Media Mock Conspiracy Theories because They Participate in Them [VIDEOS]

By Joe Scudder

While they mock conspiracy theories to campaign against Donald Trump, the record shows that they collaborate with them.

We all know that mainstream “journalists” mock conspiracy theories because we have seen it done over reports of Hillary’s health problems and other issues involved in the Presidential race. Like “fact checking,” mocking stories as conspiracy theories is a corruption of journalism. When they mock conspiracy theories they are refusing to investigate them and justifying their decision on the basis of a conclusion that they have never confirmed.

So let’s look at a bit of history.

Ron Unz, publisher of the American Conservative, recently posed a hypothetical question:

Suppose, I would say, that I happened to be out walking one pleasant afternoon in Palo Alto, and suddenly heard a gigantic explosion in the general direction of Mountain View, soon followed by a huge pillar of smoke rising towards the sky. Being busy with my own work, I might have no time to bother investigating and merely wondered what surprising story the front pages of my morning newspapers would reveal as the cause behind those dramatic events. But when I eagerly opened those papers the following day, mention of the explosion was nowhere to be found, either on Page One or anywhere else, even in my own local San Jose Mercury News. So unless I somehow persuaded myself that I had simply imagined the whole thing, I would henceforth stop believing anything I read—or failed to read—in my once-trusted news outlets.

Sounds crazy, right?

But Unz has discovered his question isn’t all that hypothetical. The mid-air explosion of TWA flight 800 on July 17, 1996, was witnessed by many. They not only saw the explosion but they saw a missile hit it.

Large numbers of local witnesses were immediately interviewed by the swarm of federal agents, with 278 of them reporting that they saw a streak of light, much like a missile, shoot up into the sky in the direction of the aircraft just before the huge explosion. Employees at the local FAA radar installation immediately reported to the government that they had seen what appeared to be a missile closing with the airliner just before it exploded, and other installations produced similar radar records. When tests were eventually performed on the plane wreckage, traces of explosive chemicals were found, exactly the sort used in the warhead of a missile, as well as some reddish-orange chemical residue that a laboratory later identified as likely missile exhaust propellant. An enormous effort was made to locate every possible piece of the wreckage, and for many of these, the contours of the damage indicated an initial explosion external to the plane. Almost immediately after the disaster, a bidding war allegedly broke out between the national television networks for an amateur home-video showing a missile striking and destroying TWA 800, with the tape eventually being sold for more than $50,000 and briefly broadcast on the MSNBC cable news channel before reportedly being seized as evidence by FBI agents. In addition, a local resident provided a still photo taken at the time showing what seemed to be a missile rising toward the aircraft.

And what did the government conclude with the full collaboration of the mainstream media?

It didn’t happen.

Armed with a biased, self-serving government report, the media insisted that the plane accidentally blew up on its own. They put out animations as if they were evidence.

Seeing is believing, right?

The simulation showed the jetliner spontaneously exploding in mid-air, with no external cause, and just to further clarify matters, the CIA animators also inserted an explanatory message in large text: “There Was No Missile.” The New York Times, and nearly all our other mainstream media repeatedly echoed this same simple conclusion in all their stories and headlines.

The vast majority of our sheep-like population absorbed the simple media message “No Missile” and went back to watching their football games and celebrity music videos, being greatly relieved to know that well-maintained 747 jumbo jets flown by leading national airlines can occasionally explode in mid-air without any external cause.

It was all a lie. This story of spontaneously exploding jumbo jets has been discredited by both conservatives and liberals.

Also whistleblowers came forward.

The terrorism possibility is further disinformation. It was certainly a Navy missile that destroyed the plane. Presumably, it was an accident, but I would like to see an investigation of who was on the plane and if any had enemies.

So think about this when you hear pundits mock conspiracy theories. And think about this when you hear them talk about the alleged “integrity” of FBI Director James Comey. They did the same thing back in the nineties.

And think about who was President then.

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About the author Joe Scudder

Joe Scudder is the “nom de plume” (or “nom de guerre”) of a fifty-ish-year-old writer and stroke survivor. He lives in St Louis with his wife and still-at-home children. He has been a freelance writer and occasional political activist since the early nineties. He describes his politics as Tolkienesque.


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