Mark Levin – Where’s Mueller’s Case, What’s The Slander Of The Day Against Trump? [Video]

Mark Levin – Where’s Mueller’s Case, What’s The Slander Of The Day Against Trump?

by Rick Wells

Mark Levin has had it with the political organization that calls itself the media and the corrupt FBI and DOJ.

Mark Levin says that watching the mob media do what they’re doing to President Trump is repulsive. He recaps a bit, saying, “Last week we were told the President was mentally unstable. For months before that we’re told he’s colluding with the Russians. Today we’re told he’s a racist.”

He asks, “What happened to that author, Michael Wolff? Three days ago he was the ‘in’ thing. Now he’s gone. What happened to all of the allegations about sexual misconduct? Now that’s all gone.”

Levin says, “Now we’re on to something new because a known liar, Dick Durbin, leaves a confidential meeting and other Senators. He’s relied on by the media because they want to rely on him, just like they wanted to rely on that author.”

He notes that the mainstream media is ignoring the biggest scandal of our time, the politicization of the highest levels of the FBI and the Justice Department. The holdovers from the prior administration. It’s not a question if Jim Comey leaked, the question is how much did he leak. It’s not a question if he leaked classified information, the question is how much classified information.”   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

Levin points out that the special counsel was appointed to investigate collusion. He says, “He’s investigating everything but collusion. A special counsel does not exist to investigate financial crimes, whether some guy registered as a [foreign] agent or so forth, he’s to investigate collusion.”

Levin asks, “Where’s your case, Mr. Prosecutor? What’s it been, six months, eight months? Give us your collusion case.” Levin moves on to the dossier, saying, “This isn’t a dossier. This is thirty-five pages of crap that was put together by this Fusion GPS. He details the actual collusion between the Clinton camp, Fusion GPS, Steele and Russia.

Levin is certain that the FBI used the dossier to get their FISA warrant, saying, “You know how I know? Why won’t the FBI Director or why won’t anyone at the Department of Justice, when they’re asked, say, ‘No, it wasn’t used.’? That does not reveal classified information.”


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