Man Tells Police ‘I Can’t Breathe’, Tells Cops They Are Killing Him, Dies In Police Custody

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Article by S. Wooten  MARCH 6, 2015


The words “I can’t breathe” became part of the national conversation on police brutality after a New York Police Officer choked and killed Eric Garner over what amounted to a cigarette tax of pennies. But now another victim of extrajudicial police killings has used those same words… right before officers killed him in police custody.

Calvon Reid died in police custody in Cocunut Creek, Florida, last Wednesday. He explained to officers that he just wanted to be left alone. But officers said this was not an option for him. They threatened him, cursed at him, and finally attacked him.

He explained that he couldn’t breathe. But that cry fell on deaf ears. Officers tasered him and he eventually died in police custody. Since then, the Coconut Creek Police Department has been trying to cover up the killing. Now the community is demanding answers.

CBS Miami reports that Reid’s death followed an encounter with the Coconut Creek police. The police are now being accused of a cover-up as they have claimed that the details surrounding the death of Reid are “confidential” and that the public and press have no right to access this information.

Just days ago the CCPD was even citing federal laws on confidentiality and health care to suggest that they could not even confirm that Reid had died. They were, of course, pulling this completely out of their nether regions.

John Arendale and Bonnie Eshleman were eye-witnesses to the killing. They both work for the Broward County school system and are trusted members of the community. They witnessed the incident Sunday, February 22nd, and provide us with some of the most detailed accounts.

They say they aren’t certain what caused the incident, but one of their neighbors inside the Wynmoor Village complex said that Reid had approached had come up to one of the residents and asked for them to take him to the hospital. Reid was hurt, but it was unclear why or how the injury had been caused.

The resident at the condominium complex called 911 for the paramedics. When they arrived, five officers showed up and confronted Reid, who they described as “belligerent.”

Reid apparently had a long list of minor marijuana offenses, and did not want to talk to the police. Arendale and Eshleman were awakened by the noise of the dispute.

Arendale said he heard officers yell “don’t move or I’ll break your f*cking arm.”

Eshleman added that one officer beat Reid in the head with a metal baton once he was already on the ground. She claims that Reid never fought back for a second.

After being on the ground, he was handcuffed and complained that he couldn’t breathe. Moments later, officers rolled him onto his back and discovered that he was dead… Maybe he couldn’t breathe.

Paramedics on the scene confirmed that he was dead by the time officers rolled him over. When he said “I can’t breathe,” he was literally begging for his life. Even though this man had committed no crime, the Coconut Creek Police killed him. Help us spread the word. This needs should be headline news across the country.

(Article by S. Wooten)

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  1. I’m not buying the majority of these cop abuse stories. Like the Michael Brown, or the cop shooting the kid with toy gun, or the one this past week with a poor video of Larry Mo and Curly and their billy clubs thown down on cue then another shooting another homeless person that just looked fake as the cops never shout a single order let alone say anything. Just like Sandy Hoax was the false flag that started a slew of fake school shootings that now vanished from the news after the mid-terms, suddenly these fake cop abuse stories started coming out when Obama announced this plan to federalize police (as if that would prevent police abuse of power). Sheeple need to look closely and investigate these alleged crimes and who made these videos because we NEVER hear one word from the person that supposedly videotaped the homeless person shooting, to Michael Brown video or even the CHarlie Hebdo hoax videos! Wouldn’t the media die to get that interview!?! Then, they always seem to move around all over the place and upside down, so as to not show the full view of what is really going on just like the 2 cops being shot in New York. Those 2 cops who were so staged a fake, that they couldn’t even keep the suspect’s clothes straight let alone do CPR correctly as the same EMT’s work on both cops and the shooter blocks away (allegedly). We are being played like idiots! We can’t allow or trust the media, who won’t vett all candidates, who will coverup for the liars when their little Ebola hoax story shows men with hazmat suits on an apron but a guy with a tie and clipboard walking next to the ebola suit people walking as though nothing is wrong. People need to stop believing the un-believably stupid news, and question the un-believably stupid videos that show no blood like that Las Vegas couple in the Wal-Mart playing like they shoot each other on CCTV (at least that’s what the cops play-by-play tried to claim) before stopping the video of them allegedly dying (without a gun wound, gun powder smoke, or recoil of a gun going off, let alone a reflex of a body from being shot! Get real, and get smart! Call the police and ask them why you didn’t see smoke from the cops fake gun, or blood from the fake homeless man that he shot! It was dumber than the Uzi Girl video! Again, another partial and poorly shot video, key character of a hoax media propaganda story, showing some girl who is shoot an air-soft gun and the sounds of a real uzi going off not matching the dirt where the bullets hit.

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