Mel K Talks to Benjamin Fulford [VIDEO]

ER Editor: We really do recommend keeping eyes on Benjamin Fulford’s blog. As he says, “if I find the story on the internet, somebody beat me to it”. Much of what he’s said for the last 2 years has been proven to be correct, according to Mel K. Fulford also has longstanding intelligence service connections globally. His weekly updates give a frame of reference for the extremely bizarre, seemingly disconnected events happening around us.


Mel K kicks off the discussion by mentioning Henry Kravis of the KKR investment group and Bilderberg/NATO fame. For more on Kravis, readers may be interested in this piece by Thierry Meyssan from early 2019 titled Who does Emmanuel Macron owe for all this?


Here are some points discussed. The notes are mostly of Fulford’s remarks, but we recommend listening to Mel’s interjections and information.

  • Mel: Henry Kravis of KKR stepped down this week. Fulford is connected to this topic. Fulford found that all positive Covid test results were coming from companies owned by KKR. And those in hospitals were owned by KKR. (ER: We are assuming this is in Japan where Fulford lives and works.) Fulford discovered this and dug down into the topic, presenting his evidence to the government, plus patent evidence from 2016 from Robert Rothschild. Which started a forensic investigation. Now, the Japanese govt has changed its stance toward Covid. Fulford: it all goes back to WEF and the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.
  • A Swiss study showed that 90% of world’s transnational companies are run by 700 people. Above the 700 is the Octagon Group, and many are hiding out in Switzerland.
  • Fulford has also taken action against forced mask mandates. He said way back that the virus had never been isolated, a point which many then followed.
  • Now in the US is much like the time after the Soviet Union collapsed, where systemic breakdown meant poor people were selling their antiques on the streets just to be able to eat. But within a year, Russian living standards went up quickly once the oligarchs could no longer loot the place. We’re seeing shortages in the US right now, created by the elites. (Reminder: the US republic went bankrupt in 1871, and got taken over by a corporation headquartered in Washington DC, which isn’t part of the US. Now it’s gone bankrupt.) So now they’re creating shortages and inflation to squeeze money out of the masses. Walmart is now setting up ATMs for people to buy bitcoin, for example, but you can’t SELL this bitcoin. So they’re squeezing people for their actual money. It’s a war situation right now. It’s hard to give dates, but a lot is happening behind the scenes right now.
  • What about the UN? Fulford: In 2009, there was the Chiasso (ER: in Switzerland) incident. 2 Japanese men were detained at the Italian/Swiss border with 134 billion dollars worth of bonds, which were taken away by the CIA and given to Italian banker, Daniel Del Bosco, who tried to cash the bonds with the US Senate Finance Committee and then the Chinese CCP. Bank Ki Moon (UN) paid him a lot to go away. So this incident goes back to the UN and to Switzerland based on a forensic investigation. The CCP is below the people in Switzerland. The UN calls itself a ‘world’ organization but its 5 permanent members of the Security Council are western, with China as a junior member. Everything tends to go back to the big European families. At the end of WWI with the treaty of Versailles, Germany had to pay out a lot of gold they didn’t have, so they borrowed it from Asian royals. Most of the world’s gold had gone to Asia over history in payment for spices, etc. Some came back to the west with WWI and after. Long story short, the elites’ fiat currency today is not backed by anything real so they are now bankrupt. It’s not the ‘world’, it’s the same global families Fulford calls the Khazarian mafia. They practice Satanism. They’re neither Jewish nor anything else in particular.
  • The southern US border: who is controlling this situation? Fulford: It’s out of control! It’s the drug mafia, traced to the Bush branch of the CIA (historically created by the German secret police – the Gestapo, and the American OSS). The Gestapo side has been traced back to running the drug cartels. Probably it’s them ultimately behind this. There has just been the biggest bust of a drug lord last week since Escobar, which is a big attack against those running the mess at the southern border.
  • Alec Baldwin shooting incident – it’s very bizarre. He’s connected to the cabal and Jeffrey Epstein. Fulford: it’s strange because we know that live ammo is never present on a movie set. He was in the movie ‘Hunt for Red October’ shot in Murmansk; the lady who got shot comes from there and her husband is a lawyer for the Clintons/Epstein. Film shooting was done 30 miles away from the Epstein ranch. It’s all weird. Mel: the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is upcoming. Fulford: it’s definitely a take-down of the Satanists, which was announced, but we have to wait and see. So much has been promised. We had the White House in red in 2018; we have Red October and the movie title. We have to wait and see and be careful. But clearly the story isn’t what we’re being told.
  • Julian Assange: Fulford understands that he was killed. After being at the Ecuadorean embassy, he was apparently poisoned. Friends of Fulford who went to the court trials never actually saw him. Is it all a psyop right now using CGI, a story that pops up when it needs to?
