Monsanto – Solving the Worlds Biggest Problems by Eliminating Humanity From This World?

20120921025335_mais[1]PREFACE by: Roger Landry (TLB) – Monsanto’s future plans to release new “target specific” varieties of Genetically Modified Organisms (flora and bacteria) into the global biosphere without, or in spite of long term testing and peer-reviewed science verification, is akin to playing Russian Roulette using a six shot revolver with 5 chambers loaded.

Prior to the release of these probable blights on humanity, Monsanto lobbied for and now enjoys immunity from prosecution, mandated by our federal government. But if their products are as benign and safe as they constantly claim … why was this subterfuge against the American population even necessary? Monsanto is basically saying “Just trust us” and we know from past experience where that leads us!

We are already getting a glimpse of the uncontrolled proliferation of GMO crops beyond their intended boundaries with very minimal to no action by their creators to limit this, or take any responsibility for it, and we can see these violators. Scientists are already sounding the alarm bells loudly on the eminently destructive, even terminal nature of this proliferation to the global biospheres natural flora.

Now imagine the same scenario with scientifically unproven GM Bacteria so small they are totally undetectable by the human eye with an inherently uncontrollable and exponential growth rate, released into the biosphere with no means of providing a system of checks and balances. Even if a cleanup attempt where made on these organisms, how could you ever be sure you had eliminated them all … get the picture … read more …

Article By: George Billing, TLB Contributor

THIS IS BIG— All References Below. Where would I start. Maybe by a title. How about Monsanto’s hidden weapon ‘Bio-remediation’, ‘Bio-sorption’, ‘Bio-volatilization’, ‘Bio-detoxing’ or ‘Eco-detoxing’. This is a bit stranger then fiction but the science on this nightmare is full steam ahead.


This article will tie up fracking, chemtrails and novel chelating GMOs Bacterias as well as Enhanced Metalurgic resistant plants altogether reveling a full spectrum picture of Monsanto’s post GMO’s master plan.

So if I’m Monsanto and I already have developed or co-developed Genetically modified Bacteria that would suck up toxins such as Hexavalent Chromium, Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium as well as developed the gene that fortifies plants against poisonous metals but do not have enough environmental toxins in the environment to commercialize my technology, what would I do? I would create a demand for my products or partner with special interest that is already creating that demand:

1- Fracking: A study by Duke Researchers in northeast Pennsylvania found that water wells near a fracking site were 17 times more likely to exhibit methane contamination. Beyond contamination from natural gas, aquifers may also become contaminated by the residual fracking fluids that remain in the formation (estimated to be up to 20-40% of the 2-5 million gallons injected). In addition to benzene, methane, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene, these fluids when injected often contain diesel, surfactants, solvents, polymers, foaming agents, corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, environmentally toxic biocides, synthetics and other toxic chemicals.

Furthermore, – AND HERE IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING – as the fluids migrate upwards through the rock formations, they often become highly salinated and can be contaminated with carcinogens such as Arsenic, Hexavalent Chromium and Radium, along with other dangerous heavy metals, such as Lead, Selenium, Cadmium, Mercury and Antimony. Even small amounts of these wastes can contaminate an entire aquifer.

2- Chemtrail: The presence of Aluminum Oxide and Barium in the air over a part of the United States is now formally documented, in a scientifically reliable way. So now that the poisoning is underway it is only a matter of time that humanity will go begging science for a ‘solution’ that the good boys of Monsanto won’t hesitate solving. Once more a noble cause, a threat to humanity and the environment will be averted thanks to Monsanto that will be releasing untold hundreds of exotic GMO bacterias each with a specific decontamination function as they roll out even more dangerous plant species like their Aluminum resistant sorghum that will make us remissness the good old days of Roundup ready plants and BT toxin crops…

This article is a cooperation between George Billing (article and photo) and TLB (R. Landry preface and forum). This is a struggle that demands cooperation because no one individual or organization will win this war against the poisoning of humanity alone, but billions of voices united constitute an unstoppable force!


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