The Ultimate Tyranny Against “We The People”: The Corporate Takeover Of America

Alarm clock is screaming

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

I went looking for an interesting story to provide our readers and what I found was a video that contains a vast majority of what TLB rails against. From the usurpation of our rights to the invalidation of the Constitution. I also constantly rail about our failures as the true governing force in this (supposed) Republic which have allowed so much of this evil to go unchecked.

This is the true history of the corporate takeover of America never taught in our schools, or chronicled in any of our scholastic history books. It has been purposely hidden from you and me only to be realized if we have the foresight and initiative to seek it out …

WHY? When you watch this video it will become readily apparent.

Please read the authors preface and watch this very informative video … It is time well spent and backed up by serious documentation (link below the video). If you walked into this article half blind, you will leave with 20/20 vision as to the true tyranny perpetrated on We The People and indeed our complicity in what America has become. The alarm clock is screaming TIME TO WAKE UP !!!





This presentation will explain some of the issues the American People face in this country today and why. It will show a clear path of destruction of your rights over the last 150 years. This is not everything that is wrong, but it will get you looking at the real facts we are facing.

The reason I did this video is I wanted to show the people the proof of what has happened and it will show you the right places to start looking so you can educate yourself. One thing I promise you is this, if you go in search of what has taken us to where we are today you will find an amazing story that goes back thousands of years.

The other thing I want to tell you is this and though it may be hard for people to understand it’s not Washington D.C.’s fault. The people have failed to take responsibility for themselves and their government, so when you fail to take responsibility for your actions someone else will and you will not like how that ends up.

Here is were you will find the Documents in this presentation.…

See original video here:


Roger 1About the Author: Roger Landry is the founder of The Liberty Beacon project, a global organization consisting of multiple websites, contributors from many countries and a radio network. The mission of TLB is the eradication of programmed ignorance and the push back against anything that harms humanity. Roger spent over 30 years of his life traveling the globe either in or working for the military, including almost 20 years working for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts … So since his awakening less than 4 years ago, he approaches most topics with a unique perspective and in-site most activists are not privy to.

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