Mr. Zuckerberg Goes to Washington

Mr. Zuckerberg Goes to Washington

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

Mr. Zuckerberg Goes to Washington. (Not the same ring to it as “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” as played by James Stewart in the old B/W movie.)

And we doubt that Mark Zuckerberg’s performance will come anywhere close to that of Stewart’s. After all Mr. Smith wanted to go to Washington to make changes to a broken system, while Zuckerberg really did not want to go. He is happy with a (still) broken system. After all he is part of the 1% Elite-New World Order bunch that run around the Globe (ie: Soros, Gates and the like) breaking Government Systems and then fixing them to their specifications of “Control” with less Freedom and Liberty for you and me.

If you still think “Zuck” was just a lucky college kid that had an idea called Facebook, and that it caught the imagination of all those people that used to sit around and watch Star Trek… and caught on and took off like a prairie fire with no plan or funding… our Bridge for Sale department is always open with Bargain Basement prices. (Never mind how we got the bridges into the basement.)

It has been well detailed (official narrative) in articles about how Facebook received it’s start-up funding. It has also been detailed (un-officlal narrative) about how Zuckerberg and Facebook was co-opted by the Deep State/New World Order with funding and an operational plan. NWO errand boy Bill Gates (trying to look like your kindly aging uncle) has had numerous private and public meetings with Zuckerberg over the years to keep Zuck from jumping  the Global Reservation by getting him involved with Vaccine programs and other Depopulation agendas all disguised as philanthropy.

Facebook Funds Washington

Zuck really will not have to do much preforming, as with most hearings in D.C. the outcome is bought and paid for in advance.

Since 2007, Facebook has contributed a cumulative $381,000 to 46 of the 55 members on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which will hear from Zuckerberg.

While the average committee member received between $6,750 and $6,800, Committee Chair Greg Walden (R-OR) received $27,000, and top ranking Democrat Frank Pallone of New Jersey received $7,000 from Facebook.

Rep. Anna Eschoo (D-CA), whose district is next to Facebook headquarters and home to many Facebook employees, received the most from Facebook at $55,150 since 2007. Eschoo narrowly lost a 2014 battle with Pallone for a ranking Democrat position on the committee.

Walden and Pallone announced Zuckerberg’s appearance was to testify on “critical consumer data privacy issues.”

“This hearing will be an important opportunity to shed light on critical consumer data privacy issues and help all Americans better understand what happens to their personal information online,” Messrs. Walden and Pallone said in a  statement. “We appreciate Mr. Zuckerberg’s willingness to testify before the committee, and we look forward to him answering our questions [.]

More: A Roll Call report reveals that two Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee have nearly $100,000 invested in shares of Facebook – with Democratic Reps. Joe Kennedy of MA and Kurt Schrader of OR owning approximately $80,000 and $15,000 respectively.

Twenty-eight members listed stock in Facebook, according to Roll Call’s Wealth of Congress project. Among them, Democratic Reps. Kurt Schrader of Oregon and Joseph P. Kennedy III of Massachusetts sit on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, while Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island sits on Senate Judiciary.

Both panels, along with Senate Commerce, invited Zuckerberg to appear before them after reports that Cambridge Analytica, a British big data firm, obtained access to private information of millions of Facebook users under questionable circumstances. Cambridge Analytica reportedly incorporated the data in ad-targeting tools used by political campaigns including President Donald Trump’s winning 2016 bid.


“Congressman Kennedy’s stock holdings do not influence his work in Congress,” his office said in response to questions from Roll Call about his Facebook shares. –Roll Call

Ten Democratic members of the Committee, including Kennedy, sent a letter last Thursday to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to commend the agency on its investigation into Facebook.

More Leadership Funding

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi owns at least $500,000 shares of Facebook through her husband, while Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul reported at least $1 million in Facebook stock and around $30,000 in 2016 capital gains through his wife and child.

Pelosi’s office noted “These investments are Mr. Pelosi’s not Leader Pelosi’s. Leader Pelosi plays no role in this investment and has no stock investments of her own,” an aide said.

Want more?…

Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider has at least $200,000 in the company through his wife’s IRA, while Rhode Island Rep. Jim Langevin, a fellow Democrat, holds stock worth at least $115,000 and had capital gains of more than $5,000, according to his 2016 financial disclosure. Ohio Republican Rep. James B. Renacci also owns at least $150,000 worth of Facebook stock.

Several lawmakers with holdings in the company say they recognize that new policies on social media oversight are needed after the latest developments. –Roll Call

Several other members of Congress own Facebook as well – however one Senator, Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) wants nothing to do with Facebook, and has announced that he will be selling his shares.

According to Roll Call, here are all the members of Congress who listed Facebook holdings in their 2016 financial disclosures, along with the minimum worth of their stocks and of any capital gains or dividends.

Click Here for Zuckerberg’s prepared opener for the Committee if you are interested and have a strong stomach.

Mr. Smith, you really do need to go to Washington! (RE/TLB)



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