Medical Kidnapping in Missouri: 25 Year Old Daughter Forced onto Drugs and Committed to Mental Facility

Chasity and her mother Donna
Chasity and her mother Donna during happier days. Image source: Free Chasity Facebook Page.

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A mother in Missouri has reached out to Health Impact News for help in getting the story of her 25 year old daughter told to the public. Donna Hitt from Columbia, Missouri tells Health Impact News that her autistic daughter, Chasity, started functioning at a high level after she weaned her off of psych drugs, and started feeding her an organic diet. Chasity had reportedly been confined to a hospital and heavily sedated, sleeping about 20 hours a day. After bringing her home, weaning her off of her drugs, and changing her diet, Donna reports that Chasity started functioning at a high level. She reportedly started contributing to household chores, attending church, and even applied for a job.

However, a social worker assigned to their case suggested that Donna should seek legal guardianship of Chasity, since Chasity is an adult. Donna says she followed this advice, and after the State of Missouri allegedly conducted a mental health evaluation of Chasity, they took over her custody against her will, and the will of her daughter. She is now confined to a mental facility, back on the same drugs she had previously suffered from, and is again sleeping away most of her days. Donna says she has not been able to talk to her daughter since October of 2014.

Here is her story.

Facing Adversity from an Early Age

At the age of 4 Chasity was diagnosed with PDD which is a form of Autism.  Learn more about PDD here:

An IEP was created for her through school to help assist her since she learned a little slower.  Through the years her mother Donna was Chasity’s coach.  Chasity also had scoliosis and her mom had Chasity take part in massage therapy, therapeutic horseback riding, physical therapy and swimming.

Mother’s Love and Dedication Help Her Overcome the Odds

Doctors recommended Chasity be on medication to help with risk of seizures, and since Donna believed the doctors, Chasity stayed on several medications through the years.

Chasity continued to thrive with all the different therapies Donna was helping her do.  The school determined they could no longer say that Chasity had PDD.  In fact, Chasity graduated from school with honors.

A Bright Future Begins to Grow Dim

After graduation, Donna noticed that Chasity seemed to be reacting to her medicine.  Donna says she asked the neurologist to please take her off the medication, but he allegedly refused.  As Chasity’s condition deteriorated, her mother watched in horror.  Chasity became violent, and then lost all cognitive ability.

That year Donna brought her daughter to the hospital ER sixty times begging for help.  Time after time nothing was found.  Chasity wouldn’t stop screaming.  Donna knew her daughter was in pain.  Donna continued to pray for help. Then she heard in her mind, “Have her stomach checked.”

Searching for Answers to Stop the Pain

After many times at the hospital, hearing them say there was nothing they could do, Donna turned the car around after leaving the hospital one day.  The hospital insisted Chasity had lost her mind, but Donna says she demanded that they check her stomach.

Donna says it was then they discovered that all through her throat and stomach were ulcers.  There was reportedly food in her stomach even after she had not eaten for 12 days.  Chasity’s bowels were full.  It was evident her system was shutting down.

Condition Worsens while in Medical Care

More testing allegedly showed Chasity’s stomach was only functioning at 50%.  Donna explained to the doctors that she knew her daughter had an infection.  She explained to them that every time Chasity had an infection when she was little, she would lose her ability to communicate.  That is exactly what she believed was happening now. Donna was convinced all along that she was right.

Mother’s Faith Keeps Her Strong in the Midst of Turmoil

Donna thought now maybe Chasity would get some help.  Sadly, she was mistaken.

Chasity was heavily medicated.  She had no control of her bladder, she could not hold a fork or shower by herself.  Her throwing up and constant screaming continued.  Chasity’s hair started falling out.

Donna realized that the only thing the doctors were doing was medicating her daughter.  Anytime she wasn’t medicated to the point of unconsciousness, Chasity would scream.  It was so bad that even Donna had to put on headphones and listen to her teachings from God to keep her calm.

Before Donna knew it, there was an investigation on her saying Donna had Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.  They were investigating Donna because she was giving her daughter Tylenol 2 every 4 hours to help with the pain.  The investigation was reportedly quickly closed when they found no evidence to keep the case open.  It became obvious to Donna that there was no hope for her daughter in the hospital.

