Michigan Governor Vetoes Concealed Weapons Bill

Gov. Rick Snyder, R-Mich., on Tuesday vetoed a bill that would have allowed gun owners to carry concealed weapons in schools, churches, day care centers, casinos and other public places.

In a letter to the Michigan legislature, Snyder said he was vetoing the bill because it did not give the option to ban guns if they want to do so, the Detroit Free Press reports.

“I believe that it is important that these public institutions have clear legal authority to ban weapons from their premises,” he said. “Each is entrusted with the care of a vulnerable population and should have the authority to determine whether its mission would be enhanced by the addition of concealed weapons.”

The sponsor of the legislation, Republican state Sen. Mike Green, told the Detroit News that he had refused Snyder’s request to allow public schools and municipalities to opt out because he worried adding the language could ultimately threaten a separate law that bars local gun laws from overriding state gun laws.

Read more here: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-34222_162-57559897-10391739/michigan-governor-vetoes-concealed-weapons-bill/

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