Is the Divide Between Fiat Value & Digital Currencies Finally Closed With the Introduction of Neo?

Is the Divide Between Fiat Value & Digital Currencies Finally Closed With the Introduction of Neo?

By TLB Project Contributing Writer: Andrew

There is a new cryptocurrency that is seeking to finally close the gap between fiat currency and digital currencies. This crypto goes by the name of Neo (NEO). The cryptocurrency has been designated as the “new Ethereum” due to its capabilities and as the “Chinese Ethereum” referring to its place of origin. A couple of partnerships have already been formed and it is possible to buy Neo from some exchanges. For a long time now, most digital investors were preoccupied with the market prices for digital currencies. Since the market has evolved, however, the focus now is on bridging the gap between fiat and digital assets.

The Potential of Neo

Neo already has a lot of achievements to ramp up its claim to fame. The cryptocurrency is listed among some of the most popular exchanges in the market. In particular, the crypto is available on Bittrex. This achievement is great for any serious alternative currency that has long sights like Neo has. In addition, the developers have ensured that this crypto is in line with modern standards and requirements. By making it a viable option for smart contract operations, the currency is definitely going for the most coveted features a cryptocurrency can have. Scalability and flexibility are some of those things associated with the main cryptocurrencies. The adoption of these features, therefore, shows how serious the Neo developer team is.

Is Neo the Cryptocurrency Everyone has Been Waiting For?

When it comes to bridging the gap between fiat values and digital currencies, there is no doubt that Neo is the prime candidate at the moment. The cryptocurrency seems to be specifically built for this purpose. Some of the unique features that the crypto has introduced into the market are:

• Ability to change fiat values into digital currencies via valid digital certificates.
• A simplified process of carrying out smart contract operations – which is appealing to the masses.
• Extremely fast processing
• A foolproof authentication and identification process

The above features among others are what makes this cryptocurrency so unique and capable.

The Partners Involved

One of the key things that have made Neo so attractive is the fact that a number of investors have thrown their weight behind the currency. Alibaba, for instance, has been a key partner that is allowing users to shop for items and pay using Neo. This is undoubtedly a massive achievement for the crypto. Recently, a new partnership has been forged between the crypto and Microsoft through the backing of China. A great milestone was definitely unleashed with the materialization of this partnership.

Neo’s Current Prospects

Looking at its market statistics, it is easy to see that Neo has great potential. The currency has seen brighter days though as it is currently trading in the red zone compared to its previous status. At one time, the currency traded at around $160 but now it is only at about $46.43. The market for cryptocurrencies is definitely shaky at the moment and the prospects of most other cryptos are also not so good. This time would be however great to invest as the prices can only go higher in the near future.


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