Patient’s Hypersensitivity to Medicines Ignored by Hospital Staff

After 2 months of living in the hospital, she left to drive her other daughter to school. When she returned, she knew something else was wrong with Chasity.  After Donna had left the hospital, they reportedly gave Haldol to Chasity, and it dropped her blood pressure to 40/60.  Donna says she had asked them not to give her a whole dose, knowing her daughter is hypersensitive to certain medicines.

Donna was shocked by what she saw when she returned. She yelled for the nurses, and when the nurses saw Chasity, they came running with heart monitors. An oxygen mask was also put on her daughter.

Daughter’s Brush with Death Compels Mother to Continue Search for a Cure

Donna knew she had to get Chasity out of that hospital.  Donna believed that her daughter’s body would eventually give out and that she would die there.  She made the decision to have her released from the hospital.  Donna says she was scared, and felt very alone. But staying focused on Chasity’s survival, she immersed herself in research.

Chasity in the hospital
Chasity in the hospital. Image source: Free Chasity Facebook Page.

Processed Foods Eliminated and Replaced with Organic Foods

Donna began to research food, and that’s when she realized how hypersensitive her daughter was to processed food.  If it was processed foods and things like gluten that would make Chasity’s condition worse, Donna made the decision to not only be her caregiver, but also her lifesaver. Who knew Chasity better than herself, she reasoned. Who was better to be by her daughter’s side and listen to what she knew she needed?

Donna pressed on by changing Chasity’s diet.  She started Chasity on supplements which included vitamin D, multivitamins, probiotics and iron.  Organic produce and meat were part of her daily diet.

The Battle to Save her Daughter’s Life Cost Her Retirement

Donna was not only battling to help her daughter, but they were living in a hotel during this time.  Donna left her job to take care of her daughter and had to start over.  She took out her retirement and got a beautiful hotel room for them to stay in where there was a kitchen and room for her daughter to heal.

Donna realized she needed some assistance so she could run errands and get to the store to pick up the foods that were healing her daughter.  The State of Missouri granted her an aide that would come in and give Donna some relief to get a few things done.

A Miracle – Just in Time

Three weeks went by and then a miracle occurred. Donna heard nothing, there was silence.  She realized that the nonstop screaming from Chasity was no more.  Chasity had stopped mumbling to herself, and had started talking.  She picked up her Bible and memorized a chapter.  She listened to her music.

Tears of joy rolled down Donna’s cheeks.  Donna said,

“Chasity, what happened, where did you go?”  Chasity looked at her mother and said, “I was confused mom. I was hurting and my stomach was sick.”

Rebuilding their Lives – Chasity Starts Functioning at a High Level

Chasity’s life was turned around according to her mother.  She continued to improve every day.  She started asking her mom if she could vacuum the house.  Chasity started going back to church, and they went out in public.  Donna’s sister was amazed by how much Chasity was talking, and the daily improvement was astounding.

Chasity Cooking and Enjoying Fresh Organic Food
Chasity Cooking and Enjoying Fresh Organic Food. Image source: Free Chasity Facebook Page.

Chasity started cooking and enjoyed the fresh organic foods.  As Donna stated, “My daughter was healed with God’s healing properties in organic food. It’s living food!”

Social Worker Gives Advice

Donna bought a beautiful home. They moved in and said goodbye to the hotel that had been their stepping stone on this journey.  The caseworker came in and was very pleased with Chasity and what had happened.  She even remarked on their beautiful home that they just bought.

Chasity was functioning like a healthy young adult.  Their home was complete and Donna thanked God for the miracles that had occurred.

Chasity had a job interview and was excited about it and discussed this with the case worker.  The case worker was shocked to see Chasity getting a job and standing before her in wellness.  She asked Donna to get guardianship for Chasity.  Donna at the time thought that it would be a good thing, and her daughter was doing so well there was no reason to believe that anything else could go wrong.

State of Missouri Kidnaps Chasity

The day came where Donna went to get guardianship for her daughter and the caseworker came forward asking for a 30 day mental health evaluation on her daughter. Donna was against it, but realized she had no choice.

