LEARN 2 UNLEARN: A History of Lies, the Unedited Truth – An Hour With Rudy

LEARN 2 UNLEARN: A History of Lies, the Unedited Truth – An Hour With Rudy


Your Host: Luca Majno

“Don’t go do the show with the attitude of self-defense and anger, because divide and conquer is what they want … don’t feed that.”

Among the best of us, they say: “True journalists are either dead or in prison”

Rudy Dent and I had a ‘failed engine start’ the last time, due to health issues on my side ~ As we started to prepare for the show, each of us on our end, just the stress of it all, the gut-wrenching details of everything, … it was just too much, and it seemed as if I just shut down… for a few days…

And even now, I can feel the raw, … that anger, the good anger … the motivation to do this show based on so many truths, on so many points, Rudy! And you are one of those who LIVE to tell a story practically no one wants to address or even hear about… BECAUSE IT IS TOO TRAUMATIZING FOR THE MANY ~ physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, …

Nazi Germany is a great example ~ it’s too traumatizing to speak of… because everyone wants a piece of you, as you become the martyr of martyrs for telling truths… they will destroy you, your credibility, your reputation… but don’t believe me, please look no further than to George Orwell when he says it …

We are here today ~ and on the phone while speaking of doing this show together, we both agree, as it seems we do on so many other things, … we agree that:

CONNECTING THE DOTS is really vital ~ one of the crucial points of this whole show ~

And after we watch this film that I produced called “MEMORIAL LIES”, we’ll talk to Rudy Dent, and see what he has to say…

WHY did this happen? WHO did this? WHAT WAS their ultimate goal?

Let’s Start Here … Please allow us to set a precedent, something that will stay with people… Unedited truths, from the mouths of those who need for it to come out, as exactly that: UNEDITED. In under two minutes, we present to you:


LEARN 2 UNLEARN says: unlearn, then relearn ~

Basically, we are telling you to go look everywhere that they don’t want you to look.

They would rather you forget about 9/11, that you don’t put all the pieces together, that the fluoride, the glyphosate, the wifi and the nano particles of aluminum and other metals would have dumbed you down enough at this stage NOT to clue in on their crimes… every day ~ then CV19, now staged and engineered riots, paid protesters, actors, etc…

This is their ORDO AB CHAO


Even at the firefighter’s families level, there was discord and ‘divide and conquer’ ~

Rudy, you said that everyone knew one another, that you were family ~ Then we hear of ‘levels’ that were set, regarding ‘paying off’ families in order to ‘deter’ lawsuits, the courts, attracting attention to this event or investigating at a deeper level ~

credit: Christopher Bollyn www.bollyn.com

Two, in fact, a second ‘tier’ was created if the first was not successful ~ a special thanks to Christopher Bollyn for the images of his presentation you can see on Youtube, surprising it is still up, … The Savior’s Day Presentation …

See Christopher Bollyn’s site for more on this ~


They have been practicing ‘control’ especially here on Turtle Island for more than 300 years…

Control in the sense of ‘humiliation’ and ‘silencing dissent’, psy-op warfare against what would be ‘the ones to be conquered’ ~ today is no different. ~

Tears of Repentance

The humiliation, the tyranny, the silencing, oppressing, traumatizing entire populations into silence … of their own Zionist deeds ~

This video will revisit the CRIMES of Churchill, of Eisenhower … of ‘OLE ABE’ (racist against Blacks, etc.) ~ It explains in painful detail the WHYS of history; WHY it was lied about, WHY they framed Hitler, WHY it was silenced, …

In such an amazing and articulate monologue, Rudy takes us on his Vision, as he sees what has transpired… And I am just ‘facilitating’ this ‘not-so-prepared’ episode… and rightfully so! Some of the best shows have come from ZERO preparations…

Fasten your seat belt and HANG ON as Rudy and I literally FEED off of one another, in this hair-raising ‘tale’ of TRUTH… As we are finding out, it is IMPERATIVE that they stop people from speaking out about the ‘holocaust’ and its ‘inconsistencies’ (Sylvis Stolz) ~ and uncovering which has already proven to be ‘one of the greatest cover-ups in human history’…

From Eisenhower’s DEATH CAMPS, housing from 10-12 million GERMANS, to today’s ‘face masks’ and why people ‘wear’ them…


Watch this revealing presentation …


THANK YOU ALL for being an instrument in getting the TRUTH out, not simply an opinion… and THANK YOU for doing what you will with this information…

From all of the deceased… The men, women and children of ENTIRE CITIES, incinerated with most of their populations… Here is a ‘list’ of them. Food for thought. For Prayer.

“Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Essen, Dresden, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Bremen, Wuppertal, Vienna, Duisburg. Munich, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Kiel, Gelsdenkirchen, Bochum, Aachen, Wurzburg, Darmstadt, Krefeld, Munster, Munchen Gladbach, Braunschweig, Ludwishafen, Remscheid, Pforzheim, Osnabruck, Mainz, Bielefeld, Gieben, Duren, Solingen, Wilhelmshaven, Karlsruhe, Oberhausen, Heilbronn, Augsburg, Hamm, Knittelfeld, Luneburg, Cuxhaven, Kulmback, Hagen, Saarbrucken, Freiburg, Graz, Koblenz, Ulm, Bonn, Bremerhaven, Wanne-Eickel, Worms, Lubeck, Schweinfurt, Kleve, Wiener Neustadt, Wiesbaden, Paderborn, Bocholt, Hanau, Hildesheim, Emden, Siegen, Pirmasons, Hale, Bayreuth, Kreuznach, Witten, Aschaffenburg, Kaiserlautern, Gladbeck, Dorsten, Innsbruck, Neumunster, Linz, Klagenfurt, Reutlingen, Recklinghausen, Reuel, Regensburg, Homberg, Elmshorn, Wetzel, Villach, Hamelin, Konigsberg, Moers, Passau, Solbad Hall I. T, Coburg, Attnang-Puchheim, Friedrichshafen, Frankfurt-Oder, Danzig, Bozen, Chemnitz, Rostock,  Schwerte, Plauen, Rome, Bad Kreuznach, Neapel, Genoa, Mailand, Turin”.

Parting Shot …


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Your Show Host: Luca Majno is the TLB Project Media Technical Director, an investigative journalist, researcher and passionate advocate of Indigenous People (The Original People), of their ‘Turtle Island’ which is now North America. Born in Boston, Ma. and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, he has lived for the last 25 years in Canada, where his activism started, and has since lived in Tennessee and Keokuk, Iowa, where he now resides. Exposing past and present crimes of any nature is a sure way to change the course of humanity towards a brighter future.



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