Mexico Killing Off Unwanted Citizens While Demanding That U.S. Take In More ‘Refugees’



Introduction by Mary Carmel (TLB)

Just when you think you have seen it all!  Mexico is killing off their homeless citizens, while demanding that the US take in more of their population. OK, …Syrians and other Middle Eastern members of Islam, have been crossing the border a little bit too easily for quite a while now. Has Obama been sending invitations again? As we know from the past, he ran ads for people to come here from Mexico and other South American countries, yes, …send your children too! Then adding insult to injury, Mexico is taking in these ‘recent’ Syrian refugees (seems they have been all along), so that they can come right across our border.




Has Obama sidestepped the American people once again? Unlike what the mainstream media will tell you, ISLAM (a political movement) has one goal, to kill you for not living according the THEIR sharia law. Know your facts Americans, read up on Political Islam, and remember that your president likes Islam more than you. He will illegally buy votes for the democratic party, through the hypocritical Mexican government if he has to (they are stricter on immigration than we are). We have had enough trouble after Mr. ‘fast and furious’ has armed drug cartel members, working together with other terrorist groups that are infiltrating South America, then Obama lets them loose among our population to rape and kill freely.




Jihad is now here in the US and it is not going away unless Americans wake up! Obama IS furious that Vladimir Putin is bombing the trained army he has spent money on over there (well…your tax dollars). While he spews his anti – American gun legislation, and lies into the camera, remember these people of Islam may very likely be armed with more than guns! Still believe in his gun control? Just the right amount of false flags and/or damage to our countryside/infrastructure from these people and you will be under martial law, and unarmed to protect yourselves. That seems to be the plan. Please share this with every liberal gun legislation fan out there. MC


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More often than not, when the subject turns to U.S. immigration policy, the debates can be really passionate.

On the one hand, Americans know and understand that our country was founded as a “nation of immigrants,” and continues to be a destination for most of the world’s “downtrodden” who are looking for a new start and better life opportunities.

On the other hand, millions of Americans also believe that our immigration policies are far too generous and lenient, even to the detriment of our own citizens. In fact, polls routinely show that more American citizens favor this point of view.

Yet under President Obama, U.S. immigration policy has been its most lax in decades, allowing millions of legal (and illegal) immigrants to remain inside the country — even as other nations clamp down on immigration into their countries while expecting, and demanding, that the United States take in more immigrants.

One of those nations is our southern neighbor, Mexico, whose government is the most hypocritical when it comes to the issue of immigration.

“Killing or exporting poverty”

Not only does Mexico have much tougher immigration laws than the U.S., but some of its political leaders actually favor killing homeless Mexicans.

As reported by Yahoo! News, Olga Gutierrez Machorro, a Mexican councilor, recently provoked outrage when she suggested that homeless Mexicans ought to be exterminated like animals, to keep them off public streets.

In making her comments, Machorro said that beggars should be jailed and then culled with lethal injection — something she said would be in their best interests.

“Yes they’re a little crazy, but they’re harmless,” she said, as quoted by Yahoo! News. “Which is why I think to myself wouldn’t it be kinder to just give them a lethal injection?”

Ironically, Machorro, a member of the city council in Tecamachalco, also leads the Vulnerable Groups Commission, a panel established to find ways to help homeless and disadvantaged Mexican citizens.

As Yahoo! News further reported:

“Her outrageous remarks, made in an interview with the local newspaper Cambio, came when she alleged the Tecamachalco government, led by Ines Lopez, lacked the necessary resources to deal with beggars who are increasing in number on the streets.

“She alleged that killing beggars was already going on unofficially, and added that the local psychiatric hospital, El Batan, often just deposited patients deemed ‘un-aggressive’ in the middle of the motorways at night, where they are killed by cars but also cause accidents that put others at risk.”

She has since walked back her comments and apologized, but she is hardly the only Mexican politician seeking to eliminate or export the country’s poor — especially to the U.S. And why not? Every year, Mexicans living and working illegally in the United States send tens of billions of dollars back to relatives in their home country, making such payments a large part of the Mexican economy.

When does it stop?

In the U.S., meanwhile, illegal immigrants receive tens of billions in taxpayer-funded benefits annually, despite the fact that federal law prohibits non-citizens from participating in federal programs. That’s why illegal immigrant women sneak into the U.S. to have children; the Fourteenth Amendment states that any person born inside the U.S. is an American citizen (and those children do qualify for taxpayer-funded benefits).

But none of this is enough for many immigrant apologists in the U.S. and in other countries, as they demand more of American citizens.

In the end, U.S. taxpayers are expected to pick up the tab for illegal immigration, and now, refugees from war-torn countries as well, as if there is no other place on earth these people could go.

America has traditionally been a beacon for the world’s poor and suffering, but at some point, its citizens should have the right to expect some relief, if only to give the country time to assimilate so many new arrivals.




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