Lou Dobbs – The Liberal Media, Wrong and Pretending They Were Right

Lou Dobbs – The Liberal Media, Wrong and Pretending They Were Right

by Rick Wells

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “The mainstream liberal  media, which got the election so wrong, laying its bias bare for all to see, its outright complicity with the left for all to see. In fact, the mainstream liberal media got it so wrong that Newsweek did this.” Dobbs points out how Newsweek ran and distributed to its outlets covers showing Hillary Clinton as the winner.

He recalls the official finger pointing story, clearly a liberal run operation, saying,  “The magazine’s production partner shipped only the Clinton issue last week, believing she would win,” to the tune of 125,000 copies distributed and subsequently pulled from the shelves.

The New York Times is defending their belligerence throughout the campaign and the fact that they got everything wrong in a manner consistent with the rest of the wholly owned liberal propagandists. Dobbs says, “The New York Times today defended their election coverage in a letter to their readers, a dwindling group, and it was an appeal for readership.”

He names two of their unimportant captains of the sinking ship, quoting their pathetic excuse for getting it as wrong as they did for as long as they did and being as viciously in the tank for the establishment as they were. Dobbs says, choking back the laughter, “We reported on both candidates fairly during the presidential campaign.” Of course, if they really believed that or if it were true, they wouldn’t need to proclaim it in their defense. They’re lying to save what’s left of their reputation and circulation.

Dobbs continued, “‘You can rely on the NY Times to bring the same fairness, the same level of scrutiny, the same independence to our coverage of the new president and his team.’ That should scare you to death,” he adds. “Most reasonable readers would find that statement, ‘more of the same’ to be frightening and not a reason to continue their subscription.”

Mr. Dobbs wonders if the two are “sending subtle assurances to their most ideologically-committed left-wing readers, whether their words are some sort of dog whistle or left-wing media code promising Times readers they will continue their campaign of torture and gutting of the truth.”

He closes saying, “The left-wing media has thoroughly embarrassed itself throughout this campaign, this election. Not only biased but complicit with the Democrats and the left. And while they may recover some day from their embarrassment, I doubt soon they’ll recover their credibility with many readers.”

“No matter what, I assure you,” says Dobbs, “we will be watching them and their like very carefully. Because I believe what they’re practicing now is disinformation and propaganda. And we’ll report as well, of course, when they occasionally commit jodisinformationurnalism. Because then that will truly be news.”


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