Media Ignoring Project Veritas’ ‘Bombshell’ Story Reveals Big Pharma’s Grip on America

Media Ignoring Project Veritas’ ‘Bombshell’ Story Reveals Big Pharma’s Grip on America

It’s No wonder Corporate Media wanted to block Musk from acquiring Twitter.


After Project Veritas’ ‘bombshell’ video that exposed a director of research and development discussing the intentional mutation of viruses to sell more ‘vaccines,’ the corporate media did more than black out the story. Big Tech actually censored it, as Google and Youtube did with Project Veritas’ video.

The disturbing video nonetheless went viral on Elon Musk’s Twitter, which is proving to be indispensable for independent, critical reporting in the United States. The video racked up over 20 million views and prompted Pfizer to issue a weak, legalistic non-denial denial about the video. No wonder the corporate media wanted to block Musk from acquiring Twitter.

Tucker Carlson, per usual, provided original and insightful analysis on an under-covered story that should be causing Americans to question everything they thought they knew about the country.

Carlson devoted a substantial amount of time to Big Pharma’s bizarre grip on America. It sheds light on the dangerous corporatist capture of the U.S. government and the media’s collusion to thwart legitimate investigative journalism into the powerful elites who believe they are entitled to run America. Watch:

“How powerful exactly are the big pharmaceutical companies in this country?” Tucker asks. “Well, that’s a big question. There are a lot of ways to measure it, but here are a few ways you can measure it. In this country, Big Pharma can advertise its drugs directly to consumers and that’s a little strange if you think about it, since consumers don’t prescribe drugs, doctors do. So, why are the drugs being advertised directly to consumers?”

“That’s allowed in only one other country on the planet, but it’s allowed here,” he continued. “So, it may not surprise you that in this country, drug companies spend more on lobbying the Congress than any other industry, a lot more than any other industry and they don’t do it by accident. They do it because it pays off. In a deal like this, a pretty remarkable deal, the drug companies have worked out with politicians. So, the government uses your tax dollars to buy billions worth of their products and then in some cases forces you to use those products.”

“Sometimes those products work, sometimes they don’t work,” he added. “In some cases, those products can injure you, but no matter what happens, there’s nothing you can do about it because politicians have given these companies complete immunity. If their products hurt or kill you, you can’t sue them. You’re not even really allowed to complain about it. That’s an incredible deal. Imagine if your company had struck a deal like that with Congress. You’d probably be a lot richer than you are.”

“So that’s power, but it pales in comparison to what we’re seeing right now,” Tucker went on. “If you really want to understand how powerful Big Pharma is, consider the news that did not break today. The pro-transparency news organization Project Veritas just released an undercover video of a Pfizer executive bragging on camera about how his company conducts a kind of Frankenstein science, manipulating COVID viruses for profit, imperiling potentially the entire world, doing it in secret, possibly in violation of federal law, bragging about this. So, no matter what your politics are, doesn’t matter who you voted for, that’s a huge story and you would think every reporter in this country would be itching to follow up on it, calling Pfizer, telling the public about it, but no, that’s not happening.”

“In the 24 hours since Project Veritas posted this footage, it has been viewed more than 12 million times on Twitter,” he noted (now it is over 20 million views). “So, the public is very interested. Why wouldn’t they be? But the media are not. No other media outlet has covered the story at all. We checked. MSNBC and CNN, which perhaps not coincidentally, take huge amounts of advertising dollars from Pfizer, those two channels have devoted a total of zero seconds to the story. Well, just go online and find out about it. Well, Google, the biggest search engine in the world, which has a monopoly on search in this country, appears to have gone out of its way to make it much more difficult for users to learn anything about the Pfizer executive pictured in the footage and so there is, in other words, on television and in most places online, a near-total media blackout of this story.”

“How powerful is Big Pharma?” he asked rhetorically. “That powerful, but we have the footage and we’re going to show some of it to you tonight because we think we should. Now, that footage shows a Pfizer executive called Jordon Trishton Walker. He is, according to the documents Project Veritas posted, Pfizer’s ‘director of research and development for strategic operations and mRNA scientific planning.’ It’s a big job. Walker is very highly educated and as we said, he’s a high-ranking executive at Pfizer. In fact, he’s just two reports removed from the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla. His name is Jordon Walker, once again.”

“Pfizer’s thinking about mutating COVID?” Tucker asked after showing the video. We’re not going to say that to the public. We’re quoting: ‘One of the things we’re exploring is why don’t we just mutate it ourselves so we can preemptively develop new vaccines.’ Now, what does that sound like? That sound familiar?”

“Well, it sounds a lot like the gain-of-function research you read about, the research that was occurring at the Wuhan lab just before COVID broke out of the lab and overturned the world and wrecked the U.S. economy,” he noted. “That was the research that Tony Fauci lied about under oath. As The Intercept has reported: ‘Scientists working under a 2014 NIH grant to the EcoHealth Alliance to study bat coronaviruses combine the genetic material from a parent coronavirus known as WIV1 with other viruses.’ Seven virologists told The Intercept that the research ‘appears to meet NIH’s criteria for gain-of-function research’.”

“In other words, it’s exactly what it sounds like it is,” he added. “So that also sounds like what Jordon Walker just described. So, is Pfizer working on that right now? Well, in the clip you just saw, the Pfizer executive is careful to say it’s not happening right now, but it is something that Pfizer is secretly considering, not telling the public, but in another undercover video also shot by Project Veritas, Walker suggests that research to mutate viruses is ongoing. They just don’t dare call it gain-of-function.”

Big Pharma’s grip on America is truly bizarre. It is quickly becoming “the enemy within.” And if the U.S. government doesn’t get control of Big Pharmaceutical corporations, it will find itself a mere subsidy of a vast and dangerous enterprise to commit crimes against humanity.


(TLB) published this article from Becker News as compiled and written by Kyle Becker

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  1. Kyle Becker thank you for your coverage of the Tucker/Veritas news and for including transcript. I threw away my tv so all I get comes by phone. Stand strong!

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