Linderman Unleashed: Lies, Lies & More Lies – Welcome to the NWO

Linderman Unleashed 10/30/15 EP 24

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By TLB Staff & Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

Lies, Lies and More Lies … Welcome to the NWO

Has your state passed a mercury free vaccine law? Do you think the battle is won on that particular front? Think again.

The state health departments are using the “little exemptions” written into the laws to continue to poison the American people (particularly pregnant women and young children). Learn more on today’s program.

By tuning in you’ll also learn about the nefarious ways that the California government is lying to its citizens with regards to vaccines and in the process, possibly violating not only our rights, but RICO laws.

Are you against Geo Engineering? Do you have any idea what it is? Today we’ll take you further down the rabbit hole and explain why we can no longer allow this to go on and explain why it may already be too late.

We’ll also be discussing 9-11, the rise in the global police state and more.

Join me at 7 PM EST Friday evening (or anytime thereafter for the full program)


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