They never even asked Chasity or Donna to take the stand that day.  The decision was made for her to have the health evaluation, based on previous hospital stays and not on Chasity’s current health.  Even though Chasity sat in that court room, she was allegedly never allowed to give her opinion.  “Chasity was medical, not mental,” Donna stated.

The State of Missouri took custody of Chasity and told Donna she could visit once a week.

A Helpless Mother Cut Off From Her Daughter

Chasity would call and say, “Mom, they won’t let me out of my room.”  Donna found out they were disciplining Chasity and her behavior, instead of looking at what they were feeding her and the medications she was being given.  All Donna could do was listen helplessly.

They began to tell Donna she was hovering over her daughter and her visits were unhealthy.  Donna has spent over $60,000 in fees to fight for her daughter.

Forced Back to Drugs Against Their Will

They put Chasity back on the very medicines that were causing all her health issues.  Chasity became unresponsive and slept for 20 hours a day.

Donna says it best:

“My daughter is one of these cases where conventional medicine didn’t help and the properties of healing foods did.”

After 6 months of Donna’s research and change of diet, Chasity had weaned herself off all her medications.  Her body had thrived on nutrition. But now they had put her back on the same drugs.

Drugged to Sleep Her Life Away in State-run Mental FacilityChasity is now 25 years old and sits in a state run mental facility.  Donna sits outside many days and looks at her daughter’s window.  The shades are always drawn and her daughter never sees sunlight.  Every time she calls she is told her daughter is sleeping.  The last time she spoke with Chasity was October of 2014.

Unnecessary Surgery Performed

Donna was called to come visit her daughter one day and was told they needed to do surgery on Chasity.  Donna had repeatedly asked for a hospital bed for Chasity like the one she had at home. Donna knew it would be better for her scoliosis, but instead she had a foam wedge that she lay on.

There was no chair in her room, and no movement out of the bed on a daily basis. The doctors stated that the surgery was needed.

Donna, being Chasity’s forever advocate, tried to fight in court.  She petitioned the judge, but he stated the paper work was not filled out correctly.  They decided to insert 2 metal rods in her back.  Donna was not allowed to see her after that.

Faith in Jesus Continues to Give Mother Strength

The last time Donna spoke to her daughter was after that surgery.  Donna said, “Chasity, I am so sorry. They wouldn’t let me come see you.”  There was silence and Chasity replied, “Mom, I saw heaven.”  Donna cried and said, “You did?”  Chasity described the four angels she saw and described Jesus.  Donna knew it was God’s way of helping them continue.

That was the last time she heard her daughter’s voice.  Not a day goes by where Donna doesn’t think about Chasity.

Donna wonders how her daughter could have been taken for a 30 day evaluation and never come home. She wonders why Chasity was put back on the very medicines that were making her so sick, even after everyone saw how she turned around.  Chasity had been enjoying her life, her new home and was looking forward to her future.

Urgent Help is Still Needed

It is a miracle Chasity’s body hasn’t given out now and she is still hanging on.  Unfortunately, time is of the essence with Chasity, and every day could be her last.

Donna has a lawyer that has agreed to take the case.  Donna wants her daughter’s rights to stop being violated.  Chasity thrived in her own home, and now she reportedly sleeps 17 hours daily on medications and injections.  Her daughter loved to go to church, but now even her pastor is allegedly not allowed to visit her.

Donna misses her daughter with her every waking moment.

“They will not support her health through her diet which has been documented that helped her thrive, to bring her back to a normal life.”

How You Can Help

Donna pleas for help with passion.  If you would like to help Donna and her daughter Chasity, here is their Facebook page:


Chasity is located in Columbia, Missouri.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon

216 State Capitol

Po Box 720

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Fax: (573) 751-1495

Phone: (573) 751-1495 11/00

Email: [email protected]


Her State Representative is Chuck Basye

MO House of Representatives
201 West Capitol Avenue
Room 201-G
Jefferson City MO 65101
Legislative Assistant: Heather McKnelly
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 573-751-1501
E-Mail: [email protected]

Her State Senator is Kurt Schaefer

Capitol Office:
  201 W Capitol Ave., Rm. 416
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-3931
FAX: (573) 751-4320
Email Senator Schaefer


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