NBC Spins FL Shooting As 18th This Year, Cites Distorted Anti-Gun Data Source [Video]

NBC Spins FL Shooting As 18th This Year, Cites Distorted Anti-Gun Data Source

by Rick Wells

NBC is giving CNN a run for their money in the deliberate dissemination of false and misleading information on the Florida shooting intended to bolster anti-gun efforts…

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The NBC propagandist disguised as a news anchor uses misleading and overly broad statistics from the Michael Bloomberg anti-gun group, Everytown for Gun Safety, to paint a distorted picture. The message he’s trying to get out is that there have been many more school shootings this year than is actually the case, bolstering the leftists’ calls for increased restrictions.

He uses the deceptive language of saying, “This shooting, by one count, the 18th just this year,” but doesn’t give the background on the source of that count, or the fact that it is biased and including accidents in with deliberate criminal acts.

They cite the name of the source group in the broadcast, but most of their viewers have no idea, if they even bother to read it, that it is a Bloomberg politically motivated group and that they are not legitimate stats. NBC certainly doesn’t want to diminish the impact of their messaging by including that information.

The video shows that a simple visit to the Everytown for Gun Safety website shows that among the 18 incidences were things such as: “gun fired into floor – no one injured,” a third grader pressing the trigger on an officer’s holstered gun causing it to fire and strike the floor.   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

A man committing suicide on the parking lot of a closed school with a handgun, was part of that statistic of 18 shootings as was an incident in which off-campus gunshots struck a window on-campus.

NBC propagandists also included, without any disclaimer, a case where an actual live fire weapon was mistaken for a training weapon and fired at a wall target at a community college, with no intent to actually fire the weapon.

There were other altercations between students involving gunfire which did not result in fatalities. The actual number of shooters entering a school building and firing is three, including the Wednesday incident at Douglass High School.

Clearly the intent is to create the perception that guns are a plague on society that must be eliminated and that school shootings, as their narrative indicates, are much higher than they have been in the past. As the closing audio shows, NBC compares their distorted number to “only seven” by this time last year.


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