Military Suicides: More on…How Come?


By TLB contributor: Lucille Femine

Have you wondered why a government would send thousands of troops to war only to have more and more of them commit suicide? Did you know that 52 percent of these soldiers who commit suicide do not even see combat or have not even been deployed? So doesn’t that negate their reasoning that these suicides are caused by the “stress of war?”

If they are being sent to defend this country against terrorism, as they proclaim, then why kill them off with psychiatric drugs? How will they defend us if they’re dead or seriously maimed in the head?

Let’s consider the government/globalist reasoning. Well, as I’ve said before, I wouldn’t call it “reasoning,” more like a rodent’s analysis of life and how best to survive.

A major, very possibly the number one sign of insanity, is to profit from the death or destruction of others. So, how do they profit from having soldiers drop like flies and, indeed, causing it? After all, they’ve invested quite a sum training and supporting these soldiers who bravely and unselfishly go to war to defend us.

One answer is the fact that they have free reign for psychiatrists to experiment with these poor guys who must “obey orders.”  In such a state, they are forced to take damaging, incapacitating drugs at best and at worst, cause suicide and tragic loss to their families.


The fact that the larger percentage of soldiers who take these drugs are caused mental illness, depression and suicide does not seem to enter the experiments as relevant data – same as the amount of mice who die from experiments. It’s for the “good of all.” They have to shove that thought into their minds all the time or they might blow their brains out – a concept that may occur to you as a better solution for “the good of all.”

Actually, I believe the experiments done on soldiers are focused on finding out which drugs will kill the slowest. They can then be “exported” to civilians and produce the same results which of course makes lots of money for them since civilians have to pay for the killer drugs. And the slower they die, they more they will be paying.

Then the psychs make further profit when the first drug doesn’t work, (inevitable) so they have to prescribe another one – often piling a new one on top of the first one. Or a third or more.

A fringe benefit or “by-product” of causing mental illness through psychiatric drugs stems from the government’s paranoia that these well-trained soldiers will come back home and take up arms along with civilians to defend this country against the government. In other words, they would follow the constitution. After all, 80 percent of soldiers proclaimed they will NOT fire on their own countrymen.

So, if the soldier is given drugs, he is deemed, simply by the fact that he has been “treated” and prescribed psychiatric drugs, mentally ill. Therefore, he cannot own a gun. Pretty efficient, huh?

While these civilians – your fellow humans – are dying this slow, lingering death, they are also rendered stupid, dull, depressed and with less and less concern about living a happy, fulfilling life. They become little more than a body, very easy to manipulate and order about – Agenda 21 at its best, aided by a good Common Core education – where many children will get their head start into drugs.

All these deliberate and willfully caused suicides and artificial miseries fall under the banner of “chaos” of which these globalists and their minions are woefully adept – or at least very busy at.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – they are TERRIFIED of us; they are fighting long-gone wars, mistaking us for the enemies of their pasts. If you truly know that, you might even feel sorry for them. But that won’t get us anywhere; sympathy will not create the product of a free, happy planet. For their own good and, much more so, for OUR good, we need to expose them. We are making progress in that regard; let’s not quit before we reach our goal, no matter how psychotic they get or how much they dramatize all that insanity. The fact is, the more they dramatize and threaten our very existence, the more you know they are losing. See video below for a very graphic look at this situation.

Lucille Femine is a Staff Writer and The Print media Director for The Liberty Beacon project.



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