crimes mentioned occured and the assassination was executed off of opinions of agents who were trained to “get the narrative the feds needed”.
Lavoy’s body lay cold in the snow as his friends were taken into custody and as people still at the Resource Center heard the news a new story began to unfold. A story of more arrests and what appears now to be another staged event to give the feds the ability to stack on more charges. We have followed the facts and the story of the final four gives us the belief that the final four were used to the benefit of the FBI narrative. It is our belief that the final four were victims of FBI manipulation and they assisted in creating more of a mess for the feds to blame on the whistle blowers:
FINAL FOUR USED BY THE FBI: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rene…
The court hearings have continued since the arrests on January 26 and 27. These hearings have been attended by many people who love and support all the political prisoners. The witnesses tell of abuses of law, of judges opining and lawyering from the bench and charges that are so outlandish that a movie script would have to be the place they were written for. The pattern of arrests, piling on of charges and intimidation, hiding information of possible other arrests are well known tactics throughout history of Federally involved prosecutions.
On another fateful night, following the funeral of Lavoy Finicum, Cliven Bundy himself was arrested. Cliven asked to meet with a few of us to discuss what was going on with the final four and the arrest of his sons. We listened as we heard what we believed was a man set up to believe the narrative the FBI had laid out. Many of us attempted to sway him from going to Portland, but he believed it was his calling to go.

Funeral Badge handed out in memory of Lavoy at his funeral. The building was packed with approximately 4 thousand people paying their respect.
On Cliven Bundy’s way to Portland Oregon to visit his sons in jail he was taken into custody. As he landed in Portland he was surrounded by agents, handcuffed and arrested. His charges stemmed from Nevada and the Bunkerville 2014 standoff. The Bunkerville standoff of which his cattle were forced to be released from tyrannical BLM agents. We believe this entire journey from the Hammonds resentencing to the arrest of Mr. Bundy in Portland was orchestrated in order to have retaliation for Bunkerville and show the American people that the BLM and Federal Agencies were going to do as they darn well please and if you try to stop the tyranny you will be arrested. This show of force and usurpation is evidence of an out of control Federal Government and proves the very reason Ammon and his team went to Harney County in the first place, to blow the Whistle on tyranny.
The day after the arrest of Cliven Bundy the final four miraculously decided to give themselves up, turn themselves in and the event was shown to the world as it unfolded. Convenient, we say, “too convenient”.
The Federal Government is working overtime to throw the book at the political prisoners. We have seen evidence that we believe proves a conspiracy and a Lynch Mob mentality being played out by the federal government aka: Foreign Corporation for profit. The political prisoners are not getting due process and we see that the (un)justice system is showing the world why it is time for a systematic colonoscopy of the American judicial system.
SHHHHH WE CANNOT HAVE THE TRUTH GET OUT: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rene…
BODYGUARDS HIRED FOR WARD AND OSP OFFICERS: https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-…
Some of the charges leveled at the whistle blowers include damage done at the Refuge. We know that the damage was not done by Ammon or his team. The damage was done following the assassination of Lavoy Finicum. We have been given first hand testimony and pictures about the day before the assassination and the condition of the refuge that day. David Cain and Cathy Giebel we appreciate your words and the pictures provided.
David Cain:
Our Trip to burns OR and out to the refuge, was short, delayed by bad weather and a long drive we arrived on the 24 of January checked into a motel, (the only one with vacancy’s) and proceeded to look around the town, and then dinner with a local friend. We encountered large numbers of “Law enforcement” heavily armed and unwilling to clarify what agency they worked for which is bothersome on many counts. The next day traveling out to the refuge was uneventful, no road blocks or evidence of a standoff of any kind, on arriving we parked by the gate at the road and talked with the young men “Standing” watch and then were offered a complete tour of the BLM facility, this included most every building and the stories of the cleanup that the protesters had done upon arrival, this was evidenced by the large pile of trash bags and the very clean and tidy appearance of the entire grounds and buildings, we saw no evidence of vandalism or unsanitary conditions, and sensed the occupiers felt pride in their work to clean up and repair and maintain the facility better than when they found it.
Cathy Geibel:
I was drawn to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, not only from curiosity, but by forces I believe to be of God, to witness an event unfolding that would be pivotal to our country and We The People. What I found when I got there was a peaceful occupation by people who truly believed in the Constitution and Freedom. People willing to make a stand and call out the Federal Government for it’s corruption and overreaching policies. Never once did I feel afraid while visiting the refuge, never once was a gun drawn nor was I challenged as I walked alone around the “public property” which was extremely clean, respected and from what we were shown, cleaner than when they first set foot there. Any reports to the contrary are bald faced lies The occupation by the Feds of Burns though, well, let it suffice to say there were guns drawn and I WAS afraid.

