Mr. President … You Are In Way Over Your Head: America & the World is Watching

Judge Jeanine

Mr. President why cant you admit you are in over your head? Why cant you admit that from the disaster in Libya, the disaster in Afghanistan, and now the ISIS disaster in Iraq, you are blatantly ill equip to lead this country as its Commander in Chief.

After almost 14 years of hostility in Iraq, millions of dead innocent civilians, thousands of dead American military and the almost total destruction of what used to be considered a modern country’s infrastructure, you stand by in a stupor of indecisiveness as a gang of ultra radicalized Jihadists thugs marches across Iraq towards Baghdad leaving a swath of death and destruction, hell bent on pushing the infidels out and swearing to bring death and destruction to America.

Well I could continue to rant but I will defer to one who does it so much better than I … Please watch this video …

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