Message to Democrats … Suicide ‘ISN’T’ an Option

Message to Dems: Suicide is Not an Option

By: Edward R. Zuckerbrod

The guy may have been your kid’s little league coach, or someone you hung out with in high school — a pal with whom you were comfortable hoisting a few beers. Or perhaps she’s a former college roommate, or a congenial business colleague, or a lawyer who represented you earlier in her career. Maybe that person, man or woman, was at one time a dependable neighbor who’d watched your kids while you attended to an emergency.

But if that familiar, trusted person is running for elected office with a (D) next to his/her name, then in the privacy of the voting booth (such as they are now) you must put your personal feelings aside and send that candidate packing. It is your duty to your family, your community, and your country to wholly and decisively reject the destruction that Democrats are inexorably pulling us towards — even the ones falsely portraying themselves as “moderates.”

November 8 may very well be the last chance to peacefully and constitutionally ward off nationwide catastrophe.

The Democrat party is suffering from a severe illness that only intense and immediate intervention can treat.  Perhaps — just perhaps — wholesale repudiation of their ideas will initiate a process that will someday return the party to a semblance of sanity and responsibility. But right now, they are in the throes of a delirium, or suffering the effects of an odd addiction; some might even go as far as to call it possession, in dire need of exorcism.

Whatever’s the proper diagnosis, any person professing loyalty to the national Democrat Party organization, that fetid alliance doing so much to make ours a divided, threatened, and — Heaven forbid — possibly moribund nation is currently unfit to exercise leadership.

Even Democrat ‘dog-catchers’ mustn’t be exempt; the housecleaning needs to be as complete and thorough as free and open elections (assuming they are) allow.

For reasons only a re-animated Sigmund Freud could begin to explain, Joe Biden and the Dems are singing a self-loathing siren song of national destruction. Even they can’t be stupid enough — and they are indeed very, very stupid — to believe that the policies they’re pursuing can lead to anything other than disaster. The last two years of the Biden Bad Dream have at least clearly illustrated a shocking truth: Progress, reform, and even that incessantly drummed phrase “social justice” are not their real goals.

Taking down the whole shebang, i.e. the demise of America as we’ve known it is what they’re after, and the people who are condemned to penury, poverty and death as a result are just necessary collateral damage in the achievement of their ends.

Whatever happens on November 8, the Democrats’ War to End Energy Independence has already determined that this will be a winter fraught with hardship and shortage. It was the economic equivalent of cutting our wrists; even the blindest of purported “leaders” could see that. Now, cold weather is demonstrating the consequences of such folly; at the time of this writing, we’re facing a diesel fuel emergency that the Biden administration seems not to even recognize, let alone address.

This can’t be simply chalked-up to mere stupidity; it must be more in the nature of deliberate self-harm.

It’s most likely too late to substantially mitigate the real suffering many of us will experience in the coming months by simply casting a vote against the Democrats. Way too much damage has already been done to fully escape it. But if the worst comes to pass — and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it might — and this is the final time we can avail ourselves of the electoral prerogatives of a free and relatively prosperous people, then at least by rejecting the promulgators of national suicide we can avoid a small measure of the condemnation future generations will justly heap upon us for allowing our indifference and poor judgment to bring this about.

If fate has judged the living generations of Americans to be too soft, spoiled and weak to uphold the traditions left to us by our stronger, abler, more committed forefathers, and that consequently everything they’ve handed down to us over these last two and a half centuries is to come crashing down around our incompetent ears, then let’s show that at least there are some of us willing to go down fighting.

Let it be an honorable death, not ignominious suicide.

At this crucial moment we can thank the Lord and our Founding Fathers that we have in our hands a very high caliber weapon bearing great power and effect: the pens we’ll use to fill out our ballots.

Don’t waste them, don’t throw up your hands in disgust and say ‘what’s the use?’ while you sit on your butt and let your country bleed out. Leave sentiment and past party allegiance aside; there are people who’ve condemned this country to death — and while it’s still possible, she must be rescued from that self-imposed sentence.

All throughout our great history, far-sighted Americans have feared that sooner or later, our republic would perish at our own hands. If we are to prevent it from happening now, the first engagement of what will ultimately be a long war for its survival comes this Tuesday!


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