By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

June 30, 2016

Monsanto, is the most notorious chemikill manufacturing corporation known to man.  Their reputation for turning food into poison is rivaled only by their reputation for turning poison into food.  As the Masters at the Black Art of the science of death, Monsanto is working around the clock to infiltrate their opposition.  No one really needs para-military personnel to infiltrate and spy, unless there are other agenda’s in the shadows behind their operations.  

Monsanto teams up with Jesuit-Knight of Malta, Erik Prince, owner of Blackwater, (later known as “Xe Services” and now known as “Academi”), and Total Intelligence Solutions and Terrorism Research Center.  The Jesuits have been known as infiltrators, spies, and assassins for hundreds of years.  Terrorism Research, huh?  Well, it takes a good terrorist to catch a terrorist, that is unless you’re their victim.  Did I say “you’re the victim?”  Oops, that includes everyone.  “We” or “us” seems more appropriate.  While on this, “them,” too.  What kind of jack@$$ wants to help destroy their own planet?  The answer to that would be; Satanic-Jesuit sociopath/criminally insane meat puppet for the Zionist Banksters.  

These career-criminals like to hide behind deceptive titles like “WWF,” with cute little pandas on their logo, similarly to how the Jesuits are also known as “The Society of Jesus.”  No  one has more experience at murdering anything that moves on the Earth’s surface than the Society of Jesus.  They’re teamed up with the same neighbourhood kids who were behind murdering Jesus himself.  Those damned money changers!  “The Society Without Jesus” seems a better fit.  The Rabbis conned the Romans into earning the Murder-Death-Kill Merit Badge for whipping and hanging Jesus to death, so they could assure themselves them total immunity!  Ahhhhh, NOT!  That filthy book of “get other to do your dirty deeds without responsibility” is more like Satan’s Creed than a Bible.  They’re still carrying on today, just as they were then.  Is that where the term “Sustainable” really originated?  Long live Lucifer?  How twisted!  Long live the DEAD!  

Today, they’re still getting their Soldiers of Misfortune to do their dirty work for them.  They don’t just hire mercenaries.  They train them, too.  At least a sicko Pit Bull manager has the temerity to stand in the corner cheering his furry, fighting chainsaw as it ravages living things.  “Society,” or what pretends to be a society prosecutes the owners of the Pit Bulldog for their crimes, but do they prosecute Zionists for murdering the general population?  HA!  That’ll be the day a B.A.R. Attorney General goes after the guy who writes his own paycheck.  How much pay is just reward and compensation for a  B.A.R. Attorney General to allow the genocide that will sicken and kill his or her own kids?  I suppose they made their deal with the Devil for that, too.  

The question often arises, “Did Monsanto actually buy Blackwater?”  There are interesting arguments for both yes or no, but in reality it doesn’t necessarily matter.  Monsanto has plenty of Rothschild DEBT Instrument fiat to buy them for a day or more and as often as they wish, should they decide put on the sheep’s clothing as spies.  It’s another “Impossible Mission Force” team of stooges for hire.  They have real bad guys to chase, like animal rights activists, tree huggers, sick kids, cancer patients, white phosphorous scorched Palestinians (Muslims and Christians), spent farmers, and those awful protesters who point up at chemtrails.  

Monsanto wants to patent the problems they create and the remedies they sell, for everything under the sun, and come to think of it, they will probably be patenting sun next.  After the cover Earth with aluminum, they can patent aluminum and Earth.  They can patent dawn and dusk and the moon.  This surely seems like good humor, but the best humor is tangent to reality.  Sorry to say, but it is reality:


By:  Barbara H. Peterson

While I might assume a particular position on an issue, that position is subject to change when new or more relevant information becomes available. Remember the sorghum aluminum resistance patent that we thought was created by Monsanto to counter the effects of excess aluminum found in the soil after heavy chemtrailing? Well, it turns out that we were partially right.

Here is where we went wrong:

The patent for aluminum resistance mentioned in What in the World are They Spraying? turns out to be owned by the USDA and Brazil’s agricultural department, not Monsanto directly (although a good case can be made for Monsanto actually owning the USDA, but that’s another story) and evidently, made for acidic soil and will not be effective in an alkaline soil caused by chemtrailing. Therefore, it appears that this particular patent most likely is targeted for Africa, which seems to be a major biotech interest.

Here is where we were right:

Monsanto DOES own patents that appear to mitigate the effects of geo-engineering, that can be applied to a whole host of fruits, trees, grains and veggies. A quick patent search brings up 3,981 hits for Monsanto and Stress Tolerance. Mendel Biotechnology is partners with Monsanto in several of these patents. This is taken from one of the joint patents:

The claimed invention, in the field of functional genomics and the characterization of plant genes for the improvement of plants, was made by or on behalf of Mendel Biotechnology, Inc. and Monsanto Corporation as a result of activities undertaken within the scope of a joint research agreement in effect on or before the date the claimed invention was made.

Read more:

There might be a new verb for the dictionary; “GMO.”  Example:  Monsanto plans to “GMO” the rain forest!  “AMAZON RAIN FOREST BEING CUT TO PIECES TO MAKE ROOM FOR GMO PLANTATIONS”  Now we know why the WWF’s Crown Temple B.A.R. Attorneys tried to snuff the book by Wilfried Huismann; PandaLeaks: “The Dark Side of the WWF”

Those do-gooders!  I suppose the polar bears better find a new ride, because ice bergs will be loaded with something Monsanto owns, so they’re sure to get WWF’ed over soon.  Hmm, is WWF the World Wildlife Fund, or the “World Wildlife Federation?”  Perhaps someone should TRADEMARK that before the Zionist Banksters think of it.  They’ll think they’re entitled since they own all the banks.  They can drag Amazon Maritime Law onto Brazil as soon as the patent amphibious VESSELS.  

PIRATE-PIRATA-PIRANHA-PANDA!  It has the sound of Brazil with a 16th Century Portuguese accent!  BLACKWATER-MONSANTO-BILL GATES-WWF!  Thank you Vatican Bank of America for the $200,000,000.00!!!



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