Legal Reaction to Mandatory Passports [VIDEO]

ER Editor: American readers may want to consult for letters that people may send to employers, etc. regarding vaccine mandates. Here are some notes from the discussion between US lawyer Robert Barnes, working in tandem with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to fight unconstitutional medical mandates, and former UK barrister Alexander Mercouris. As the issues are complex, we recommend listening to the full video discussion.


If we don’t control our bodies, what DO we control?


  • (Mercouris) UK: it’s now over in terms of masks and lockdowns, even in shops and restaurants. You can live your life freely, but the UK has a high level of vaccination. That’s the justification. The case numbers have FALLEN since the restrictions were lifted. But it’s a conditional freedom – there is a powerful struggle within the Conservative Party right now. There are pressures within society to tighten up again. If numbers rise in the fall, restrictions would apply again no doubt.
  • In terms of the legal position, it’s all a swamp. None of the regulations had a solid legal basis.
  • Vaccine passports and mandates: UK govt says they won’t happen but nobody believes them. There are lots of restrictions against travel abroad. I don’t know what the legal basis of these vaccine passports could be. Even during lockdowns last year, the police weren’t sure of the legal basis. Was it done through orders in council or delegated legislation? It’s not sure.
  • What about vaccine exemptions? These are common, and with face masks, too. There was simply no way to enforce the rules. We’re in a grey area of these being non-enforceable. However, people comply because they assume this is law, and people are mostly law-abiding. But people don’t know how strong their legal position is. And the higher courts have not given guidance on this so far in the UK.
  • (Christoforou) In the US, are they going the company/corporate route – enforcing vaccines through govt and private employers? (Barnes) At the beginning of 20th century, it was the US eugenics movement that said that the state could control the individual for the sake of the public good and public health, which spread across UK and Europe. Hitler took it to its logical conclusion. Hitler even cited US Supreme Court decisions as a precedent for these practices (forced sterilization and forced vaccination). These old morally horrendous court decisions are coming back. The Buckley Bell decision was cited by the University of Indiana recently (ER: the judge in this case has RULED AGAINST the students – see this RT report, US Supreme Court declines to block Indiana University’s vaccine mandate, preserving key precedent for compulsory Covid-19 jabs); the Department of Defense is apparently going to force military personnel to take the vaccine, even every federal employee. Now vaccine mandate segregation is being talked about. The eugenics movement historically targeted the poor, migrants and minorities. And today these are the groups being targeted by these vaccine mandates. This all looks co-ordinated: now major corporations are announcing vaccine mandates – Disney, Walmart, Tyson Foods, etc. So the question is, are there religious or medical exemptions to this? Some states are refusing these such as NY and CA. Tyson Foods won’t honor their employees’ religious beliefs. So they’re dictating to people what are acceptable religious ideas. Barnes is getting 100’s of requests from people across the country, especially from those who’ve had Covid or have religious or philosophical beliefs, those concerned about the medical risks and those who simply don’t trust the government, who’ve seen their decisions flip-flop over the past months.
  • But after the eugenics era from 1900 to 1945, leading to the Nuremberg Code of 1947 establishing informed consent recognized worldwide, US courts have acknowledged that principle. It even extends to life-saving medical decisions, to the right to refuse it. But we’re not now in the arena of trying to reverse all this, pretending these legal decisions and principles don’t exist. The US Justice Dept. under Biden has taken away the right to consent, as long as people are informed.
  • (Mercouris) This is horrifying. What is strange is that we have all these demands on people, to accept treatments that they don’t want, etc. – WHAT LEGAL BASIS does the federal government, states and companies have to do these things? Does it come from some sort of law or regulation? In the UK, we have the NHS, which has extensive, delegated legal powers because it is a national health service and is a creature of statute. But in the US, there is nothing like that, so on what basis are Americans NOT being protected by its famous Constitution? Even in the UK it’s not understandable. Why are they going down this path?
  • (Barnes) It’s two-fold. First, to restore power in govt by the families with concentrated wealth over ordinary individuals that was seen in the eugenics era. Gates is restoring the legal power of govt and corporations to have ultimate power over medical treatments, quarantine and who can reproduce. Instead of the excuse being racial, it’s now medical. They’re also trying to declare emergency exceptions as the Nazis did, which is how they seized power around the Weimar constitution, which contained these exceptions. That’s the legal basis – adding these emergency exceptions. The idea of checks and balances in govt has totally broken down. Our courts have run and hid. They’re scared of state power under emergency situations. The other concern is that this is a professional class prejudice – of those with university degrees who believe they should govern the world. Judges, doctors, lawyers, etc. are all part of this. They’ve been some of the most prejudiced, panicky people on the planet. Both on the left and right at some elite level, the prejudice is that they believe they are superior. It’s a type of eugenics thinking. Even union leaders can be from the professional classes these days. Professional class people unite communists and fascists, who believe they should be in charge.