  • Solutions: What would a better model be for international relations right now? Fulford went to Japan way back because of its impressive economic model. It was a model pioneered by Nazi Germany originally . When the Nazis took power, everybody could own a car, got health insurance, had paid holidays, &etc. Their economic planning was popular (disregarding all the unpleasant side of their time in power). So Japan copied it post-war. It’s a hybrid of central planning and capitalism. The govt consults with its business people and comes up with a plan. The work is done by the private sector. Japan’s model eventually got dismantled within the country by assassination of its leaders in both government and the business sector, who were replaced by a bunch of non-Japanese oligarchs, leading to the mess it’s been in since. So Fulford was promoting this business model for the west, which China has been copying successfully. If we don’t rectify our economic management systems in the west, we’ll be slaves of China. A world future planning agency should take over the functioning parts of the BiS, IMF, World Bank, etc. run transparently, using the best of these models. It’s a kind of meritocracy which functions with real-time democracy. Re. the UN, we do need a world structure, so we could have a group of around 7 for issues that regard the whole planet, for problems that are too large for one country to deal with. (He names the 7 geographic regions.) A group of around 6/7-9 has been shown to be a good size for a group where democratic decisions have to be made. This type of model is being fought against by the senior families in the world who are working against humanity. Such as Vittorio Emmanuel of Italy and Carl von Hapsburg. Forensically, these people have been identified. Allegedly, the Dutch royals have been executed (Mel heard this, too). A lot of royals have been replaced. So there seems to be a more benevolent group of royals who are ready to carry out changes with senior families in the East. But the people who have been controlling the system aren’t going quietly into the night: there is a war on. It’s not a conventional war, but it involves money, assassinations, propaganda and exotic weapons, like EM weapons attacking La Palma with its possibility for provoking a tsunami, for example.
  • La Palma: an island in the Canary Islands’ archipelago. There is a crack in the middle of the island, where one side could break off and cause a tsunami. This crack has been very active volcanically; this side could become very heavy and break off. According to intelligence sources, the nefarious activity to induce more volcanic has been coming from HAARP in Norway. But countermeasures are being taken and the situation has stabilized. But Americans in the line of tsunami fire on the east coast should be prepared to go places above 100 metres just in case.
  • The Rothschilds have been liquidating their assets for over 3 years and are being taken down. So the BiS/Octagon group – where are they? Fulford: Schwab is either dead or a hunted man according to his information. These people want to become immortal gods where we become their servants. That’s what’s behind transhumanism. They’re afraid of dying. There’s evidence they can use vaccines to change human DNA – through CRISPR technology. Pinpoint changes can be made to human DNA. The Russians showed Fulford an experiment, for example, where rats had their brains changed as to how much dopamine in the brain could be produced, making them happy come what may. The Rockefellers had graphene injected into mice where the mice could be controlled through eletromagnetic radiation. The Japanese found graphene in over 3 million doses of vaccine. And vaccinated people are able to activate bluetooth. So this vaccination campaign has been a last desperate attempt to enslave humanity by turning them into becoming sheep forever where the nefarious elites become supermen.
  • Epstein: Fulford – he’s not dead. He’s been an agent for the good guys, acting as a sleeper agent according to his CIA and Mossad sources. He’s provided so much dirt on the elites that has led to removal of many of them. They have 10,000 hours of blackmail on the elites according to Mel’s connections. Fulford: the last Oscar party had no-one there. Have they been removed? Mel: They do seem to re-appear when needed. Fulford: they can create deep fakes easily. Mel: Hollywood is a ghost town. Her sources say the Hollywood system is broke in all senses.
  • 5G connection to Covid: Fulford talked about this link early on, which has been confirmed by Mel’s sources. Fulford: a manufacturer of mobile phones told Fulford personally that 5G is very dangerous – like a microwave on low power but operating 24/hours per day. Wuhan had installed 10,000 5G towers, one every 100 metres. They fired it up and hooked it up to satellites, then people started dropping like flies. His sources from CIA east Asia estimated that more than a million people died. A pandemic means that people outside this zone would get sick, but this didn’t happen. In Japan, 5G was going to be started, so Fulford called someone in the govt – they decided to do an experiment first, which took place on the Diamond Princess ship, and people started to die. So they stopped it. EMF radiation can create symptoms that look like a lung disease. So the PCR gives a false reading and they take them to hospital and apply radiation to them, which kills them. These are war crimes and the people responsible for this will go down.
  • JFK papers’ release under Biden: Fulford was told by a Pentagon source that David Ben Gurion ordered the JFK assassination on the orders of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers because JFK made a deal with the Asian elders to start a financial system that they did not control. George HW Bush was a henchman in this. The JFK papers would show this. Material was released under Trump but nobody talked about it.
  • Robert David Steele: he was taken out and his death has likely been faked. But for Fulford this hasn’t yet been confirmed. Mel: Where was the funeral for him?




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