Oops – DACA and DAPA Illegals Trusted Obama – Gave DHS Their Info, Confession

Oops – DACA and DAPA Illegals Trusted Obama – Gave DHS Their Info, Confession

by Rick Wells

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There is at least one silver lining to the dark cloud on America that was the Obama regime although we can be certain that, since it serves to uphold American law and undoes the criminal actions of his regime, it was not intentional.

Two of his pseudo amnesties for illegal aliens in the US, DACA, (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans), like most of his dictates, were never enacted by Congress and they are not protected under any law. In fact, they are a direct affront to and violation of existing immigration laws. A simple declaration that we’re returning to a legal government and it’s time to roundup the herd would be enough.

That’s where the silver lining comes in. Once President-elect Trump takes the reins of government, we can expect that those two programs will come to an immediate end, making the illegal aliens who signed up for them prime targets for deportation. The election is over and they were a useful tool for manipulating a victory in the short term. Now that Clinton and the Democrats have lost, they’re of little value to them, just as they are of no value to our nation.

The illegals themselves made the reality of their deportation much more likely when they trusted Obama. As part of the process for receiving the temporary protections under each program, applicants provided their identities, home addresses and admitted that they were in the United States illegally. Now they do not need to be located or identified, as is typically the case with illegals in the shadows. ICE agents are able to simply go to an address and collect the individuals.

Some 1.4 million illegals are estimated to be targets under the programs. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency which issued the illegal permits, reports a total of 1,443,762 individuals are signed up. One million are from Mexico and another 119,788 are from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Over half, 607,000, live in either California or Texas, where rent is about to get a lot cheaper and better paying jobs much easier to find.


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