  • (Mercouris) It’s a corrupted elitism. It’s order without law! It’s an extinction of western political tradition that’s evolved since the 18th century. Traditionally, the king could never go beyond the law. It’s a fundamental concept. But this is what we’re looking at across the board. There MUST be constraints on what governments can do in order to live in a law-governed, constitutional state. It’s astonishing that it’s been able to happen without a discussion! At least let’s have a debate in Parliament about it. But this hasn’t happened. It can’t just be done by decree, which then becomes binding upon everybody. That is what a commissar does, not a constitutionally-guided government minister.
  • (Barnes) This is the tort of battery against people. Invading people’s bodies with treatments is the crime of battery. And in the US, if anybody in the vaccine chain screws up, you have no legal redress against them. People are in an impossible position now where they must sacrifice their jobs or basic freedom of movement if they don’t take an experimental treatment which may go dramatically wrong. There’s even talk of denying people unemployment insurance or health insurance if they’re unemployed or ill. It’s shocking that it’s all been done for a mild disease and for an unknown, dangerous vaccine. So it’s not about the disease – it’s about corporate and state power. If they can get this power in these circumstances, they can declare a health emergency at any time and do the same thing all over again.
  • (Mercouris) Why aren’t people protesting against it? Why are the political parties silent? (Barnes) There’s the mystery of calling something a ‘vaccine’. Eugenics was popular in the professional class in America. You only have to look at Gates’ family. And they’ve done an excellent PR campaign on vaccines over 40 years. You can criticize a drug but never a ‘vaccine’. Even law firms are forcing their lawyers to get the vaccine. Even for pregnant women or people who want to have children later on. Law schools are enforcing this on their students! The elite has been controlled at so many levels. Second, this is also the collusion of Big Tech, Big Media and Big Govt. Many on the left have heard ZERO in terms of critical content about the disease or vaccines or CDC. Why? Because social media have censored it. It’s a huge propaganda machine, especially in the Covid-19 context. Which is why people don’t know what’s going on. Plus, they’re attacking people from so many angles at once – school boards, employers, etc. They’re negating the possibility of public resistance. There is legal pushback still, from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s been doing this for years, yet he’s being censored and smeared for being concerned about children! In DC, Kennedy has had to sue because children were going to be vaccinated against parental consent. It looks more like soviet Russia than constitutional America.
  • (Barnes) The legal fight is going to be monumental. The CDC has even said they’re going to be everybody’s landlord in America. Obviously this is illegal, but it hasn’t been stopped so far. This is how weak the courts are, who won’t contest state power. Even judges are going along with all this. Even a federal judge supported a cruise ship’s right to ask for medical papers. So the lawsuits will be coming. States need to have evidence of major harms from a disease to be able to enforce vaccines, and they don’t have it. We’re getting so many harms from this in the civil rights arena. We’ll be suing under many Acts. It’s going to be an all-out legal war, perhaps the biggest in our history. The only question is where courts will stand since they seem to support the status quo.
  • (Mercouris) What’s being done here is anti-law, to abolish law. This should have a resounding impact around the world. Some key decisions have already been made in individual EU courts. But a decision taken by the Supreme Court of the US could shake the world.
  • (Barnes) we’re back to Nuremberg 1947. And it’s up to the US Supreme Court.
  • (Christoforou) Perhaps the main battle is in the US. In some EU countries there is zero fight despite the pushback in France and Greece. A lot of people seem to have accepted it in many places without understanding what the consequences of this are.
  • Russia and China functions in an entirely different legal space. But in the West, it is indisputably the case that the US system is where the influence will be made. The unique system of govt and its Constitution is where the power and influence is held for the US. It’s not a mere public health question: it’s a philosophical, legal, constitutional issue – a question about what kind of society we live in. Are we governed by law and informed consent? or do we live in a completely different society where government rules by decree? That is the fundamental divide.
  • (Barnes) Public protest still matters, as we see happening in France and Italy, Brazil and in other places. Some leaders have refused the vaccine mandate around the world. But public health authorities have been thoroughly compromised because of Gates’ crushing influence, supported by Soros.
  • (Mercouris) Judges need to remember they’re there to serve the LAW, to uphold it, and if they don’t, they are not judges.
  • (Christoforou) It’s still shocking how people like Gates led us to this place.
  • (Barnes) Public health policy has been led by Gates over the last couple of years at least. We’ve gone down this road before and it failed, with rushed vaccines and drugs. So we’re back here again – due to Gates. The historical parallel is the Rockefeller family, so it’s not a surprise Gates and the Rockefellers have been working together since 2009. If we don’t control our bodies, what DO WE CONTROL? And where does it go next? Gates’ quantum tattooes and digital identification via chips with remote control.



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