Mask Mandates: Taking Charge of Your Freedom via Knowledge & Action

Mask Mandates: Taking Charge of your Freedom Via Knowledge & Action

By TLB Contributor: Allie French

We are seeing mandates sweeping across the Nation at an unprecedented pace and Public officials with zero interest in listening to their constituents.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t stand up in front of their faces and tell them what is coming if they continue to infringe upon our rights and make criminals of true American patriots.

On August 11th, we provided them with over 50 peer reviewed studies showing not only the ineffectiveness of masks but also the dangers and questions that arise with their use. None of this was taken into account when the time came to make a decision. Nothing more than a record in the meeting.

Their experts provided a meme to show how two SYMPTOMATIC hairstylists spread covid to their clients – no one is arguing the spread by SICK people. Another provided anecdotal evidence.

Our council members were in favor of a mask mandate because of this “science”, because Omaha had been declared the last of the top 100 cities to not have a mask mandate (apparently we’d run off a cliff if the other large cities all were doing so) and in the “red zone” for cases by the CDC (which disappeared two days after the mandate passed) and after receiving emails from the largest companies in the area (you know, the country club buddies). No actual science, no sound studies to prove the effectiveness or safety of the mass masking of healthy individuals.

More vaccine science… we only acknowledge the “benefits” and ignore the very real risks.

We’re expected to simply believe because they have a fancy title and wear nice clothes. We prayed that they might listen to us and heed our words. Ultimately however, we knew walking into that meeting that their votes were already decided.

Many brave patriots stood before the council and shared legitimate studies, the raw data and numbers for the area as well as personal testimony. A compelling argument to anyone not programmed into ignorance.

When it came time for me to stand up in front of those council members I placed my nerves in God’s hands and let his strength flow through my words.

Colossians 2:8 ESVS: See to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ.


Mask Mandate is Unlawful



“The only authority under which this council has grounds to implement any mandate is during a threat of an epidemic. We do not have sufficient proof of such a threat.

Even if there was, you still do not hold unlimited powers to infringe upon inalienable rights – such as to breath fresh air, speak freely and participate in public.

We are not under threat of epidemic, we are under a government trying to replicate the threat of an epidemic through mass testing that has already been deemed irrelevant by the CDC.

There is no proof of a threat of epidemic aside from this irrelevant data to justify the use of this legal grounds to implement a mask mandate.

At this point in time if this council were to vote an emergency mask mandate you would be overstepping your limit of legal standing. This mandate is not feasibly enforceable – there are no guidelines for proper wear or effective material and certainly no one to enforce such a thing. This mandate is still NOT a law and any individual that does not agree for medical reasons, religious beliefs or should it go against their creed is exempt from the requirements.

These people are protected under the Omaha Charter Code 1980, § 13-84; Ord. No. 39262, § 2, 3-13-12 which requires the accommodation for individuals and protects them from discrimination in a place of public accommodation as defined under Code 1980, §13-83.

No matter how others feel about this, we do not mandate healthy people or the general public over the fears of others. If there are people that scared of the public they must find alternative routes, not strip the rights of their neighbor. It is the governments job to protect our rights, not govern our health or everyday lives.

I know you underestimate us. I know you think we are the weak minority. You couldn’t be more wrong. We are mothers, fathers and true Americans. We are informed. We know our rights and we will take this to the top. We will bring this before the Supreme Court and you each will be subject to Civil Suit for squandering our rights as protected in the US Constitution, NE Constitution and the Omaha Charter.

Our numbers grow everyday. Everyday the citizens of this city are growing more tired and less submissive to the agenda this council is pushing. If this threat were as emergent as you claim, people, including all of us, wouldn’t need convincing! Why do you feel the need to convince perfectly healthy people that they’re asymptomatic carriers if the pandemic is real? Real pandemics don’t need faked infection numbers, fraudulent tests, faked death certificates and 24 hour news propaganda. People aren’t keeling over in their homes. People who choose not to wear a mask are not becoming sick or dying.”

Allie French


More about Allie:

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