(Globalbridge Ed.) A few days ago appeared in the Russian newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» an article by Russian military specialist Victor Baranets, which describes how the Russian army destroyed a secret underground bunker near Lviv with a Kinschal rocket. This bunker was a Ukrainian command center and, because more than 100 meters below the surface, was considered absolutely indestructible. And as a piquant detail: it would also have included numerous high military personnel from various NATO countries.

Globalbridge.ch has submitted a formal media request to NATO, whether there, on Ukrainian soil, really NATO members were hit. NATO gave no answer, although no answer is an answer. – The final section of the article by Victor Baranets is particularly noteworthy. (cm)


The United States, UK, Poland and some other NATO countries prefer not to say a word about what happened near Lviv (earlier Lemberg) in early March.

If journalists who have experienced the terrible emergency ask the generals and politicians about it, the answer is either ‘no comment’ or a misnomer reference to ‘ignorance’ about the incident. But still the cat is slowly coming out of the bag. Various sources in the western and Ukrainian press as well as on social media are increasingly leaking information, the details of which, put together correctly a credible scenario of an extremely painful drama (even a tragedy) for NATO and its allies.

NATO officers’ bunker

And the scenario looks like this. Near Lviv (ER: western Ukraine, near the Polish border – see map below), a hundred meters deep, was a reserve combat post in the former Carpathian military district. NATO generals and colonels liked this well-protected secret location, which is equipped with modern communication systems, when they decided at the beginning of the military operations of the Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass (2014), to go to the Ukrainian hinterland, where it was more convenient to advise the allies in Kiev and work with them to develop operational plans.

The secret underground location also gave the ‘advisers’ a sense of security, even after Moscow announced that it would attack war-important systems with the start of its special military operation. Indeed, it was a common command and control headquarters that included NATO representatives, as well as officers from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In addition, this headquarters was very well protected by air defense systems, which made its ‘occupants’ even safer. All the more so because they believed that they were completely invulnerable under the reinforced concrete shell, which was several meters thick.

For this reason, the sense of vigilance was probably lost – sometimes even in broad daylight dozens of cars stood in front of the entrance to the underground headquarters, which is our space, Aviation and intelligence services have of course not been missed. At the beginning of March, the Russian General Staff knew that in this underground bunker and in Kiev an attack plan for the Ukrainian armed forces (was therefore against the Russian troops, Ed.) was being developed. So it was (for the Russians, Ed.) only to determine the best time for an attack on this NATO ‘branch’ in the Lviv region and to precisely define the order of our hypersonic ‘dagger’ (ER: ‘kinzhal’). And of course the starting time of the ‘KINSCHALs ‘ carriers (MiG-31 fighter planes), to thoroughly calculate the launch site of these missiles (without penetrating the opposing air defense zone) and the ‘moment’ of the target meeting (to the minute).

The KINSCHALs have fulfilled their task

Why were the KINSCHALs selected? Because such a bunker is invulnerable to conventional missiles. And it made no sense to send bombers with bombs weighing one and a half or five tons: the Ukrainians could shoot down the planes, and it would hardly be possible to hit the target. But a Kinschal is shot from a distance of up to two thousand kilometers (Gefechtskopf 500 kg!) and it reaches the target at an insane speed (10 or even 15 times faster than sound!), while there is no air defense system in the world that could intercept it. In addition, the Kinschal is also a high-precision weapon, a sniper, so to speak, its deviation from the specified target is only 1 meter! And she drilled into the lid of the bunker to a depth of a few dozen meters – followed by a second rocket. Together, this makes a ton of explosives.

‘NATO troops: disaster in Ukraine’

None of the ‘teachers and students’ in the bunker survived. And there were more than 200 of them. Among them, according to some ‘knowledgeable’ western journalists, several American generals and high officers. There were also British, Poles and Ukrainians among them.

Pronews, a Greek portal, close to the country’s Ministry of Defense, claimed, that ‘Dozens of foreign officers were killed in an attack with a Kinschal hypersonic missile on a joint command and communication center between Ukraine and NATO ‘. This is ‘a disaster for the NATO forces in Ukraine’. (Translation of the headline and the lead of the Article on Pronews from Greek: ‘WEAPONED CONFLICTS. Terrible impact of a Russian Kinschal supersonic rocket at a depth of 130 meters in the NATO command center in Ukraine! Dozens of dead NATO and Ukrainian officers.’ Ed.)

And that’s not all. Some Kiev-based websites have already chatted: after the accident, representatives of the Ukrainian Department of Defense and the General Staff were appointed to the US Embassy, where they were reprimanded ‘for insufficient security at the control center’. They were also given a list of the dead high-ranking and senior US officers and ordered to get them ‘out of the ground’. The bodies of those killed by the explosions and those who died in suffocation are still being excavated…

The leaks on Ukrainian social media show that so far only 40 bodies have been recovered from the rubble of the collapsed command center. The rest of the dead are still under the rubble.

Official information

It is also worth noting that the Russian Ministry of Defense. March [sic] published a modest announcement in its official telegram channel that the Russian army in response to the terrorist attacks organized by the Kiev regime on 2 March in the Bryansk region carried out a massive ‘retaliation’. The agency emphasized that the Kinschal hypersonic missile system had been used.

According to Nikolaj Sorokin, the director of the Institute for the Study of National Crises, this ‘retaliation strike’ also had other consequences. He believes that the destruction of the ‘planning and control center’ has probably delayed the planned Ukrainian counter-offensive. There is a good reason for this assumption, as this offensive is always postponed. Perhaps it is a ritual custom to wait 40 days from the day of her death. (The most important prayer for a deceased for Orthodox Christians is spoken on the fortieth day after his death, for after the introduction of the Orthodox Christians, the soul of the deceased comes before God for the first time. This is in memory of the fact that Christ returned to the Father on the fortieth day after his resurrection. The remark of the author Victor Baranets with the 40 days is therefore pure cynicism and wants to say: at the latest on the 9th March the counterattack by the Ukrainian armed forces ‘died’. Ed.)

But why are the capitals of NATO countries silent about this terrible incident? Probably because they are ashamed to admit receiving a slap in the face from Moscow. Or because it would be an open admission of the active participation of NATO troops in hostilities against Russia.

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Here it goes to the original version of the article in Russian on ‘Komsomolskaya Pravda’. Anna Wetlinska and Christian Müller provided the translation into German. The same text in a separate translation appeared on Seniora.org.

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