Mexican Dirt Weed . . . [or, Facebook has reached “peak oil.”]

Mexican Dirt Weed

or, Facebook has reached “peak oil.”

by The Butcher Shop, a (TLB) Contributor 

I’m starting to be very selective in what I share on Facebook. First and foremost Facebook is useless for serious publishing. Next, you have to navigate the algorithms. There should be an app letting you know if you have used a trigger word. Kinda like Spellcheck only “FlakeCheck.” So if you should write the word “SnowFlake” it can let you know that SnowFlake is no longer politically correct and automatically inserts a link to the Weather Channel instead. Wait! That won’t work. Liberals champion climate change.

Are you beginning to see what we are up against? Freedom of speech, information, even ideas are no longer part of the landscape. Media manipulation is the order of the day. To make sure that only approved ideas get distributed. Only the homogenized version. When a majority of the population turns to something like Facebook, Houston, we DO have have a problem!

Facebook has reached “peak oil.” It has already started the downhill slide. It happens to all internet phenomenons. How’s that MySpace working out for you? Soon, all that will be left are Facebook addicts, and there will be a twelve step program for them.
Facebook was, and is a true addiction. You know you count likes. Don’t be in denial. You get disgusted and leave, only to return. One little post won’t hurt. Before long you have a fifty shot a day habit. Then Facebook Jail. Just like a junkie. You dry out, but you GET out, and the whole cycle begins again. Standing on the corner of Cyber and Space under an LED.

Alternative media is coming on strong. From Alex Jones to American Voice Radio, information is beginning to get out. Yes, they’re not as big as Facebook, but ask yourself; if nobody gets to see your stuff what does it matter how big Facebook is?

Facebook is one big marketing scheme. Designed to sell you to its advertisers. They don’t care what you think, only what you buy, and they treat you like Pavlov’s dogs, knowing that when the bell rings you will foam at the mouth. There is no room for what you have to say! Only room for you buy! YOU are a commodity!

But, it’s all coming to an end just like Ma Bell. Oh, it will change it’s stripes. It will say it’s more “group” friendly. It will say it is fair to all ideologies and beliefs. That is the death rattle of a day gone by. Other companies have come and gone the same way. Blackberry, Polaroid, Kodak. Ma Bell! Trot down to your local Sears for a lawn chair why don’t you?

Listening to Mark Zuckerberg last week as he expounded on how “likes” affected the pleasure centers of the brain, I began to realize that this boy has too much time on his hands, and then it hit me. His ideas worked! Just like Pavlov’s dogs. Like, foam! Bark, bark.

Facebook is like Mexican dirt weed. Alternative media is like hydro. Pharmaceutical grade! People are seeing through Facebook’s manipulations and lies. Mexican weed ain’t working no mo’! Everyone, conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat and everything in between knows this. And they know what the mainstream media is too.

But, alternative media is raising its head among the masses. It’s not perfect, but people are becoming sophisticated enough to separate the chaff from the wheat. They know the difference between dirt weed and hydro.

The Millennials will see the day when they talk about the “good old days” to their grandkids. All about how they’d take all the trouble to let a very limited number of people know that they “liked” tuna fish. And their grandkids will cock their heads like a confused puppy. Just like when I tried to explain a 45 RPM record to my grand kids! And you will see Zuckerberg there at his house, looking out at the sea repeating, “I used to have power!”


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