Mike Fagan, Spokane City Councilman & Regional Board of Health Member, Speaks Out About Vaccine Dangers & Mandatory Vaccinations, He is Asked to Resign: A TLB Special Show (Recorded)

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Update: Added at bottom of article 03/01/2015

Mike Fagan has a deep desire to awaken people to what is transpiring right under their very noses, stating “This is a labor of love.”

Mr. Fagan is a Spokane City Councilman, a Regional Board of Health member and also co-hosts the “Right Spokane Perspective,” with George McGrath, a longtime attendee of Spokane City Council meetings. The program focuses on local politics, but also includes national and health related issues.

Mr. Fagan is now under fire for his researched and stated anti-vaccination views and is rallying supporters who are opposed to a state bill designed to eliminate the “personal reasons” exemption for childhood vaccinations, stating to his followers and supporters, “This is a war,” Councilman Fagan has clearly stated his disdain for HB 2009. Under the proposed change to Washington’s laws, the bill would still allow for medical and religious reasons … but even in the case of these exemptions … for how much longer?

HB 2009, has passed out of committee and it could be considered for a vote by the full House in the coming weeks.

Speaking to this subject Mr. Fagan said, “Can you imagine a world where we would have to show our shot records to get on an airplane? That’s coming next!”

TLB asks you to remember back to Nazi Germany or the old USSR … “Papers Please”! But this is America, and things like this are not supposed to happen … Right ???

Mr. Fagan is facing pressure from the Spokane City Council, which wants him to relinquish his position on the Spokane Regional Board of Health over his personal anti-vaccination views.

This is just a sample of what Mr. Fagan is facing …

“I don’t think he would have been appointed to the board of health by this city council had we known that he had anti-vaccination and anti-science views on this issue,” said Ben Stuckart, the Spokane City Council President.

TLB: “Anti-science views” REALLY? That in itself sets the bar for all further comments from Mike’s detractors because Mr. Fagans views are totally based on proven science displaying the ignorance and closed mindedness of these very vocal critics of his. Their message seems to be “You think as we tell you to, or your representation is not needed or wanted” (tyranny).

Mike has stated he would not resign, and that he would remain on the board to represent families who are opposed to forced childhood vaccinations.

TLB believes this is a demographic (large and growing) that truly suffers from a LACK of representation and feels this is exactly the type of representation We The People desperately need more of … Not Less!

Mr. Fagan goes on to say, “Every time this particular subject comes up, people are talking about the tinfoil hat-wearing folks”. Mike continues “But these people have a valid concern. I have a valid concern, and these people are not represented on the Board of Health.”

TLB Question … Isn’t this supposed to be a Representative Government? The fact is many parents today are painfully aware of the proven dangers associated with Vaccines, and a lot of this is tied to the recent CDC Whistle blower MMR vaccine to autism link revelation, HPV vaccine studies, Flu shot danger etc…

Mr. Fagan, who hosts the ‘Right Spokane Perspective‘, radio show on the American Christian Network in Spokane, also opposes the Affordable Care Act (another point TLB strongly supports him on).

The Spokane City Council demanded that Fagan reconsider or clarify his remarks or resign from his position.

“In light of these comments the Council has cause to reconsider your appointment to the Spokane Regional Health District Board. While you have the absolute right to your opinion and to freedom of speech, you do not have an absolute right to represent the Council and the City with your personal views on an appointed board. The Board of Health has a responsibility to ensure the well-being of the community as a whole and use scientific data to support public policy decisions. Stating that vaccinations somehow have risks that cannot be proven, that they do not have proven benefits to the community or that vaccinations are somehow comparable to enforced sterilization is at odds with the mission of the health district you represent and not supported by scientific data.”

TLB: For anybody who has done even the most basic level of research into vaccine dangers, the above comment is so naive and inaccurate (or Big Pharma propaganda) as to be absolutely  ridiculous.

Mr. Fagan continued to post links about vaccine concerns to his FaceBook forums, and called for the public to email him with their personal stories of vaccine damage.

Mr. Fagan stated on his Facebook page, “I have seen enough damaged and dead children (little angels) in the last week tied to this vaccination debate,” His remarks have drawn increasing attention from across the country, Mike proclaims that he has chosen to be a voice for people who say they have children harmed by vaccination.

To date Spokane Councilman Fagan has refused to resign or back-peddle on his comments and recently updated his Facebook page with the following …

“Just so the question is answered, there is NO WAY that I will be resigning from the board of health. The council will have to remove me because they do not believe that democracy needs a broad spectrum of ideas and opinions to make it effective. If we were all of the same mind, we wouldn’t need a lot of things like councils, boards, and commissions.”

The Liberty Beacon project shares and supports Mr. Fagan’s views concerning the dangers of vaccines and the tyranny of forced vaccinations. Our shared views on this subject can be summed up in a quote from one of our most famous and revered founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, when he stated …

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Hasn’t the health of America dropped from the best to arguably the worst in the industrialized world in three short generations? Are we not the most GMOed and Vaccinated society on this planet over the last three generations? Did Mr. Jefferson have a crystal ball ???

All of the above facilitated TLB reaching out to Mr. Fagan resulting in the interview contained within this article.

The fact is We The People need more (not less) individuals like Mike representing us and our concerns … Not the interest and views of the corporatist entities who represent only their interests, interests which peer reviewed studies prove clearly represent a clear and present danger to the communities health.

After recording this show and guesting on Mike’s show I must say with no reservations “TLB Fully Supports Mike in every aspect of his ongoing struggle”.

UPDATE 03/01/2015

Update by : Mike Fagan

Had our regular monthly meeting of the county board of health. I was not on the agenda, and although there was noticeable tension in the air, we actually got some very minor inconsequential tings done.

A dozen folks came out in support of me and against HB 2009, they testified in open forum well. I did challenge the conventional thought when I posed a question to the county health doctor, something to the effect of; Doctor, if the CDC states on their web page that the current flu vaccine is only 23% effective then why are we as a board continuing to stand by the sidelines and be the cheerleader for this when it only works a quarter of the time? And, oh by the way, we have had 11 deaths in the county due to this years flu. His dancing around the the question showed everyone and the media in the room that I caught him by surprise. He had to come back with something to the effect of; Well, councilman there have been more studies on this and they have determined that the vaccine actually works in 1/3 of the cases ??? Either an educated idiot, or a shill for all that has been bad in this issue

… Man, what a country we live in now a days …

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