Who was Michelle’s DNC speech writer?… Hillary?

by Ralph Ely | TLB Staff

After watching Michelle Obama pour out the Kool-Aid and serve it at the DNC Convention I had to ask who “batched” it. The “so called speech” was one we have heard over and over… ie: How the Slaves built the White House… how humbling it is to live there while you are (serving?) the American People.

Look right up front, I am not an Obama fan or a fan of Hillary or one of Trump for that matter. For those that are wound up in the 2 party system they best vote for Trump, if nothing else but to keep the U.S. from being subjected to 4 more years of the Destruction of the Constitution as fomented by Obama and his Presidential Pen. The real scary part is The United States Government Corporation would be administered by The Clinton Foundation. (Let’s keep in mind the promises made, by Hillary and Bill, to China and Russia… ie: Uranium, Precious Metals and Land rights… right on track for Agenda 2030.)

Back to Michelle at the DNC.

I ask that you now take a few minutes and watch Michelle Obama’s speech and ask these questions during that time. Why no American Flag. Why no Red, White and Blue? Why no meaningful speech content? And lastly…

Can you name One, Just One thing Hillary has done for the American People starting from AK to present day in Washington D.C. ?  (Not that she supported, not that she started… etc… something she (hands on) accomplished. Take 2 aspirin.)

Again I ask: Can you name One, Just One thing Hillary has done for the American People?


A giant “thumbs down” to the DNC stage design committee (Most likely “A Village”) for their sterilized stage setting. No Red, White and Blue. What’s the problem, did you not want to “offend” some of Barack and Hillary’s Muslim buddies? Or the thousands of Illegal Immigrants now on American soil that will find a way to vote Democrat? 

What a difference we see in this ‘still’ from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week.

Trump at RNC

Do I believe Trump is a patriot and wants to ‘Make America Great Again’? In his own way he is and wants to. Will his Puppet Masters let him carry out his grand plans? Up to a point. The fate of John F. Kennedy has to be in the mind of anyone setting in the Oval Office when radical change is considered. The Puppet Masters have total Control of Hillary. They are not so sure about Donald Trump.

The great political “play” goes on day after day, year after year and election after election… all Produced and Directed by “1% Productions” for your entertainment while they step-up their agenda for Corporate Domination and Control of your freedoms and liberty. (RE)



3 Comments on Who was Michelle’s DNC speech writer?… Hillary?

  1. The first lady is the first man. There is some extra luggage in the lobby area and real Jews don’t prey to Lucifer however real women urinate sitting down.

  2. My god, it is a complete methodology of the two sects of Jews that are fighting for control of America in this election – The Khazars and the Sephardim. Either way, it is Jews folks. Now just pick which side of the lying psychopaths you want.

  3. There is a push on to get Muslims out to vote in order to defeat Trump. I never thought I would see the day that those who wanted to secure our borders to keep murderers out would be called a racist, of course Islam isn’t a race but that doesn’t stop the Democrat party’s “Useful Idiots” who believe all their lies and the lies of the so-called news media

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