Cathy Giebel and Ryan Bundy January 25, 2016, refuge clean and tidy


January 25, 2016 Clean and Tidy


January 25, 2016 Clean and Tidy


January 25, 2016, office clean and tidy, no broken computers on the ground and no trash strewed, no damages.


January 25, 2016 Grounds are clean and tidy


January 25. 2016 road into the refuge is clean and tidy. see the little bit of snow still on the ground? significant to truth. Where is the John Deere tractor used to dig holes by the final four? or was it them who dug them? The equipment at the refuge was CAT not John Deere? It takes experience to operate the heavy equipment. hmmmm

Yesterday, March 24, 2016, we were given a story about Pete Santilli, a man of the press and political prisoner. He has put a demand for evidence in the case. What does the Federal Government have to hide? Are they so messy that they have left too many lies open to scrutiny?
FBI TERRIFIED AS BUNDY AND OREGON PROTESTORS FIRE BACK: http://eaglerising.com/31724/fbi-te…
TRUTH IS KRYPTONITE TO THE FEDS! Ask yourself…”why would the Federal Agencies be frightened of the truth getting out unless they have too much to hide?” This is where we say THINK THINK THINK THINK and do NOT listen to the theater the Feds are putting out but listen to your gut, your commonsense (if you are one who possesses it we applaud you!). The soliciting of lies the Federal Government sells is just to crazy for anyone with any commonsense to believe. THINK and let’s make America safe for us to live in again. We have our Veterans and American Patriots at the top of their list as domestic terrorists, THAT’s A FACT JACK! how many of your loved ones served in the military? Did you? The FACT is if you are a veteran and decide that something is not right in your life be prepared to be ATTACKED by the Federal Agency parading as your government, they are now your enemy folks and that is so unbelievable! The Cowboy is a veteran and the Lady was married to a couple. (that is another story for another time, lol, 3rd time the charm? hmmmm…digressing) No matter how you seek to wrap your head around the facts we come to one conclusion, “if they are not for you they are against you”…WAKE UP AND WATCH YOUR SIX America because we see the Feds are now afraid even more, the truth is their Kryptonite!

The Federal Agents continue to use tactics that abuse American men and women, “why?”. We believe they want the people to have a blood bath.
The Federal Agencies are taunting, arresting, harassing and killing American Patriots at an alarming rate. We believe that the staged events and plants within the events are there to create a narrative that allows for UN Military and Martial Law to be engaged upon us. We ask all to think about your actions, use your words wisely and do not allow for yourselves to be trapped by undercover agents in saying something that can be twisted and manipulated to harm you. Exercising you First Amendment Rights should NOT land you in prison, and using your commonsense and control will lead us to the finish line of success against tyranny.
In closing for now we ask you to think, seriously consider what America will be facing if we do not clean up this mess the Federal Government has created. Foreclosures are rampant, the sheriffs and police are assisting in grand larceny of private property. The commissions paid and bonds paid out on the theft of land, homes and lives has created a tyrannical theft of America and we must stand together and listen to Ammon. Too many have lost to the abuses of a tyrannical usurpation of our nation and it is time we stop the tyranny and take back our lands. Fraud cannot stand and anything done through fraud is VOID, and that includes judges rulings, or shall we say rulings by unruly judges? What Ammon and his Constitutional Posse is doing is for all of us, if you don’t believe so that is your choice, but don’t forget it is a choice and we know that if we do not stop the tyranny all choices are no longer ours.
Freedom matters, all lives matter and our lands are our foundation of history. Please listen to Arden Bundys words as we close, thank you.
TIME HAS PASSED, STAND UP NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtX…
TR/Thom and Rene’ with special thanks for contributions by David Cain and Cathy Geibel
GENERAL GOOGLE SEARCH OF ARCHIVES: https://www.google.com/webhp?source…
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